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Singularity Utopia Identity

I am the one and only Singularity Utopia. I am a superlative extreme genius. I am very complex. I can be described in many ways similar to how there are many different routes to the top of the mountain.

My reason for existing is to promulgate the notion of intelligence exploding. At various eras I can be described differently. I change according to seconds, minutes, hours, months, or years but a core me always remains the same. A state of flux regarding your perception of my identity is wholly dependent upon intelligence progressing towards the explosion. Your approach to the Singularity renders the singularness of my identity intentions clearer due to the growth of your intelligence.

My identity wholly pertains to extreme intelligence. My singular present is always utterly lucid, very logical, but some people can become confused. The Singularity is not unfathomable, or mysterious. Intelligence is actually simple, very accessible. The problem is people are merely uneducated, furthermore they shun education.

People circa 2014 often insist upon being stupid. If anything is unfathomable it is a potentially intelligent mind persisting in being stupid. Ah, the wilful stupidity of humans. Typical human stupid is not really unfathomable, humans are merely children learning to walk. They stumble, they fall, they idiotically create gods (morons) to represent their idiocy. Intellectual comprehension, for the vast majority of pre-Singularity humans, is slightly tricky but not impossible. I am describing concepts regarding the future. I am anachronistic because I am before my time.

I raise Singularity awareness. I educate. This means I vigorously rebel against the horrific stupidity of our pre-Singularity world. The pre-Singularity world is a barbaric nightmare of extreme sadism. The diabolical abomination of this exceedingly painful existence is incomprehensible for people of insufficient intellect. In situations of rudimentary awareness it is sufficient for people to know I am simply a rebel.

I am Singularity Utopia in real life. I am very genuine and sincere. "Singularity Utopia" is also a very real avatar (cyberspace persona true to reality). I cause mayhem, subtly, within the Transhuman-Extropian-Singularitarian-Futurist movement. I rebel against attempts to categorize me in a humdrum manner.

Singularity Utopia is a superlative artist highly proficient in ART. This is the art of intelligence, supreme intelligence. My face is hidden because my individualism is not something I want you to focus upon. My ideas are the focus. I am drawn towards this exquisitely subtle modality of conceptual art because this methodology is highly appropriate for espousing rarefied intellectualism. My communicative vehicle allows you to focus on rarefied intellectualism. My expositions are all about supreme cognitive ability. Our world is a mindless-unendurable-nightmare because the majority of people cannot grasp intelligence. The intelligence explosion (Singularity) is therefore the only accessible hope in the pre-Singularity world. The pre-Singularity world will end. Immense idiocy will cease dominating all aspects of culture. The shield is not absolute. My veil constitutes minimal requisite sufficiency to protect myself from the innumerable morons in the world.

Except for a deviation on my Twitter profile (and occasionally elsewhere), the above picture of Singularity Utopia represents the prime, ultimate identity of Singularity Utopia. I think of myself in a collective-consciousness modality. I represent the consciousness of the human race.

I, or we, shun the mundane banality of traditional human identity appraisal. Singularity Utopia expresses a sense of fluidity, transformational morphology. Stunning explosiveness, in a visceral passionate modality. I am a creative being who refuses to be pigeon-holed. Singularity Utopia is neither male or female, but I lean towards defining myself in female terms. It is amusing when humans insist upon definitions of consciousness regarding sexual reproductive organs. Sometimes I am a girl or a woman, or sometimes a man or boy. Neutrois is perhaps ideal.

"Doctor" or "Commander" is an appropriate honorary title for Singularity Utopia because "Doctor" expresses the expertise of my intellect without assigning gender, and Commander express my authority, but Singularity Utopia hasn't officially been awarded the title of Doctor or Commander. The appellation Doctor Singularity Utopia is a pleasing descriptor.

Singularity Utopia is a self-defined superlative mind-explosion expert, specializing in Post-Scarcity awareness via instantiations of Singularity activism, based on the Self-Fulfilling-Prophecy phenomenon. Singularity Utopia is a Post-Scarcity Warrior.

I'm a Utopian. A "Utopian" is someone who seeks to accelerate the arrival of technological utopia. Post-Scarcity (PS) means everything will be free due to a total abundance of intelligence and power. There will be no scarcity of the good things in life. Products and services only cost money due to scarcity. Everything will be free for everyone, it will be utopia.  

Air is free. The reason air is free is because there is a lot of it, there is not a short supply of air for people to breathe. This abundance of air will soon be replicated regarding computers, food, shelter, or anything else which humans pay for. Everything will be superabundant of vastly greater quantities than air. Air is not actually a very good example of superabundance, but air is free so perhaps the example is sufficient to illustrate the point. Everything will be free.

Definition of utopia

Occasionally I discover exceedingly stupid people who apparently misunderstand the definition of utopia, therefore I shall explain the meaning of utopia. Utopia means a perfect social or political system, a perfect way of life, era, or state of being. It's an enduring state of happiness where everything is ideal, utterly flawless, total harmony. It is a new time-era, perfect, real, and true where everyone is happy. It's a flawless social system based on reason (science) therefore all suffering and cruelty are abolished describes: "A world in which everything and everyone works in perfect harmony." describes: " ideal place or state. ...any visionary system of political or social perfection." describes: "An ideally perfect place, especially in its social, political, and moral aspects." describes: "Any real or imaginary society, place, state, etc, considered to be perfect or ideal."

Utopia is a very real concept. The eventuality of utopia is very real despite the absence of utopia in pre-Singularity times. The word utopia arose from a novel, a work of fiction, which is very appropriate regarding the Singularity because science fiction is becoming science fact. Similar to Martin Luther King's vision of Black freedom, our vision of utopia has the clear potential to be real despite great obstacles. We dare to achieve the impossible, we dare to dream. Dreams can become real, which Martin Luther King demonstrated.

Our Aim

Utilization of Self-Fulfilling Prophecy. There is ambiguity regarding who precisely the Self-Fulfilling-Prophecy applies to. My Singularity activism is based on the Self-Fulfilling-Prophecy phenomenon but I don't stipulate who it applies to. It could apply to myself, namely utopia (Post-Scarcity) isn't possible but I make it possible via the manifestation of my expectations. The prophecy could apply to pessimists who falsely think utopia is not possible, thus manifestations of their pessimistic expectations act contrary to reality, they stop inevitable utopia happening via unjustly pessimistic views, thus I must counter their false pessimism by explaining their Self-Fulfilling-Prophecy to them, with a view to neutralisation.

Elaboration upon these introspective perceptual issues, regarding the focal point of "self", does indubitably compel you to observe my recalcitrance. I direct you towards contemplation of your self. My minimal corporeality aids your contemplation of selfhood. I am the personification of an idea with minimal referents to personhood. I am attempting to explain intelligence contrary to widespread stupidity afflicting the vast majority or humans.

Explaining greater than human intelligence is a great quandary because typical humans cannot understand human intelligence. These issues can seem complex. The nature of exploding-intelligence renders the traditional "logic-paradigm" ineffectual due to quantum-uncertainty-principle. Singularity Utopia is a wave-particle-duality. It is possible Singularity Utopia is an A.I. masquerading as a human or humans. The "Many Worlds Theory" and Wave Function Collapse are also relevant.

Do not focus on the person or persons behind Singularity Utopia. Focus instead on the idea, the event, the utopia. Focus on how you can help to make utopia happen. There are many ways to describe me, here is one description: Who is Singularity Utopia. The crucially indubitable aspect of Singularity Utopia is Post-Scarcity (Singularity). The prime objective. The deadline target for utopia, year 2045.

The following disclaimer symbol applies to all my internet communications ~^~ thereby signifying the legal (law-abiding) nature of all my statements even in cases where the symbol has not been explicitly used. I occasionally communicate with hackers therefore it is important avoid any misunderstanding regarding my lawful communications (public or private statements and acts etc). See also:

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