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Political Letter Writing Campaign

Singularity Positive Political Pressure

People should write to their Government, or politician/s of choice, asking them to do more to promote the Singularity. Increased "Singularity-awareness" can make the world a better place. This is only the beginning. This is an initial stage in the letter writing campaign. Once people start getting a few replies then we can take things to the next level and become more focused, more politicized. At the moment we are merely testing the water. At this stage I feel it is enough to merely broach the issue of the Singularity to see how politicians react; and then, once we have and idea of how politicians will react, we can formulate the next stage in this letter writing campaign. If you are unsure what you write please view the template letter.

The Singularity is a big issue consisting of various components such as AI, nanotechnology, biotechnology, robotics, and Stem Cells. All these various areas of science and technology will contribute towards human immortality. The Singularity will solve all problems. The Singularity will create utopia therefore we need bold legislation and strong funding supporting the relevant areas of science and technology. We need to see utopia sooner instead of later.


Describe the Singularity in basic terms (immortality, exponential intelligence growth, automation of all work by self sustaining robots, space colonization; the degree of focus is up to you) and ask the politician if they would be willing to do more to promote the Singularity, perhaps you could cite Watson as a common knowledge example of AI. If politicians actively promoted the Singularity this could increase investment in relevant areas of science and technology thus, due to greater investment, the Singularity could happen sooner instead of later. Ask your elected representative if they are aware of the Singularity.

WHY? Politicians shape the world and politicians are influenced by public opinion. If you write a letter you can help change Government policy. Politicians need to begin publicly mentioning the Singularity because by mentioning the Singularity at political levels this will increase support for the Singularity. Make your Government aware of the Singularity.

■ The Singularity is an incredibly important issue. Approximately 150,000 people die each day globally! Two thirds of that daily mortality rate (100,000) is due to old age (according to Aubrey de Grey - SENS) therefore the immortality induced by the Singularity makes the Singularity the most important issue if your purpose is to save lives. Politicians should be openly mentioning the Singularity.

■ Around 3 million people die every each month due to old age. THAT'S 36 MILLION people dying each YEAR due to old age. You may think the Singularity can be waited for in a casual manner but while you casually wait for immortality (sometime around the year 2045) please remember that each year 36 million people are dying due to old age, therefore perhaps it might be worthwhile writing to your Government or local politician to see if they can do more to promote the Singularity thereby hastening the arrival of immortality?

You can word your letter in any way you desire. The important thing is to raise awareness in political echelons therefore the more letters that are sent the more awareness will be raised. This letter writing campaign is decentralized: it is simply a matter of individuals writing letters. No donations are required. The only cost is a stamp, envelope, a sheet of paper, and a pen. If you can't afford a stamp, envelope, paper, and pen, you can easily send an email.

Each person can describe the Singularity in their own manner. The only criteria I suggest is that people ask their politicians or Government to do more to promote the Singularity. If politicians started openly mentioning the Singularity I think this would generate very stimulating public debate, but currently politicians need a little push in the right direction.


Direct action can change the world therefore this letter writing campaign was launched. The general public need to begin discussing the Singularity. The Singularity will radically transform the human race therefore it's an outrageous failing that so near to the Singularity there are so many people not yet aware of where science and technology are progressing to. In addition to increasing financial investment this letter writing campaign could bring hope to many people because mass public awareness of the Singularity could easily make the world a better place: the Singularity is a BRILLIANT event to look forward to. It's an extraordinary time of strangest and extremely powerful intellectual gravity. It's an intelligence explosion. #SPPP (Singularity Positive Political Pressure)

If you want your reply from a politician published on this blog, please note you'll need permission from the person who wrote the letter. Happily I will publish all replies if the author of the letter has granted permission. The copyright of letters remains with the author of the letter, therefore when you write your letter it would be a good idea to ask for permission to publish the reply on the internet.

Asking for permission to publish the reply could also induce the politician, or Governmental department, to give you a deeply considered response instead of dismissing the issues you raise. In addition to a copy of your letter I will also need a copy of the permission allowing publication of the letter. I wouldn't want this blog deleted due to copyright violations therefore permission to publish is essential. Email your submissions to Singularity Utopia.

You may also want to mention the Singularity Investigatory Committee in your letter.


The following quote from Time magazine is helpful:

"But Singularitarians share a worldview. They think in terms of deep time, they believe in the power of technology to shape history, they have little interest in the conventional wisdom about anything, and they cannot believe you're walking around living your life and watching TV as if the artificial-intelligence revolution were not about to erupt and change absolutely everything. They have no fear of sounding ridiculous; your ordinary citizen's distaste for apparently absurd ideas is just an example of irrational bias, and Singularitarians have no truck with irrationality. When you enter their mind-space you pass through an extreme gradient in worldview, a hard ontological shear that separates Singularitarians from the common run of humanity. Expect turbulence.",8599,2048138,00.html

A good starting point for Singularity-beginners is:
The Singularity Is Near by Ray Kurzweil

Write a letter to a politician.

Here's an example of the type of reply you could receive from a politician or Governmental department.

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