Monday, 30 September 2013

Tab Mix Plus Superiority

Tab Mix Plus  is a great addon for Firefox. There is nothing like TMP regarding the Chrome browser as far as I am aware. A new feature for the Firefox 24 release is the ability to close all tabs to the right, which is good, Firefox is great browser, but the new feature already exists in superior form.

Jared Wein, Senior Software Engineer at Mozilla, wrote on his blog praising the new Firefox tab closing feature:

"Why “close tabs to the right” and not “close tabs to the left”? When we open new tabs they appear on the end, and so naturally tabs that have a longer lifetime end up being promoted to the start-side of the bar. This leads us towards the situation where closing tabs “to the right” is a simple way of closing the ephemeral tabs."

Let me tell you the close tabs to the right feature already exists, it’s call Tab Mix Plus, don't use the inferior Firefox version. Amongst many other useful things via TMP you can close tabs to right OR the left. Perhaps the most useful TMP tool is being able to avoid clicking tabs to switch to the tab. Via mouse gestures you simply point to the tab, hover over it and it switches to the tab without any pesky clicking (I have the time to switch set to zero ms, instantaneous, but you can set a longer interval to hover-point switch if you want). Another good TMP thing is a list of recently closed tabs. The new FF option is a pale imitation of TMP.

Thursday, 26 September 2013


I read a H+ article by @TechnoOptimist, which amongst other things stated: "Technology has paved a way for us to all become artists."

I think art is mindless. Anti-art (Dada) is the only true art. Dada seeks to expose the sham of art thus the true art (Dada) must always highlight how art is a phenomenon wholly dependent upon stupidity. Instead of creating art maybe people will go trout fishing in the future? Trout fishing was a common thing for one character in a recent sci-fi book I read.

Personally I think I will largely do nothing, I will merely relax. The need to do things, to prove creativity, it is so primitive.

I think my priorities in the future will be to sleep, eat, dream, dive into tranquil lakes, play with puppies and kittens, go hiking, spend a few years sleeping in a snybio-womb-being.

The need to create art is an unwanted burden. It is odd when people say: "What will we do when there are no jobs." The oddity is the deficient intellect revealed. I think people are horrified by the emptiness of their own minds, thus if they don't have mindless-jobs (I'm referring to all jobs) to occupy their attention, or trivial entertainment and creativity to pass the time, they perhaps fear they will go mad because they will be confronted by the gibbering oblivion of their brains. Pre-Singularity humans often need "distractions" to avoid introspection, people need to avoid the feeling of existing, they need to distract themselves from existence.

In the future I will simply exist, which could entail eating marmalade smeared croissants for breakfast then strolling through idyllic woodland, and at the end of the day I will sleep in a meadow betwixt lush tussocks of grass while playful nocturnal synbio creatures inquisitively inspect the existential being sleeping in their meadow.

When your mind is very powerful you don't need a job or art to stimulate yourself. Great wonder could be gleaned from merely observing the the sky at night or listening to the sound of the wind. Sadly there are people who funnily think "fun" could be limited, LOL, they could NOT be more wrong.

Maybe the first thing to do is print a super-intelligent femtotech spaceship then leave Earth far behind, thereby giving plenty of space to the humans and transhumans so they can worry about what they will do.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Censorship Or Not Censorship?

I'm in two minds about censorship. For example by allowing religious educational establishments to exist, note the schools able to indoctrinate children into religion, this could make religion more common. Consider the burqa or the religious head scarf. If people have a constant reminder of religion via the burqa or hijab, perhaps vulnerable people will be more inclined to think religion and burqas or hijabs are good things, which is perhaps similar to a hypothetical situation where people walk around with pictures of child-abuse on their heads, in such a scenario child-abuse would be normalised, it would become acceptable thus more people (vulnerable-impressionable types) could become abusers.

Consider the issue of self-harming (cutting). Videos of someone self-harming will have no impact upon people not likely to self-harm, but regarding the people who are inclined to self-harm, self-harming videos can be a trigger, a reinforcing mechanism similar to an alcoholic being surrounded by alcohol. A recovering alcoholic needs to avoid bars because bars or parties could trigger a relapse. A recovering heroin addict needs to acquire a new set of friends. People who cut themselves need to avoid being reminded of cutting. Anorexics need to avoid pro-anorexia sites. Religion is a form of intellectual self-harm, religion stunts intellectualism, thus the burqa or hijab can be a trigger for religious self-harm, harm to intellectual capacity.

There are lots of vulnerable people in the world who are unable to think independently. Yes people should be capable of independent thought thus the blame should always reside with the individual but the fact is many humans are week-willed, shallow, empty, waiting for their minds be totally shaped by external factors.

Taking the censorious initiative could be a problematic slippery slope. The replacement of independent thought with external censorship-control means you make people less self-reliant thus more censorship is needed, which could likely be a vicious circle of excessive control. The problem with a dictatorship is who the dictator is. The problem is regarding deciding what to ban or suppress. Should religion be suppressed, or burqas, or crucifixes, or sexually provocative women in the media, or short skirts, or alcohol, or LSD, or videos of people cutting themselves? I think sexually provocative women in "Lads Mags" is more akin to women's liberation than sexism because there is an openness, openness is empowering. In the 1960s women began wearing miniskirts but many commentators opposed the trend, they strongly criticised the trend by stating it was turning women into sex-objects or targets for rape. It seems women being openly free regarding their sexuality is about freedom, which is evident by the fact an Islamic state would never allow "Lads Mags" to be sold in supermarkets.

I think selective censorship (dictatorship) could help civilization because too many humans have become too incapable of independent thought. It is perhaps ironic to consider how guiding people to think in a certain way could make them more intelligent, more capable of independent thought, but it is not really contradictory if you consider how children do need to be taught about the world, or how someone with severe mental illness can benefit from the guidance of psychologist who channels their thinking along healthy pathways. Perhaps the problem with the world is that we have never had the correct type of dictator.

I think the solution could be to ban all aspects of religion from education, medicine, and the media. We also need to legalise all drugs but access to all drugs including alcohol and nicotine should be restricted to shops only open between the hours or midnight and two am, furthermore all advertising of drugs should be banned. Newspapers should be banned from reporting on violence, they should instead publish articles about thinking, they should publish thoughtful articles where people think about the way civilization should be. Wage inequality and the hoarding of vast wealth should also be banned.

Perhaps no dictatorship will work, maybe my dictatorship would be equally bad compared to the current Obama-Putin-Merkel-Cameron dictatorship. This is the problem with dictating, there is always someone who has a different idea regarding what rules should be enforced.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Posts From G+ Singularity 2045

Google+ have made embedable posts available, which I've been asking for since February 2013. Here are some Singularity 2045 posts for you:

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