Monday, 22 August 2011

My Singularity ART

Nikki Olson asked me to explain my art, regarding usage of imagery within the Singularity movement, in relation to this article. She inspired me to write the following statement.

Artistic Statement:

My 'Singularity ART' is designed to open minds. Art is often recondite (esoteric) but hopefully the obscurity in my art is not excessive. Via my images I allude to intelligence exploding, thus upon this theme of explosiveness my images typically exhibit an overloaded celebratory aspect. My images represent a very exciting event. I want to capture the excessive abundance of supreme intelligence thus 'excess' is a feature of my images.

I want the explosiveness to be accessible to everyone, but for the vast majority of humans I realize extreme intelligence is currently inaccessible. Complexity and simplicity are the two balancing poles in my art. There is dichotomy between excess and minimalism. The concept of intelligence is simple but manifestations of intelligence appear complex for stupid people. Intelligence exploding is a simple concept, which people can theoretically imagine, but in practice many people simply do not have substantial imaginations thus they cannot visual revolutionary new concepts. Pre-Singularity explanations of the Singularity are incongruous because elucidations of intelligence for stupid people cannot truly be absorbed thus regarding incompatibility I seek fusion of opposing poles for the purpose of enlightenment.

I am influenced by Minimalism, Conceptual Art, and Dada. My Singularity ART is an explanation of massive intelligence for stupid people, therefore due to the mainstream stupidity of humans I hint at Dadaism. Conceptual art and Dada require ideation, creative thinking, thought. The viewer is required to contribute to the creative process. It is not about spoon-feeding an unresponsive (passive) audience a highly polished product. A big idea of conceptual art is that we are all artists, which Keith Arnatt highlighted when he claimed he was a "real artist". Intelligence is conceptually very Anti-Establishment, thus you see the rationale for my Dadaistic hints.

Principally I focus on the 'concept' in my images because I don't want people to become sidetracked by surface details, thus via minimal rendering I artistically present my ideas. The Singularity is very strange and powerful but it's also very simple. I merely want people to comprehend the awesome utopian power of the Singularity, thus via a jolt from my art I try to open human minds. The Singularity is bursting-out, breaking free. Dependent upon the level of intelligence in the viewer, my art will operate on subconscious or conscious levels.

We're in the beginning stages of a revolution of the mind. Our intellects are breaking free. Via intellectualism we fight back against stupidity. Our weapon is 'truth' peacefully wielded. Truth exposes the stupid corruption of outdated regimes. Our fight is nonviolent and non-destructive because our intellectual creativity is mightier than the sword. This is the power of art. Via verbal and pictorial language people are waking up to the enlightenment of the intelligence explosion. Stupidity is being vanquished.

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