Monday, 29 October 2012

Some People Misunderstand The Singularity

Today I noticed an article via titled: "Why the Singularity won’t be as big a deal as you might think." Below is my comment in response.

It is wrong to state there have been previous Singularities. There is only one Singularity, which this article explains: []. For example the iPhone was not a Singularity.

There is nothing to fear regarding the Singularity, but despite having nothing to fear it will be clearly noticeable; it will be utterly radical. If you notice you are alive you will notice the Singularity but some people today do not notice they are alive, some people today are utterly oblivious automatons. Idiocy-based oblivion of modern minds will thankfully not persist in the future thus extreme revolutionary events will be very noticeable.

Imagine the fervour some people experience regarding the least version of the iPhone, now multiple that by 10,000 times at least (which is very conservative thus perhaps it would be more realistic to imagine a multiplication by one million times), and apply it to everyone. Imagine a situation where everything is free, nobody needs to work, you can print anything you want, and we are all immortal - this is a glimpse of the Singularity; we will all be liberated from the mundane mindlessness of scarcity-based toil, thus via cultural shifts and intelligence amplification, we will experience reality with greater depth, greater intelligence, thus simple joys such as printing a spaceship in your own home and then flying off into space, to explore or create new worlds, will be a mind-blowing joy of extreme elation.

I also posted about this via the Singularity 2045 page on Google Plus:

Friday, 26 October 2012

Circular God Reasoning

The circular reasoning of God believers.
Circular reasoning is good, but how can we be sure it is good? We can be sure because the reasoning is via a circle, but why do we believe in a circle? We believe in the reasoning because the circle is faultless, but how do we know the circle is faultless? We know the circle is faultless because circular reasoning is good.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Why Isn't Our Universe Intelligently Designed?

I am writing an blog-article critiquing the Simulation Argument. The Simulation Argument is regarding the idea of post-human beings, exceptionally technologically advanced entities, creating a universe simulation; furthermore it is suggested we could be in such a simulation.

Similar to the evidence of the human body not being intelligently designed, I wonder what examples you would cite regarding the universe not being intelligently designed?

The Wikipedia Intelligent Design page states, regarding the universe: "Intelligent design proponents have also occasionally appealed to broader teleological arguments outside of biology, most notably an argument based on the fine-tuning of universal constants that make matter and life possible and which are argued not to be solely attributable to chance. These include the values of fundamental physical constants, the relative strength of nuclear forces, electromagnetism, and gravity between fundamental particles, as well as the ratios of masses of such particles."

I have tried searching for the atheist viewpoint regarding the design of our universe not being intelligent, but so far the arguments I have found are mainly supportive of universe ID. For example:

Here is one argument against our universe being intelligently designed:

Similar to how the twin bones in the human forearm, at the wrist, are thin and fracture prone to allow for hand rotation (thick bones would make rotation difficult), I wonder what examples you could give to highlight flaws in the universe? An intelligent design for the forearm would be one single thick bone, but what would you cite for a better design of the universe?

Post your replies here or send a tweet:

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Technology will ensure everything is free. #OpPS

Here's a Press Release I have sent to and

I'm not part of Anonymous or Occupy movements but we do share common ground because we all want to create a better world.

I am Singularity Utopia. I focus on how accelerating technological proficiency will create a utopian intelligence explosion no later than year 2045. Post-Scarcity and the Singularity are synonymous because superabundant intelligence will create a superabundance of all resources, therefore our available resources will be essentially limitless; there will be no scarcity, which means everything will be free similar to the air we breathe daily. Furthermore monetary freedom will entail libertarian freedom, thus all governments will be obsolete because governments only exist to regulate the social-dysfunction arising from scarcity.

Recently I had a debate about some of these issues with a member of the Occupy movement. I hope this debate will be of interest to Anons, Occupy activists, and other interesting people around the world.

The Singularity isn't an overnight solution to world problems, but it gives us hope because it shows us how around 30 years from now everything will be free. 2045 may seem a long time away but considering how the Singularity will create immortality (all illnesses will be curable and the damage of aging will be reversible), then it is not too far away. You could say "the Singularity is near."

"Hope" can be a powerful force in the present. I hope everybody will take time to raise Post-Scarcity awareness or at least consider these issues. #OpPS

Regards, Singularity Utopia.

Disclaimer: I only condone and advocate lawful methods to raise awareness.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

@NASA ISS Skydive Project Suggestion

Dear NASA,

I am sure you noticed recent news about Felix Baumgartner, regarding his extremely high skydive. This news made me wonder about the possibility of a skydive from the ISS. I want NASA to undertake a project where an astronaut skydives from the ISS to Earth.

Obviously some type of wingsuit would be need to avoid the spin Felix experienced, furthermore a small amount of propulsion would be needed, but I think this potential project could be completed safely with relatively little expense.

Successful completion of this project would improve astronaut safety, in emergency situations, where they are required to escape from a spaceship or space-station, and the project would be very inspirational thereby ensuring great interest regarding our future in Space. In addition to the wingsuit I suspect drogue-braking would also be needed.

Anyway, maybe you can consider this project? What do you think? Is the possibility of this project beyond our current technology?

Kind regards

Singularity Utopia

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Two Good TorrentFreak Quotes

Recently, regarding the Post-Scarcity Warriors, I was reading a TorrentFreak article from June 2011 about 3D-printer piracy. Within that article two segments were particularly appealing thus I'm logging two quotations here, which express key aspects of the Singularity regarding fiction becoming fact, the impossible becoming possible:

"As the world is introduced to new technology, things that were previously thought impossible become an everyday occurrence. Telling someone a few hundred years ago that you could deliver a letter to someone on the other side of the world in under a second would result in a rather warm encounter with a stake, yet now with the advent of email its a rather boring event."

"We will all have 3D printers connected to our computers in the not too distant future but when Star Trek-style replicators have already whetted the appetite, man won’t be happy until science-fiction becomes science fact."


Friday, 12 October 2012

Mona Eltahawy Funny Arrest

Mona Eltahawy was recently arrested for spray-painting a billboard she objected to. She also sprayed a person who was trying to defend the billboard. Mona Eltahawy claims her protest was non-violent.

LOL, non-violent protest, that's the funniest thing I have seen in a while. Merely because you don't hit someone with your fists it does not mean the attack is not violent. Spraying someone with noxious paint is not extreme similar to throwing sulphuric acid in the victim's face but it is nevertheless a violent attack, likely to cause harm to eyes and skin. Paint can easily irritate the skin and eyes. People should have the right to free expression but that should not give people to right to spray over or silence the voices of others. Mona Eltahawy should buy her own billboard space if she has something to say, otherwise she will naturally face criminal damage or vandalism charges.

I am a staunch atheist therefore I value criticism of Islam and other religions. All religions are savage, barbaric, anti-intellectual. The concept of God or Gods is utter nonsense.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Deeper Accelerating Cheese God Magic

Oh Holy Lord of cheesiest cheeses. The magic deepens. Attention beloved fellows of our Cheesy universe. If you haven't heard the good news about our Posthuman Cheese God, or if you hanker for deeper revelation, you must attend these words my children, listen to the Cheesy prophet. Hopefully you will dare to dip your mousey pointer into the following Cheese magic. I dearly hope you'll partake in the ritual of consuming the cyber-body of the Posthuman Cheese God.

Perhaps you know how all the cheeses have transmogrified into the Holiest Posthuman Cheese God. Maybe you were aware of how this is the new and sole religion supplanting all other religions because reality has ceased to exist. The cessation of reality is due to the Cheese Argument formerly known as the Simulation Argument and the New God Argument. Note point number 2 and 8 of our 8 Crazy Cheesy Facts:

2. Each time a person each eats cheese a new universe is created, via symbiotic psycho-transmogrification, therefore this current universe (your universe) is a figment of the cheese-eater’s imagination. The cheese-eater is the sole occupant of the universe, which means if you have eaten cheese reality has ceased to exist. Reality is a figment of your imagination. You or I must correctly assume our entire world is a figment of my or your imagination because at least one of us has eaten cheese.

8. The universe and all life evolved from Intelligently Designed Cheese.

Everything is now made of Cheese because as stated in point 1 of the Cheesy Facts: "All cheese constitutes a single interdimensional Posthuman (superhuman) time-traveller. Cheese is our Transhuman and Posthuman God. Cheese is also human. Cheese is the beginning and the end, it is everything."

You may know these things but did you know the magic is accelerating? Blessed be thy Cheese for thine is the Matrix running on cheese-based computational architecture. As you surf through our technological religious world of interdimensional cyber-Cheese never forget you have a friend in cheeses, especially when spreading the love of God on crackers. Take the plunge with your mousey pointers. Become One with the Posthuman Interdimensional Cheese God.

In the beginning there was Cheese:

On the H+ website someone called Aaron has created a new Cheesy prayer, 24/08/12:

The Cheese’s Prayer

Our Cheese, who art in rennet, hallowed be thy name.
Thy wheel must turn, as butter churns,
Rise in us, like dough that is leavened.

Give us this day our cheesy bread,
And forgive our cutting the cheese,
As we forgive those who cut the cheese against us.

Lead us not into marinara, but deliver us from tastelessness.

For thine is the cheesiest cheese, all melty and delicious, forever and ever.

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