Monday, 27 February 2012

Disclaimer ~^~

I have created this #disclaimer symbol ~^~ to signify the law-abiding nature of anything I express on the internet. I occasionally Tweet-Blog-Post about Anonymous. Sometimes I communicate with Anons so it is important make clear that all my communications are law-abiding. People sometimes misconstrue, misinterpret, or misunderstand things. For example I often mention the world EXPLOSION (regarding explosive intelligence, the Singularity) therefore people could mistakenly think I want to blow things up ~^~.

For example, I communicate with #Anonymous occasionally therefore people might think I condone criminal hacking. My point is that all my communications are law-abiding (lawful, legal) and people should not infer otherwise.

I won't include the disclaimer in every post but it applies to all my posts (images etc). You are welcome to use it too, and I encourage you to do so. If the symbol enters common language then wider knowledge of it will decrease potential misunderstandings. I shall also place it on my profile.

For example news regarding Paul Chambers shows how intentions can be misconstrued.

My disclaimer could be useful for lots of people:


Sunday, 26 February 2012

#Wikileaks #Anonymous Post-Scarcity Proposal.

Collaboration proposal.

I want to add my message to #Anonymous communications. I want the message of Post-Scarcity, the conceptual feasibility of it in the not too distant future, to enter mainstream consciousness.

Anonymous and #Wikileaks recognise the power of information but they are neglecting to embrace the most powerful type of information, information which allows people to genuinely hope for a free future; very real hope regarding very tangible and non-disruptive freedom, true freedom where people are truly free. I want to add, to Anonymous messages, my ideas regarding the total abolition of all businesses and Governments in a peaceful and lawful way. I want to inform the world how everything will be #free in the not too distant future and I think Anonymous will be a good platform for this message. How shall I begin communicating this with Anonymous? I have heard anyone can write an Anonymous Press Release, is this true? ~^~

I want all people who are interested in #freedom to become part of the PS Warriors Movement. Here is a page I am midway through creating:

The Warriors are coming. Expect us.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Scarcity Causes 100% of Suffering

There are lots of updates I must add to the Singularity-2045 website, but time and energy constraints have delayed those updates thus I will mention a key update here. I am also continuing to refine this blog-post.

My main Singularity thesis is correct, at the core, but there are some superficial points I need to refine. For example I initially stated Post-Scarcity will eliminate 99% of suffering regarding monetary inequality being the principle source of suffering, but this percentage is incorrect. Monetary inequality is an ideal factor for highlighting the suffering associated with scarcity. Poverty is the principle source of suffering because the cultural situation where everything is free would inevitably be a situation where all aspects of scarcity have been abolished.

Scarcity is a bigger issue than paupers contrasted with billionaires but the price of goods and services is the key indicator regarding the level of scarcity. The value of money is key factor for highlighting our proximity to Post-Scarcity. Deflation is is a move towards Post-Scarcity. Money (a high value for money where things are not free) is therefore a key indicator of suffering thus I cite money as being the prime cause of suffering. When everything is free all suffering will be abolished because we will have reached Post-Scarcity but Post-Scarcity will not have arisen merely because everything is free. The abolition of scarcity is dependent on the actualisation of technological super-proficiency ceasing to be scarce, which means when our world is inundated with super high-tech scientific developments and devices this will abolish every aspect of scarcity. Everything being free is merely a consequence of the Singularity therefore the true cause of 100% of suffering is the failure of the Singularity to be manifested.

I focus on money regarding my depiction of suffering and scarcity because money is needed to invest in the development of science and technology. Money is a symbolisation of human progress, it symbolises the amount of human labour. Money also shapes our political policies. Money is therefore at the heart of all scarcity. When everything is free we will have Post-Scarcity. Lack of investment combined with anti-science Government policies delays progress therefore considering the history of a money-based civilisation it is reasonable to assert the Singularity has already been significantly delayed. Without the delays of money it is likely the Singularity would already be here thus it can be stated money causes 100% of suffering.

It is also important to note how intelligence and stupidity are at the heart of money. Intelligent people are rich and stupid people are poor. Intelligence is also the engine behind the actualisation of technological super-proficiency but intellectual ability is not the principle focus of human civilization. Our civilization is principally defined by money. Money is the principle focus of our civilization therefore regarding abolishing suffering I focus upon money being the principle cause despite the causality of suffering being attributable to many factors. I am endeavouring to focus on the essence of the problem in an undiluted manner therefore I highlight the core indicator of scarcity (money), which highlights how things are not currently free therefore people suffer.

Upon reflection, arising from a debate, I briefly considered changing the 99% statement to 95%, but finally I will state scarcity causes 100% of suffering. Scarcity of material resources (fuel, food, shelter etc) causes 95% of human suffering because a scarcity-based society means people are emotionally unable to cope with physical or mental pain. From their fragile psychological perspective of material-scarcity they are ill-prepared to tolerate pain.

Pain does not inevitably equate suffering for balanced minds (happy individuals), but in a scarcity-based-society people are largely unhappy, it is a struggle to survive, therefore pain can easily become suffering because people don't have the psychological competence to effectively assimilate or respond to pain. People in scarcity situations are overburdened by the sorrows of scarcity, they are unbalanced.


Post-Scarcity of basic material needs will abolish a significant source of pain. The total amount of pain people experience will be drastically reduced, people will be principally happy, unhappiness will be rare. This vastly reduced pain will be experienced by balanced minds. People will not be overwhelmed by a painful struggle to survive. The overall percentage of pain felt by humans in this partial scenario will be small, perhaps 10%, whereas currently (year 2012) I estimate an average human life consists of 80% pain. Almost all of the pain felt by people in year 2012 translates into suffering because people are unbalanced by pain, overburdened, unable to cope, therefore a typical human life in year 2012 consists of 78% suffering.

Obvious sources of pain would have been eliminated in a partial Post-Scarcity scenario, therefore the remaining 10% of pain will encompass a significant portion of intractable pain (about half), which means there will be 5% suffering. Despite the highly competent minds of people in this partial scenario they would not be able to cope with intractable pain, therefore a typical human life in a partial Post-Scarcity situation will experience life based on 5% suffering, which is a vast improvement of 78% suffering for humans in the year 2012.

This vision of partial Post-Scarcity is incorrect because partial Post-Scarcity is not the issue I am addressing regarding the Singularity. This type of partial Post-Scarcity is actually impossible. We are contemplating pure PS, true PS. Wrongly I initially leaned towards this partial depiction of Post-Scarcity because I decided people would generally be incapable of accepting the whole truth regarding Post-Scarcity. It is wrong to try and accommodate the disbelief of people who cannot open their minds. Compromise for the sake of narrow-mindedness is a mistake.


True Post-Scarcity entails intelligence ceasing to be scarce thus from a superabundance of intelligence the remaining 5% of suffering would be eliminated because Post-Scarcity of intelligence entails an intelligence explosion, which means super-intelligence would rapidly be created thereby solving all problems instantly. Both tractable and intractable problems will be solved. Our limits of control will be post-scarce, there will be no limits to the power of our control. Post-Scarcity in its true definition must be applied to basic materials and intellectual resources, which entails the abolition of 100% suffering. There will be zero suffering.

Post-Scarcity of basic material resources would almost (95% but not totally) eliminate suffering, but you can't have Post-Scarcity of basic material resources without having post-scarce intelligence because superabundant intelligence is needed to create Post-Scarcity of basic material needs, therefore true Post-Scarcity will always entail 100% abolition of suffering because an intelligence explosion is the key component.

I will now always declare Post-Scarcity abolishes 100% of suffering. This is the truth regarding Post-Scarcity. Sufficient intelligence solves everything, This is the total Post-Scarcity of the Singularity.

The Warriors are coming. Expect us.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Former crime of being Black (how times change).

The Past.

In 1960 Patricia Stephens Due refused to pay a fine regarding sitting in the "whites only" area at a Woolworth's lunch counter. Patricia went to prison for refusing to pay the fine. Subsequently, whilst she was organizing a protest in response to the fine, a police officer fired a tear gas canister which caused permanent damage to her eyes.

During the pinnacle of her activity the FBI constantly shadowed her. The New York Times describes how: "Her F.B.I. file ran more than 400 pages." Incidentally I wonder if the Friday activities (#FFF) of #Anonymous are creating a file of similar size? ~^~

The present.

A lot has changed in 52 years, which the inauguration of Obama attested, but sadly some things remain the same. You've probably heard about incident of police brutality where Scott Olsen suffered a brain injury, due to a tear gas or "flash bang" canister, during an #Occupy protest.

There is also the infamous Pepper Spray incident to remember at University of California, Davis.

The future.

How will our world change in the next 50 or 30 years? Change is happening quicker all the time, we are accelerating technologically, which is helping us accelerate culturally too, but the real cultural revolution will only happen when Artificial Intelligence blooms thereby allowing humans to dramatically augment their intellects. Here is a recent video I came across regarding DNA nanobots.

How do you think our world will change over the next 30 years? The World Economic Forum has listed the top 10 emerging technologies for 2012, which gives a interesting indicator of the future but what is your personal view. My big focus is Post-Scarcity (everything being free) thus I always try to raise awareness. Do you think everything will be free in around 30 years? Have you heard about the concept of Post-Scarcity before?

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentine's Day Bomb Plot - 2012

Failure to take this bomb threat seriously is your own responsibility (see Bomber Manifesto below for more info). This is NOT a bomb hoax.

Expected casualties: High.
Threat Level: Critical, attack expected imminently.
Explosion yield: Over 9000 kilotonnes.
Blast Radius: Global.

The Singularity Utopia group claims responsibility for this bombing. The impact will be devastating. This phenomenal explosion with leave your mind (and the minds of thousands of innocent bystanders) reeling with utter shock and awe. Primary neuronal explosions will occur at 20:45 hours (your local time) on 14th February 2012. Within the brain of anyone experiencing the explosion, their neurons will fire excitedly precisely at 20:45 hours (your local time). Secondary detonations will occur during the first REM state (dreaming) subsequent to the primary impact at 20:45 hours on 14th February 2012. 


Bomb Components:

1. Bomb casing: The Future.
2. Timer: Singularity Awareness @ 20:45 hours, your local time.
3. 1st Primer-Detonator: Technology.
4. 2nd Primer-Detonator: Science.
5. Accelerant, Explosive Matter: Intelligence.

Bomber Manifesto

We all have the power to change the world. Our failure to change the world means we are responsible, in a small part, for the way the world is. Your failure to change the would could simply be your unwillingness to sign a petition, or perhaps you failed to attend a protest, or perhaps it was easier to sit back eating junk food while watching empty entertainment instead of challenging people regarding their erroneous or foolish beliefs. We all could do more but often we don't do the best we could do.

Our collective inaction or apathy has ramifications. We often fail to realise how the ripples of our actions spread throughout the world changing affairs one way or another, thus we are responsible for how the world is, even if we are unwilling to admit responsibility. Admitting our responsibility is empowering because we realise how we do have the power to change the world.

If you think you are powerless then you will be. The message of this bomb therefore aims to remind people of how the power to change reality is in your head. This bomb is in your head because your head contains the power to explosively inject brilliance into our world.

If people think they lack individual power (the potential for wide-ranging impact) they are correct. If your thoughts are dis-empowered you could encourage others to think the same way thus you can perhaps see how the power of one individual is more powerful than initial appearances.

Maybe "one person" who refused to be a slave was an inspiration for Martin Luther King. The ripples from one individual can have a dramatic impact. We must consider how our actions and thoughts impact upon others. Sometimes things have small beginnings. Consider all the small events contributing to a bomb exploding.

Bomb plots are the subject of many novels, video games, and films. They are a device to portray drama and excitement; but some people fear such portrayals are negative. I differ from the standard allegedly "negative" portrayal because there is no blood or deaths in this bombing, my explosion is pure analogy regarding intellectual explosiveness. Art can be controversial or apparently negative at first glance, but this "thought-provocation" is ultimately positive.

This intelligence explosion on 14th February is a minor prelude to the Technological Singularity, which will occur sometime before year 2045. This intelligence explosion is utterly non-violent and non-destructive. This is a piece of existential art. This is a Merriest Bomb Plot by the Singularity Utopia group. This bombing will be an explosive neuronal party within your brain. It's an intellectual love bomb, a detonation of mind-blowing strangeness.

This explosion of awareness is an intellectual love bomb. It differs from typical destructive bombs because this Cerebral Love Bomb is highly creative. We are entering a new age where creativeness triumphs over destructiveness. The goal of this bomb is to ensure the largest amount of people feel their neurons firing excitedly due to the extreme power associated with contemplation of the Singularity. The bomb is inside your mind (explosive thoughts). The bomb entails powerful thinking @20:45 hours on Valentine's Day.

► The timer is ticking. Utopia is coming.


Under no circumstances should this Love Bomb be mistaken for a real bomb. The message in this bomb is LOVE THE FUTURE. Fiction  and art are being used regarding this Love Bomb to raise awareness  regarding the Technological Singularity, which will happen by year 2045 at the latest. The  Technological Singularity is a very real explosion of intelligence, and  identical to this artistic Love Bomb the Singularity is utterly  non-violent and non-destructive. Science and technology are advancing at  an accelerating rate. This rapid acceleration of knowledge will  culminate in an intelligence explosion, which will create utopia.

KABOOM - 20:45 hours, 14th February 2012

Thursday, 9 February 2012

David Brin's Singularity Denigration

I was recently reading a blog-post by David Brin, posted here and at other locations regarding the "Difference Between Science Fiction and Fantasy." David refers to the Singularity in pejorative terms therefore I feel obliged to conduct an intellectual investigation to analyse his meaning.

David Brin wrote:

I agree that the nerdy-techno "singularity" is - at root - just a modern manifestation of magical-transcendentalism.

I therefore wonder how exactly David defines "magical-transcendentalism"? To help me better understand his viewpoint I wonder if this video regarding a mechanical heart is magical-transcendentalism? To our forbears a heart unable to beat, made of non-biological matter, would probably seem very magical, maybe most people would be horrified by such witchcraft if they viewed such technology with a mindset from only 100 years ago. David's views are tantamount to being anti-science because he eschews logic .

A mechanical heart certainly does allow us to transcend biological limitations, and it is magical in a certain sense, for people with an up-to-date cutting-edge technological perspective, because it highlights the magic, the awe, the wonder of sentient, self-aware, human ingenuity; but the term "magical-transcendentalism" seems to be pejorative phrase potentially verging on ad hominem, ignoratio elenchi, or an associational fallacy.

A quick search of Google regarding "magical-transcendentalism" produced this page, which states: "The essence of Transcendentalism is belief in spiritual beings greater than oneself or states of spiritual being superior to that which currently one enjoys." Magic is the supernatural control of matter and reality; but this magic does not describe the Singularity because the Singularity is grounded in very real science and technology. The Singularity is not about spirituality.

Ironically when people equate the Singularity with spirituality or Transcendentalism, they are making a leap of faith which does not tally with the actuality of what the Singularity is. Erroneous and pejorative perceptions exhibited by some people regarding what the Singularity is could actually be deemed fantasy perceptions.

David also mentions how the Singularity has been deemed Rapture of the Nerds, but merely by reiterating an unfounded statement this does not make an unfounded statement true. The phrase "Rapture of the Nerds" is pure slander devoid of logical thinking. Such statements are fallacious, they are logical fallacies, but supposed intellectuals such as David seem oblivious regarding ad hominem, ignoratio elenchi, or the association fallacy modality of commentary. Merely by associating the Singularity with Christianity (Rapture) or being a nerd (nerds are generally unpopular people with substandard social skills thus they are not cool), it is wrongly assumed this fallacious association invalidates the Singularity premise. Sadly some people are influenced by smears therefore I try to correct Singularity-smearing whenever I discover it. I have written extensively about the Rapture slander but unfortunately the insults continue.     

Hopefully David can clarify the meaning regarding his "magical-transcendentalism" assertion.

Update - David Brin has responded:

Singularity Utopia, your blog offers no way to respond with comments, alas so I must do it here.   [Bold link added by SU]

You clearly evade the whole meaning of my post in order to release outrage. DId I not elsewhere in the post speak repeatedly of the importance of progress and openness of the science fiction attitude toward change? Anyone who even briefly imagined I might think otherwise should pause and KNOW that they had a false impression to re-examine.

I am talking there about PERSONALITY... a desperate will to BELIEVE one's way into a better world. That personality has always been with us, a transcendentalist will to transcend this imperfect plane.

For most of human history, one could only imagine it happening religiously or philosophically, so that's where transcendentalists go. And it is STILL where they go... when they cannot do tech or science. Hence the complete takeover of one of our major political parties by mystics... (and the cynical oligarchs who control them.)

Now there is another option, when a transcendentalist CAN do tech. To shift from God or Enlightenment to notions of singularity science.

Note, I say nothing about whether this approach will fail! In fact, at some level, I think it will work... though slower and more unevenly than guys like you think. THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ISSUE!

The issue is the personality that rushes to embrace belief in an incantation to transcend. Whether or not you happen to be right, this time, you are part of a long, long tradition.

Here is my response to David's response:

David. Sorry about the comments being disabled on my blog, this is due to time and energy constraints, but you are welcome to comment on my G+ post if you desire:

It is true that I was outraged by your comments but I am sorry if you felt I was avoiding the whole meaning of your post.

The issue of personality types desperate to "believe" is not applicable to the Singularity in my opinion. Many people have believed in a better world throughout history and sometimes those beliefs can seem impossible, such as the belief in the feasibility of organ transplants, the beliefs of the Suffragettes, Rosa Parks, or the dream of Martin Luther King, or the desire to put a man on the Moon, or many other examples of confidence which inspired many other achievements and inventions. Apple would call those people "The Crazy Ones". Some scientists believe they can cure cancer, and no doubt due to their beliefs they will one day find cures. Via a desire to make the world a better place heart transplants have been made possible and more recently mechanical hearts have been successfully used. Humans do impossible things: we transcend our limitations. Instead of "belief" I would use the word confidence.

I am an atheist therefore this is the reason I object strongly to your assertion that confidence, which has arisen via deep logical analysis of available data, regarding the likelihood Singularity, is comparable to religiosity, magic, transcendentalism, or the Rapture. I resent how an unjust usage of religiously terminology is often undertaken to smear, invalidate, or denigrate an ideology. I prefer logical debate to smearing. I resent how people want to fit everything into religious terminology. I resent how people often want to thoughtlessly rubbish the idea of the Singularity, which you may or may not have been doing.

So for the record I have not rushed to embrace anything. I only support the idea of the Singularity because after very careful deliberation I deem it to be very valid, very likely. I do desperately want to make the world a better place but my desperation doesn't blind me to the truth of logic and rationality. I would never sacrifice logic or rationality for the sake of appeasing my desperation. I am a deeply intellectual person of high integrity regarding my intellectualism, thus your implication that my desperation has triumphed over my intellect is very insulting. I would happily commit suicide rather than sacrifice my intellect, but luckily I live in a age where my intellect can flourish; we live in age where the Singularity will very likely happen, we live in an age where desperation can realistically be overcome. It could be argued that I am deluded, thus if I was alive 100 years ago I may also have thought the Singularity was due to happen in my lifetime; but I'm certain all the scientific and technological indicators do corroborate my viewpoint. I suppose only time will tell. At worst I could be wrong but merely being wrong about an issue does not mean the person with the wrong ideas was engaging in magical transcendentalism.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Our Abundant Utopian Future

On the website What Would The Internet Do a blog of mine has been reproduced regarding the book Abundance by Peter Diamandis (Steven Kotler co-authored the book).

Ray Kurzweil sent me an email urging me to raise awareness for Peter's book.

My commentary regarding Ray's email and Peter's Book:

Recently I had the pleasure of receiving an email from Ray Kurzweil asking me to help publicise the book "Abundance—the Future is Better Than You Think" by Dr. Peter Diamandis.

I won’t read too much into Ray’s email, but I personally like to think my recent Post-Scarcity and FAI views were appreciated by a key voice in the futurist movement. Instead of psychopathic Artificial Intelligence, or enslaved sentient-machines populating the future, I am confident our future will be better than we think. Personally I expect utopia, which you probably guessed.

I've been trying to publicise the concept of Post-Scarcity for the past couple of years therefore I'm happy to help raise awareness regarding Peter's book. If you are unaware about how the coming Post-Scarcity era (abundance, or super-abundance) will radically transform our world then I suggest you should read Peter's book. Even if you are aware of Post-Scarcity I'm sure Peter's book will be an enjoyable read. I've not actually read it myself, but it should be entertaining and informative.

A world beyond scarcity is the most interesting and important topic in the history of human civilization. I'm sure the book will explain how everything will be free in the not too distant future.

For people who don’t know what Post-Scarcity is, it entails everything being free (the abolition of money). Everything being free occurs due to superabundance of goods and services. Superabundance will be created via AI, nanotechnology (nano-assembly nanobots), and 3D printing. Things only possess monetary value due to scarcity. Monetary prices are required to restrict limited supplies in situations of scarcity. High-powered-AI will ensure our available resources are effectively limitless. AI will ensure ultra-efficiency.
I think Post-Scarcity should be a more prominent issue, but what do you think? Everything being free is something everyone can relate to, therefore greater prominence regarding Post-Scarcity could easily increase popular support for the Transhuman epoch we are approaching. I therefore think we should all be doing more to stimulate Post-Scarcity awareness.

Peter H. Diamandis should be highly commended.

#PostScarcity is something I am very interested in therefore I've created various Post-Scarcity symbols to raise awareness. I am including a recent PS symbol in this blog, which you are welcome to share or perhaps you will be inspired to create your own PS symbol.

Make sure you explore the free gifts (if you order the book) on the Abundance site, and there is also a chance to win prizes if you help publicize the book.

Here is a copy of the email Ray sent to me:

Dear Singularity,

I'd like to reach out to you personally about a new book that I am very excited about: Abundance — The Future Is Better Than You Think. This book is written by my dear friend and colleague Dr. Peter H. Diamandis, Singularity University Cofounder and X PRIZE Foundation Chairman, and Steven Kotler, science journalist.

Peter and Steven intend to start a new conversation in the world — one focused on solving problems rather than just being gloomy about them. In the book, they give an extensive tour of the latest in four emerging forces: exponential technologies, the DIY innovators, the Technophilanthropists, and the Rising Billion. They present a very convincing case that the world's getting better at an accelerating rate and lay out a road map for achieving the vision of abundance. I think you'll enjoy the abundant stories, hard facts, and science/engineering in the book.

Today, we are all empowered more than ever before to solve humanity's grand challenges. You can help change the world's conversation from the pessimism of scarcity to Abundance!

Please explore this book at their website,, where you can pre-order Abundance, download the first chapter, watch videos, share your reactions, and participate in a campaign to change the world's conversation (and win a $5,000 prize in the process).

To launch the book and make a real impact in turning the world's current negative focus around, Peter and Steven are offering four gifts to thank any early supporters for pre-ordering at by February 13. (You'll get access to Singularity University's video library packed with graduate training on exponential technologies, the Transcendent Man documentary, and more.)

Please help spread the word!


Ray Kurzweil

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