Sunday, 30 June 2013

Cultural Snapshot Mid-2013

Being an atheist I often find it ludicrous and frustrating when people "pray" for sick people, thus for starters, regarding the poor health of Nelson Mandela, here is an amazing quote from The Onion:

"...former South African president Nelson Mandela admitted that the millions of thoughts, prayers, and well-wishes he has received have played absolutely no role in his improving health, and that his recovery has been 100 percent dependent on doctors."

On the theme of religious nonsense, here is a Tweet responding to Richard Dawkins.

Sadly Nelson Mandela will probably die before medical technology can save him, furthermore there's nothing God or prayers can do about it because God does not exist, but in the not too distant future, maybe sometime around the late 30s, body transplants will be possible. In mid-2013 Next Big Future reported on body transplants, which the following Tweet relates to.

A snapshot of mid-2013 would be severely flawed if the Snowden-PRISM affair was not mentioned. Tempora and DROPMIRE are also worth mentioning. It's worthwhile to note how the US military blocked access to parts of the Guardian website. On the issue of excessive authority note how one teen was imprisoned awaiting trial regarding a sarcastic threat in a Facebook comment. Here is a Tweet from WikiLeaks regarding Snowden-PRISM, and below that a video of Snowden.

The following video is a response to Xbox One restrictiveness, which initially entailed strict limits on sharing games. I have not followed the hoo-hah precisely thus I'm unsure of facts, but I have the vague impression of vast craziness happening regarding Xbox One, such as a microphone you cannot disable (for PRSIM monitoring?), or compulsory weekly updates lasting a few hours each update, or the need to always be online.

On a positive note technology continues to do great things, which we see in this Tweet regarding organic solar cells:

Despite positive sci-tech news, the world of 2013 is a diabolical torment. Chaos persists in Egypt, many people are obese in the USA (35.7% of adults 2009-2010), and two popes will be made saints. Perhaps the agony of existence is best illustrated by the Boston Bombings, but for me personally I have my own horrendous intellectual pain to deal with regarding my intelligence contrary to a world of stupidity, thus I feel affinity with Cassandra or the One Eyed King, so I Tweeted:

If there's a particular Tweet you want me to add, please let me know and I will probably include it. I am not however giving a complete cultural picture because some aspects are simply too depressing, thus I am not interested in anything pro-religion or pro-aliens. I may not agree with your Tweet but I 'll include it if it adds to the diversity of my snapshot. Here is one example, regarding an independent TV station, which David Icke is creating. I most certainly do not support, agree with, or follow David Icke, but someone wanted me to include the Tweet, after they responded to my request, so here it is:

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Interesting Sci-Tech News 2012

In 2012 various news reports constituted noteworthy indicators regarding our Singular future occurring by 2045 at the latest. This blog post is regarding some noteworthy news, which I shared via an archiving service called BOLT but BOLT has since died. Here are the archives of the defunct page:

See the excerpts below, of which here's one taste, regarding number 7, self-calibratable MEMS which "...could lead to high-performance data storage technologies and advanced lithography to create next generation computer circuits and nanodevices."

  1.  Medusoid Jellyfish bio with synbio mix (silicone and rat's heart cells).
  2. 3D-printing, a Post-Scarcity precursor.
  3. Pharmaceutical printer. Prospective 3D-printing of drugs.
  4. Nanotech Self assembly, integrated circuits, hard disks.
  5. First complete computer model of an virtual organism.
  6. Molecular machines inside solid materials.
  7. Self-calibratable micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS).
  8. Metallized DNA nanowires.

Sci-Tech News 2012

1. Synthetic biology, biotech, cells from a rat's heart combined with silicone to create a new type of bio-machine jellyfish. "Nawroth and colleagues looked at several materials from which to fashion the body of their beast, eventually settling on an elastic material that is relatively similar to the "jelly" found in a real jellyfish. The team at Harvard—with the help of Nawroth, who spent time on both campuses during the length of the project—fashioned the silicone polymer that makes up the body of the Medusoid into a thin membrane that resembles a small jellyfish, with eight arm-like appendages. Next, they printed a pattern made of protein onto the membrane that resembled the muscle architecture in the real animal. The protein pattern serves as a road map for growth and organization of dissociated rat tissue—individual heart muscle cells that retain the ability to contract—into a coherent swimming muscle." See also:

2. This article is a good example of increasing Post-Scarcity awareness regarding 3D-Printing. Here is a direct link to the video, which was produced by the PBS Ideas Channel:

3. The idea is still in its fledgling stages, but a pharmaceutical 3D printer would be loaded with simple molecules that would allow it to easily handle carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, plus vegetable oils, paraffin, and other common pharmaceutical ingredients. Cronin told the Guardian that with a relatively small number of "inks," "you can make any organic molecule." Jul 22, 2012. See also:

4. Self-Assembly Takes Shape Researchers exploit new ways to make integrated circuits and hard disks pull themselves together. By Rachel Courtland / February 2012.

5. In a breakthrough effort for computational biology, the world's first complete computer model of an organism has been completed, Stanford researchers reported last week in the journal Cell. July 19, 2012.

6. A graduate student and his team of researchers have turned the chemistry world on its ear by becoming the first ever to prove that tiny interlocked molecules can function inside solid materials, laying the important groundwork for the future creation of molecular machines. “Until now, this has only ever been done in solution,” explained Chemistry & Biochemistry PhD student Nick Vukotic, lead author on a front page article recently published in the June issue of the journal Nature Chemistry. “We’re the first ones to put this into a solid state material.” Published on Jun 18, 2012.

7. New 'self-calibrating MEMS' bringing accuracy to nanotech. Researchers have demonstrated tiny machines that could make possible super-accurate sensors and motors, with far-reaching applications from computer storage to altimeters, detecting petroleum deposits to measuring DNA-binding forces. July 11, 2012.

8. DNA nanowires. DNA as future electronic components: Conducting nanostructures based on metallized DNA. July 5, 2012. See also:

Finally, after contemplating the ephemeral nature of information on the Internet, the tendency for things to change, which requires blog-posts to be created (sigh), here are a couple of quotes regarding a Chinese supercomputer so you can see how much it has progressed in three years. From Tianhe-1A in 2010 to Tianhe-2 in 2013.

In 2013 IEEE wrote: "The Tianhe-2, a massive system that clocked 33.86 petaflops, or 33.86 thousand trillion floating point operations per second, represents China's return to the No. 1 spot—a distinction it has not held since November 2010, when its Tianhe-1A was considered the world's finest computing system."

In 2010, the Daily Telegraph wrote regarding Tianhe-1A: "According to Nvidia, a technology company that supplied parts for the Chinese computer, the Tianhe-1A was clocked at 2.507 petaflops, or more than two quadrillion calculations per second. It has the power of 175,000 high-end laptops."

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Singularity Is Super Atheism - Science Isn't God

The Singularity will turn us into atheists because science is atheist orientated. The Singularity is super-science thus super-atheism. Religions in all forms, even in a metaphoric sense, are due to limited intelligence, limited technology, thus the Singularity is the opposite of Gods and religion. Some people think the Singularity will turn us into Gods, but the truth is we are actually being turned into scientists. People who think the Singularity will turn us into Gods have poorly grasped the nature of explosive intelligence.

People who are unaware of science may think science is a miracle, mystical, or magic, especially if the science is very advanced, but via intelligence, via science, we can see science is simply intelligence, it is about understanding reality, matter, it is not about Gods in any shape or form.

This brief explanation of the Singularity being atheist was inspired by the video below, but sadly the video below is not the sole source regarding deification of science. Note how someone called B J Murphy published an article via IEET titled "A Transhumanist’s Journey To Becoming Gods, Angels, and Ghosts." Sadly it seems voodoo holy mystics are intent upon dominating futuristic science and technology.

If you have not already done so you might also want to read my previous post "Logcial Fallacy Regarding Singularity," which explains in more detail the fallacy of linking religion to science and technology.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Logcial Fallacy Regarding The Singularity

A person named "Adam" commented on a recent blog-post of mine regarding the Singularity not happening in the year 2013. Adam thought my views were religious. Sadly Adam's logical fallacy is common amongst Singularity criticasters.

The name "Adam" is a good starting point for explaining Adam's error because "Adam" has a religious resonance, but merely having a name such as Adam, or Eve, does not mean you are religious. Not everyone with the name Adam is the first human created by God. The point is, dissimilar things can share attributes but sharing attributes doesn't mean disparate things are similar-identical.

An example of shared factors regarding disparate things not entailing similarity is gasoline and water, which are both liquids but it isn't refreshing to drink gasoline when you are thirsty.

A better example than gasoline and water is influenza and hay-fever, which can both cause you to sneeze but it doesn't mean everyone who sneezes has flu or hay-fever. Pepper can also cause people to sneeze. If someone sneezed after inhaling pepper it would be wrong to say they had flu.

Some medical procedures, for some people, can seem miraculous, and are described in such manner, but this does not mean the hypothetical wondrous medical procedure is actually a miracle. Science has the ability to make our lives considerably better. God, according to religious people, can also make our lives considerably better, but this does not mean everything that makes our lives better is the work of God, science is not God.

If science progresses to a level of extreme sophistication where all diseases can be cured, some people could mistakenly think God has granted us eternal life but scientific life-extension is actually the application of scientific and technological knowledge, it is not the work of God, it is not religious.

Immortality does have a resonance with God's afterlife in heaven, but similar to how the name Adam does not mean every "Adam" is God's first human, immortality via science is not a miracle or religious.

Arthur C Clarke has stated any advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, but I would add a qualifier by stating: only if you are unaware of science. Adam's problem is that he is unaware of science, he is are unaware of the rate of progress thus he cannot imagine how science and technology will progress over the next 30 years, thus my explanations regarding technology in the year 2045 seem like miracles or magic to Adam.

Try to imagine how a human from 2,000 years ago would have reacted to electric lights, cars, iPhones, computers, the Internet, elevators, spaceships, 3D-printing, heart-transplants, stem-cell regrowth of organs, mechanical hearts, and all the other marvellous inventions in the year 2013. They would probably think we are devils, Gods, or wizards; they would fail to comprehend how it is merely the application of science.

Technological acceleration is difficult to grasp therefore instead of the year 2045 try to imagine how our world will have changed in the year 22045, that's an extra twenty thousand years. Think about how much humans have achieved during the past 1000 years and think about how a large part of the achievement only happened during the past 150 years. Why did the majority of achievements happen only in the last 150 years? What were humans waiting for? The answer is simple, knowledge is initially difficult to acquire during the early stages of learning but when sufficient knowledge is gathered the pace of learning accelerates, this is why electric light bulbs were only being first installed in homes in the early 1880s, and it is why the first successful telephone transmission of speech only happened in 1876. Now try to realise how our rate of progress is accelerating.

I would be, or the Singularity would be, religious if I was saying: "God will tell us how to make super-efficient 3D-printers with ultra-powerful on-board AI."

There is however no praying, magic, and no God regarding the Singularity, it is purely about very advanced science and technology, which arises from humans diligently learning, experimenting, and inventing. The world will be made a better place via scientific and technological progress, massive breakthroughs. Looking at the evidence regarding technological progress it is clear we will see around 20,000 years of progress this century based on the 2001 rate of progress.

Ironically people sometimes think the Singularity is religious, it is ironic because the religious taint upon civilization has hindered the ability of people to think logically, thus logic is deemed religious. The Singularity, due the scientific focus, is actually the opposite of religion, the Singularity is very logical, but the legacy of religion is that people often don't know how think logically thus we have logical fallacies where people make wild assumptions, they see a very loose similarity and assume identicalness, it is the error of failing to look at facts, a failure to ask questions, thus people assume the world is this or that then they close their minds to the truth.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Why Will Singularity Abolish All Crime?

Note my latest blogging over at Singularity Weblog, which you may be interested in. It's regarding the Singularity not happening yet.

Often people struggle to understand why the Singularity (Post-Scarcity) will abolish all crime, below are my thoughts on this issue. I was responding to one commenter on the Singularity 2045 G+ page and you can also leave comments there if you desire, or you can comment via KurzweilAI.

You may think a serial killer is not killing for resources thus you may dismiss scarcity being the cause of violence, but if you partake in such dismissals you ignore the impact of a resource-scarce civilization on the mind. The point is that a resource-scare civilization is generally a very cruel civilization, very callous, which is why we have wars, it is why people constantly lock their homes, cars, bicycles etc. So what impact does the constant state of fear, conscious or subconscious, have upon our minds?

Largely people cope, barely, with the rapacious nature of scarcity, although judging by the obesity problem, the comfort eating method of coping, obesity is perhaps more dangerous to health than serial killing (see end quote), but despite the general illusion of people coping with the horror of scarcity it is understandable that a minority of minds will violently echo, or be pushed over the edge via, the scarcity mentality of civilization, thus you have serial killers and other forms of mindless violence, which are products of a scarcity-civilization.

We are considering a civilization where people who crush competitors are the successful winners. Capitalism (a scarcity-based economic model) is all about profiting from other people, thus capitalists only become rich via taking advantage of other people, which means paying workers less than they deserve and overcharging customers. When you consider what our civilization actually is you see how the socio-economic structure of society provides the blueprint for serial killing. I think the problem with psychopaths is merely honesty, they honesty reflect the true nature of scarcity whereas "normal" people pretend vast wealth-inequality is civilised.

The language of capitalism (scarcity) clearly demonstrates the undercurrent of hostility, which we see echoed in serial killers. Consider hostile takeovers, price wars, or making a killing.

For further reading you might be interested in Forbes reporting on link between psychopathy leadership or the New York Times reporting on the link between psychopathy and wealth or Forbes again addressing how some psychopaths make great CEOs.

So while it may be true to say a serial killer is not killing to acquire resources he or she is killing directly because of scarce resources, serial killers are a product of scarcity, they are products of a civilization where exploiting your fellow humans, thereby amassing colossal wealth, is a socially acceptable economic model for "normal" existence.

On the issue of crimes regarding theft or drugs, there will be no need for theft when everything is free and if people really want to take drugs their printers will print endless drug supplies. Sex crimes are crimes based upon scarcity of power and scarcity of intelligence, both of which will be remedied via explosive intelligence.

Obesity - 2.8 million adults die each year.

The WHO wrote: "Overweight and obesity are the fifth leading risk for global deaths. At least 2.8 million adults die each year as a result of being overweight or obese. In addition, 44% of the diabetes burden, 23% of the ischaemic heart disease burden and between 7% and 41% of certain cancer burdens are attributable to overweight and obesity."

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Scarcity NWO Globalist Bilderberg Kurzweil Utopia

It is good to see Ray tentatively grasping to notion of all governments being obsolete, but he does not go far enough thus the NWO anti-Bilderberg brigade fear the globalist agenda, they fear a blueprint for global tyranny is being created. If Ray fully explained the ramifications of the Singularity people would be less likely to fear the coming overhaul of civilization, but sadly I think Ray himself, despite the great effort he has made to publicise the Singularity, does not fully appreciate the Singularity.

On numerous occasions Ray has stated he is not a utopian, I have written about this. I have explained his errors. Hopefully Ray is slowly changing his mind regarding utopia. If he did fully explain the Singularity he would highlight how all violence arises from scarcity, he would then explain how technology liberates us from scarcity, which means despite inflation products are becoming relatively cheaper. The history of aluminium is a good example of how technology liberates us from scarcity because formerly, in the 1840s, aluminium was more expensive than gold or platinum due to inefficient technology entailing great difficulties extracting aluminium from the Earth, thereby making aluminium very scarce, but in the year 2013 people regularly throw aluminium foil away after cooking because technology has largely liberated us from aluminium-scarcity.

Technology increases power and efficiency. This means we continually do more for less, thus we will approach a point where ultra-efficient automation entails an extreme abundance of resources, thus everything will be free, nobody will need to work. What has happened with aluminium will happen with all resources but the scarcity-reduction will be significantly greater thus everything will be free. This situation is called Post-Scarcity, which is alternate way to define the Singularity.

Governments only exist to manage scarcity, they manage the social dysfunction arising from scarcity, thus via eliminating scarcity you eliminate all governments. All need for oppression becomes obsolete when scarcity is vanquished thus dictators will not arise. There is a bigger picture beyond the parochial concerns of borders on Earth. The abolition of scarcity means anyone will be able to 3D-print a spaceship then zoom off into Space where resources are incredibly plentiful. The amount of people remaining on Earth will be tiny, so the meek can actually inherit the Earth but it will be an Earth without governments or borders.

The NWO is a scarcity-fantasy both for proponents and opponents, it is regarding people who are ignorant of the future, they fail to see how existence will change radically, in ways they can hardly imagine, beyond their short-term scarcity-based outlook.

Leave comments via Kurzweil AI or this G+ post.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

G-plus Is For People Who've Hacked The Matrix

Charles Arthur has written an article in the Guardian called "Google+ isn't a social network; it's The Matrix." Charles bemoans the lack of privacy on Google, or as he expresses it: Google is the Matrix "...that knows everything you're thinking, and which guides what you see and experience." Charles also wrongly expresses the notion that hardly anyone uses G+. For example he says they don't Tweet G+ links. Well, here's one of my regular G+ Tweeted links:

It is mystifying how some commentators insist nobody is active on G+. I have a Singularity Page on G+ with 15,941 people following the Page, furthermore the number of followers is increasing by about 200 each day! Not all those people comment, thankfully, but there is a regular amount of commenting and sharing regarding my posts. The problem, if any, with G+, is that people are too active, there are too many posts therefore I find people often miss my posts because I am competing with various streams which have very heavy turnovers.

The people who think nobody uses G+ are probably the people who don't use G+. It is comparable to saying there's nobody on this planet while floating in Space. If you're unaware of TV existing you might think nobody watches TV, thus an isolated Amazon or Brazilian tribal person is probably at this moment wondering why nobody watches TV, or why nobody works in a bank. People who don't use G+ are comparable to "uncontacted peoples."

Google+ isn't the Matrix, it is for people who have hacked the Matrix. Plusers have gained access to vastly greater data streams, they are deeply interconnected, they see deeper into things because knowledge is power. Plusers are NOT blindly living in unawareness, they very proficiently control their access to knowledge via G+, they hack the Matrix. I can easily contact Robert Scoble and many other clued-up technology experts. G+ is a great social network.

Charles also mentioned Google's adverts. LOL! I suppose in the media there's a collective denial regarding Adblock Plus. Adverts on the Internet, LMFAO, I haven't seen one for years so frankly I don't care how Google farms my usage-statistics. I nearly always find what I am looking for despite any alleged filter bubbles.

Finally, here is my rapidly growing G+ Page, Singularity 2045, if you want to join the awakening intelligentsia who realize the immense benefit of G+:

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