Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Help @aaronwinborn Live Forever #Cryonics

Hello everyone! Aaron Winborn needs your help to live forever via cryopreservation, cryonics suspension. Sadly he is dying due to Lou Gehrig's disease, it's terminal, incurable. Read his story via venturist.info.

If you can't donate money at least share this post, or share the post I made via Singularity 2045 (on G+). Sharing is caring. If cryonics is a new issue to you then read about Kim Suozzi's situation, she is now frozen. Note also the Wikipedia page about cryonics and alcor.org has a lot of info.

Not everyone wants to live forever but for those who do we should try our best to help save a life. We are approaching the age where nobody will die. Stem cell regeneration, gene therapy, sophisticated medical nanobots, and other marvellous aspects of medicine will ensure our immortality, if we can only live long enough.

If you're aware pending immortality it must be exceptionally difficult to die now. We are so near and yet so far. Freezing your head or entire body at death offers the best chance for immortality. Technology is accelerating therefore soon will create mind-blowing solutions to problems. Reanimation of a frozen corpse may currently be difficult to comprehend but via AI it could easily be possible a few decades from now. The impossible is possible, so astronauts tell us.

I do appreciate the scepticism about cryonics, the fracturing issue is somewhat worrying. Most futurists who are willing to freeze themselves realise revival is not certain, however despite the worries and uncertainties I and others do recognise the power of AI will be mind-blowing thus with sufficient intelligence I think anything is possible. Cryonics is certainly a better chance at immortality than cremation.

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While Aaron is alive you can connect with him via Google+, Twitter, or YouTube, and here is his charity page for donations.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Misunderstanding Humans Django Unchained

Sometimes I really struggle to understand typical human minds. Django Unchained is supposedly offensive, we are told it is Blaxploitation. Spike Lee claims it's disrespectful to his ancestors, while eBay has banned dolls of characters in the film.

According to salon.com an eBay representative stated the dolls were "in violation of our Offensive Materials policy.” Apparently eBay forbids products portraying victims of violence, so maybe this means Luke Skywalker dolls are banned because Luke's hand was chopped off by a lightsbare? Star Wars is violent if you ask me but eBay has no problem selling Luke dolls.

If eBay is against profiting via products relating to historic suffering, then perhaps they will stop selling Anne Frank DVDs or Anne Frank books? Maybe eBay will stop selling Roots? The Roots TV series could easily fit into eBay's prohibited items via a classification of being "racially or ethnically offensive." Racism and slavery are unpleasant but we should not shy away from the truth.

Within the realm of fiction, despite the inherent unreality of fiction, Django Unchained is a reasonably accurate film, it nicely portrays the horrors of slavery; it also portrays the occasional decency of White people. The film is not Blaxploitation. Personally I thought Django Unchained was a good anti-racism and anti-slavery movie. Likewise the violence wasn't shocking because it is only fiction, it is not real life, it is a film. Fictional films are inherently untrue-to-life, despite art drawing upon aspects of life for inspiration.

Should we be shocked by the distorted Cubist heads of Picasso or the tortured deformed images of Francis Bacon, are these artworks offensive regarding the true human form? Perhaps eBay would ban Guernica if they could. If you consider the PayPal WikiLeaks financial blockade, via the the financial connection of eBay to PayPal, we see how perhaps eBay has a penchant for censorship.

I think many people are unwilling to recognize the horrific past regarding Black slavery thus Django Unchained makes them feel uncomfortable because they are forced to confront things they would prefer to deny. I myself don't judge humans differently based on the color of their skin, therefore I am perfectly comfortable watching humans of any color in any role regarding any film. I am not offended regarding an accurate, or not, fictional portrayal of slavery.

We need the intelligence explosion sooner instead of later. Leave your comments via G+.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Sacrcity Causes Suicide

The recent death of Aaron Swartz caused me to think about how scarcity causes suicide. I have often contemplated the perils of scarcity. Scarcity entails a lack of power, a lack of money, which can lead people into a lack of hope due to the hostility of a world based on scarcity.

Here are some of my recent Tweets regarding suicide; the first two Tweets are clearly about money issues, the second two are about power issues.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Singularity Utopia's Laws

Inspired by Peter Diamandis I decided to create Singularity Utopia's laws. So far I only have three laws. In my final version I will probably change the order so the Internet being funny comes after the extropian intelligence-based invalidation of the second law of thermodynamics. If you don't know the meaning of extropy please note my interpretation is the opposite of entropy.

I also need to clarify how during the earlier stages of increasing intelligence the increases are infinitesimal thus the validity of the second law of thermodynamics remands exceedingly valid. Only when we enter the realm of super intelligence do we enter an epoch where the second law of thermodynamics actually becomes invalid. Perhaps I need add a "super" qualifier regarding the "intelligence" pertaining to my law about thermodynamics, yes I will add a super qualifier.

1. Intelligence is the most precious resource for all beings, EVERYTHING flows from it.

2. The Internet can be VERY funny sometimes, LMFAO.

3. The validity of the second law of thermodynamics decreases directly in proportion to increasing super-intelligence.

Thermodynamics invalidation info:

Additional Laws, Updates:


See also my G+ post about these laws.


Here is law number five, death is a tiny anxiety compared to the mind-warping horror of being poor. Poverty is a most colossal anxiety ever:


Artificial-scarcity is an oxymoron like cold heat or dry wetness. It can never exist, it does not exist.

People need to fight when resources are tight. Dearth is the scourge of the Earth because similar to death it leaves us bereft and destroys mirth. Scarcity is the source of remorse.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Troubled People Changing The World

On my Post-Scarcity Warriors Page a person left the following comment regarding the death of Aaron Swartz:

"It is a sick world when people who are mentally not right have to fight for the rights of everyone on the planet!" - Gerhard Groenewald-Loots

Let's consider this more deeply. Our world is highly disturbing, this is the problem.

So-called "normal" people are largely insensitive to the horror, which means they have no real interest in changing the world, whereas sensitive people who are depressed they feel the pain of our flawed civilization very sharply. It is all about the pain of incompatibility. People who don't fit in with the world are compelled by their mental disturbances to change the world. We need to redefine what is "normal," we need to give more support to the people who are maladjusted, but not a type of support which decrees their maladjustment is bad. Maladjustment to civilization is valid, we merely need to react in a very constructive manner regarding the feeling of being unbalanced. Let's avoid suicide or apocalypse.

Why is out world so depressing? Almost constant lies by the authorities are one major source of depression. If we examine some prosecution aspects regarding Aaron's suicide, we can uncover depressing deception by the authorities. Linus Torvalds wrote a popular post on G+, on January 17th, which has 1,037 shares and 3,067 +1s (at the time of this blog-post). Linus described the "particularly offensive" lies of Carmen Ortiz, the U.S. attorney for Massachusetts responsible for handling Aaron's case, regarding two of her statements, one from July 2011 and one from 17th Jan 2013.

The July 2011 statement was not apparently written directly by Carmen Ortiz but it originated from her office therefore it's safe to say it reflects her opinion at that time. Below is an excerpt from the G+ post where Linus exposes the lies of Carmen Ortiz. Clearly there is a contradiction in the following two quotes by Carmen Ortiz and her office:

"At no time did this office ever seek – or ever tell Mr. Swartz’s attorneys that it intended to seek – maximum penalties under the law."

And July 2011 (as posted by justice.gov itself):

"SWARTZ faces up to 35 years in prison, to be followed by three years of supervised release, restitution, forfeiture and a fine of up to $1 million"

Read Carmen's full statement and her Attorney's Office Press Release if you need to confirm the above two quotes. Linus Torlvalds has more to say, there are also plenty of interesting comments too. Have read and share the truth. Let's make our world less depressing. 

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Depression Despair Suicide Agony Hope

From my viewpoint our world is INCREDIBLY depressing. Seriously it's absolute mind-butchery, an insane nightmare of endless pain, totally horrifying, gibbering torture, but there is hope for the future and the hope is valid.

Technology will soon create an intelligence explosion, it is called Post-Scarcity or the Singularity, which helps from my viewpoint to make the burden of our current agony just about bearable. Money and other issues relating to scarcity cause immense worry. Financial worries can tip people over the edge. There are many other reasons why some people snap. All reasons for mental instability arise from scarcity thus the coming Post-Scarcity world will cure everyone whatever the source of their despair is.

There is hope for the future via science and technology. The following page sorely needs updating but there is already enough information on it to give you hope for the future if you feel our current world is utterly intolerable. In the future everything will be FREE in all senses of the word. Utopia is coming: http://singularity-2045.org/post-scarcity-hope-science-technology-vanquish-despair.html

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Where is #Cyberspace

Someone recently asked me where cyberspace is.

I will reply by asking where are these words? To answer my question I will highlight how these words are simultaneously at endlessly varying points around the globe, they are in homes, offices, cinemas, on trains, buses, and walking down the street. So these words seem to occupy a significantly different spatial position to normal words. These words are not written traditionally with ink. The computational construction and transmission of these words via artificial electronic devices constitutes the foundations of cyberspace.

Consider your online profile picture, your avatar, which is connected to your digital presence, it is in my home and many other homes, furthermore the digital you can vary in size from approximately 1cm square to 8cm. The digital you can also fill an entire screen. Humans can not exist in normal space as pixels or squares therefore clearly your digital personality exists in a spatial dimension decidedly different to normal spatial existence. Cyberspace could be called a "cloud" but this is not the typical definition of a cloud, it is not a natural cloud regarding precipitation. The usage of "cloud" to describe cyberspace is appropriate due to the amorphous constantly changing shape of cyberspace.

This new reality we are contemplating is everywhere and nowhere. Some people call our current cyberspace a rudimentary virtual reality to distinguish it from normal reality, note also the definition of a personal profile picture being an avatar, there is clearly something decidedly different happening with reality regarding cyberspace. When virtual worlds and real worlds intermesh we call it augmented reality. Cyberspace is a new type of reality for a new type of human interaction, which some people call Transhumanism. Transhumanism is significant technological argumentation of human abilities via artificial methods.

Our new cyber-spatial reality exists collectively on all devices, in electricity, on servers, in processors, in computational memory, on hard drives, in phone lines, and in our minds where all concepts are constructed.

Hopefully I have helped you understand the meaning and location of cyberspace. Dictionaries are also helpful for understanding new words, therefore if you are continuing to struggle then note these definitions:


The Free Dictionary provides a good definition of avatar, which also mentions cyberspace:

Avatar: "3. (Electronics & Computer Science / Computer Science) a movable image that represents a person in a virtual reality environment or in cyberspace."

If you have more questions on this topic then please post to Singularity Thinkers.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Inflation is Wrong Direction for #PostScarcity

Post-Scarcity (PS) means everything will be free. Things only cost money due to scarcity of supply, which is why our air, which we breathe daily, is free. There is such a massive amount of air therefore you cannot control or regulate the supply. A resource can only be controlled, regulated, portioned out, when the supply is scarce. Money is the method of scarcity-regulation for the management of our scarce resources.

So how can we reach PS with minimal disruption when not many people recognize the inevitability of PS? I think deflation is the correct route to PS but many people do not think PS is possible thus I suspect deflation will be difficult to accept.

Inflation is the wrong route regarding everything being free because a sudden drop from very high prices to zero prices is massively more disruptive than a change from deflating prices to zero prices. Currently prices are going in the wrong direction.

Historically deflation was bad. The current tendency of civilization to be deflationary, however, regarding various aspects of global financial turbulence from 2007 to 2013 (ongoing, see links below), this current inclination towards deflation is valid, it is a realistic type of deflation based on burgeoning PS. Historic deflation was bad because the context was wrong but now due to the context of rapidly developing technology, the context is right, the time is ripe for deflation. Sadly deflation has been resisted by global Governments. Quantitative Easing has been using to artificially create inflation, which is a wrong-headed approach based on a lack of awareness regarding the beginnings of PS.

"Quantitative easing can be used to help ensure inflation does not fall below target. Risks include the policy being more effective than intended in acting against deflation – leading to higher inflation, or of not being effective enough if banks do not lend out the additional reserves." - Wikipedia.

I estimate PS should occur no later than year 2045. Yes the Singularity is explosive, yes dramatic suddenness is inevitable, in a good way, but the suddenness does not need to be cataclysmic, it does not need to be disastrous. The explosive transition into everything being free can be controlled. To the best of our ability, considering the radicalness of the circumstances, we can smooth the transition. The drama of the transition is unavoidable but we can make the transition less shocking. Yes there will be a clearly demarcated point where things are not free then things are free, but it makes vastly more sense, when the final transition into everything being free happens, if we are heading in the correct direction, the deflationary direction. This why inflation is very bad, it is senseless because it resists the inevitable, resistance which could be very harmful.

We need to be going in the right direction for PS, the deflationary direction, we need to #DeflateToZero.

In the early 21st century financial crises afflicted many parts of the world. The solution in all the following cases is to recognize looming PS, thus we can cancel debts with impunity. We need to lower prices, we need to stop worrying about profits and debt.

2008–2012 Spanish financial crisis
European sovereign-debt crisis
Financial crisis of 2007–2008
Greek government-debt crisis
2008-2012 Icelandic financial crisis
2010 United States foreclosure crisis
United States fiscal cliff

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