Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Faster than speeding bullets?

In the future (2045) people will run or fly faster than bikes or cars purely via the self-contained human body altered to perfection. Rain will be repelled by personal force field. Clothes will clean both themselves and you, therefore your clothes will always be clean, your clothes will shower, bathe, and pamper you when needed. Instead of wearing clothes we may engineer a new super-intelligent-skin, which is stronger than armour and softer than silk with a great many other properties.

Human bodies of the future will excel in all areas. We will be ultimate superlative experts in anything. Our skills will be utterly all encompassing. We will be utterly self-reliant, independent, self-sufficient, self-contained. We will radically alter and engineer our biological form. We will be augmented and refined to total perfection. We will be super-beings.

Imagine being able to fly into space unaided, surviving there without a spacecraft. Humans of the future will have all the powers of any spaceship you can imagine.  Regarding the aerodynamics of the traditional human body, it wouldn't be a great bioengineering feat for softer than silk stronger than steel skin to morph into an ultra-streamline prolate spheroid. These ideas are the tip of the iceberg regarding what will be possible.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Three Important Videos

From my YouTube channel here is a playlist titled: IMPORTANT REFERENCES.

The three points to note are:

4m 21s, in the third video... Peter Diamandis explains how in the 1840s aluminum was more expensive than gold or platinum. Regarding the book Abundance.

13m 12s, in the second video... Eric Schmidt said: " we are beginning to see science fiction become a reality."

12m 6s, in the first video... Charles Bolden said NASA is going to turn science fiction into science fact.


Over the coming months and years I will add more important videos to my list of important references. The fist update occurred on 21st April 2012 when the fourth video was added, regarding an astronaut speaking in a U2 video. The astronaut said @ 1min 45s:

"We're just trying to do a simple thing, which is to remind people back on Earth that the impossible is possible."

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