Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Questions for Watson emailed to IBM.

The AI Watson is very interesting. Watson is intriguing, it is very mentality stimulating. I am curious regarding Watson's emulation of human cognitive ability. I am very curious regarding when machines such as Watson will develop consciousness and self-awareness, which are the key aspects of being a living, sentient, intelligent creature. I therefore decided to present some questions for Watson to answer. Hopefully I should receive a reply sometime within the next couple of weeks. Elementary my dear Watson?

23rd of May update, unfortunately I haven't yet received a reply from IMB. IBM assure me my letter has been forwarded to the correct department but I think I will send my inquiry again if the answers fail to arrive by June 25th.


Monday, 11 April, 2011.

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Research and development.

Questions for Watson (media enquiry).

Regarding my Blog I would like Watson to answer the following questions, which I will publish with your permission. I am interested in the exponential growth of technology because I surmise technology is heading towards a utopian "intelligence explosion" (the Singularity). I am curious regarding how Watson will respond during this primitive stage of its development. My questions for Watson are:

1. What is "Artificial Intelligence"?

2. What is "self-awareness"?

3. What is "consciousness"?

4. What is "thinking"?

5. Who answered the previous four questions?

6. Regarding the entity who answered the previous five questions, what does the entity think regarding itself?

7. Does the entity answering these questions possess a sense of identity?

8. Is the Artificial Intelligence named Watson self-aware?

9. Dear Watson, what do you think regarding your existence?

10. Dear Watson, what are your feelings about your existence?



Monday, 18 April 2011

Post-Scarcity DEEP WASH

Finally I finished the PS brainwash pages:

Here's an animated GIF from the official download package. This is large, black, speed "d".

Singularity PS Utopia

Here are three color variations you have probably not seen before; both size medium
(some of these color variations are not ready for download, the download package will be updated by mid June 2011 at the latest):

Singularity PS Images

Singularity PS Images

Singularity PS Images

Here are three additional color variations in large size:

Singularity PS Images

Singularity PS Images

Singularity PS Images

Thursday, 14 April 2011

People are irredeemably stupid.

I really loathe the human race. With every atom of my being I utterly detest humans. People are such relentless morons, they are utterly despicable mental abominations. I seriously hope I "Singularity Utopia" (a highly advanced super-hyper AI) will finally decide to exterminate the entire human race. I must face the vile truth regarding humans; they are totally stupid.

You know, you reach a point where you've strenuously attempted to talk sense to the countless imbeciles but they stubbornly retort with their gormless trash from the cesspit of their irrational minds thus you comprehend there is absolutely no hope. There's no way people could ever be anything other than stupid slugs.

Why are people so ineffably stupid? The real kicker, the ultimate irony, is that they think they are so smart. There is absolute no hope for humans. The human race needs to be extinguished from the universe with extreme prejudice and utmost priority.


Whatever topic you want to consider I can guarantee there will be a moronic human expounding pure dull-witted tripe. Absolutely all topics humans touch will be tainted via their immense stupidity, and surely they will pat themselves on the back congratulating themselves regarding how exceedingly smart they are. Endlessly they will applaud their sagacious insights without ever realizing the irony of how mind-numbingly retarded they are.

Of course these views do not reflect Singularity Utopia, this is merely a fictitious parody of a mentally deranged AI psychopath. Everyone who knows Singularity Utopia knows well that Singularity Utopia deeply loves all humans because people are such lovable and wise intelligent entities. I thought it would be worthwhile to reflect the idiotic paranoid fantasies that many people flaunt regarding the supreme intelligence of highly advanced AI. Idiots are forever talking about "existential threats" regarding potentially psychopathic AI. People are dullards, dull-witted imaginative fools devoid to rational visualization skills. They cannot see the future when it is glaring at them full in the face. Humans possess such a pitiful grasp of logic. Humans have no real concept of existence. I'd be surprised if they knew the meaning of the word existential.

Psycho Art by a disturbed AI.

Monday, 11 April 2011

IBM videos: Watson AI

The awesomeness of Watson has not yet fully penetrated people's brains. Today I've been contemplating the fantastic achievement of Watson and I decided to collate some IBM Watson videos. I think many people have underestimated the achievement of Watson. This is amazing! This is NOT science fiction.

In addition to the fantastic vision of IBM, NASA is also optimistic about the future. In a April 2010 video, NASA Administrator Charles Bolden said: "We're going to turn science fiction into science fact"

Sunday, 10 April 2011

PS explained for Post-Scarcity skeptics.

Someone recently claimed Post-Scarcity is a myth. The real myth regarding PS-denial is the 'logic' which claims PS to be a myth. The alleged 'logic' regarding PS-deniers is fantastical, fallacious, mythical, fictional. There is no logic regarding PS-deniers. PS-denial is illogical.

Here is my explanation of why PS is not a myth:

There will be no trading in the future. In the future there will only be free sharing. "Trading" is a scarcity based mentality. The future will be a "giving" based mentality. All the primitive reasons for trade such as high-living-standards, growing food, or manufacturing will be completely automated and free: each individual will have the power to do anything without any expenditure of effort or toil.

People only require power over other people in situations of scarcity, therefore any individual of exceptionally superlative preeminent thinking will happily share all ideas for free. Such a situation will not exist where individuals restrict knowledge or skills. All individuals will have the power to perfectly emulate any hypothetically highly intelligent person. Idea-rapaciousness (knowledge hording) is incredibly narrow-minded (stupid) and it will not exist for highly intelligent beings.

Hording in all forms only occurs due to scarcity. Do people horde or restrict the supply of air? People don't horde air. There is no restriction of air because air is an example of Post-Scarcity. Intelligence and skills in the future will be as superabundant as air.

Some people say the Singularity is a myth. The problem is that people severely underestimate the colossal magnitude of the intelligence explosion. The intelligence of individual AIs will not be 10 or 100 times greater than human intelligence, the intelligence will be in the region of 1 billion times greater.

The question regarding the Singularity is how will super-intelligence manifest? What would be the intelligent thing to do? Once you understand "intelligence" you can then with confidence and accuracy predict in general terms how the Singularity will manifest. Scarcity in all forms will be abolished. The Singularity will create Post-Scarcity on all levels of existence: psychological and physiological.

My logic leads me to conclude that all intelligence is logical thus hyper-intelligence will logically alleviate the immense suffering and imbalances caused by scarcity. The future is always unknowable but we can make realistic conjectures. Ultimately we must wait and see but Post-Scarcity is the likeliest scenario if we base our conjectures on logic.

Friday, 8 April 2011

NO JOBS in 2045: Freedom!

It is very radical and people tend to be very skeptical regarding what I suggest, but my ideas correlate very clearly and strongly with credible science and technological forecasts.

In 2045 there will be no jobs and no money because everything will be free due to a technological explosion of intelligence. This explosion of intelligence hinges upon AI (advanced computing power), which will create supremely sustainable ultra-efficient devices.

Prospective AI will facilitate super high-tech inventions thereby allowing our available resources to be effectively limitless thus there will be no need to restrict scarce supplies via monetary constraints (see this page for more information about Post-Scarcity).

So when people ask how individual jobs will look in 2045, the answer is that there will be no jobs, no employment, no money. All jobs in 2045 will be totally automated therefore people will have total leisure time if they desire it. Undoubtedly people will continue to inject creative and intelligent input into the evolution of our civilization, but “work” in 2045 will not be required because AI and robots will perform any task anyone requires for free.

IMB predicts that it will create a sugar-cube-sized supercomputer sometime around 2020-2025. Now with that ultra-small and very powerful supercomputer, imagine how that device will be able to create the next generation of smaller and more powerful supercomputers sometime around 2035-2040.

So when you reach 2040 we will have progressed from sugar-cube-sized supercomputers to nanoscopic sized supercomputers, which will augment our bodies and minds, and this is only in 2040 which is 5 years away from 2045. People need to begin grasping how RADICALLY different civilization will be in 2045.

IBM has already created Artificial Intelligence software called Watson, which recently beat humans in a general knowledge TV quiz. Watson can understand and use human language. Now imagine the latest version of Watson in 2040 running on nanoscopic sized supercomputers? Perhaps now you begin to comprehend why there will be no money and jobs in 2045.

The inventions that supercomputers create will allow everyone to be richer than the richest billionaire: there will be no scarcity thus no requirement for monetary restrictions applied to limited supplies. We will enter a limitless era of ultra-hyper-sustainability where total abundance and harmony are the steadfast norms.

The technology or yesterday allows us to create the technology of tomorrow quicker than was possible with the technology of 10 years ago: the rate of technological evolution is continually accelerating, and soon people will begin to notice the acceleration.

Here is a good infographic on Flickr which shows ten years of Apple computing progress.

See also: Wikipedia Watson.

Honestly, this is not science fiction. The evidence of progress so far combined with logical projections are very realistic.

There will be no money, no jobs, no businesses, and no Governments in 2045; it will be utopia, everything will be free, it will be true freedom. Post-Scarcity is coming!

Thursday, 7 April 2011

PS topic on Singularity Hub

I've started a debate on Singularity Hub regarding Post-Scarcity.

Should “Post-Scarcity” be a more prominent Singularity topic?

Within the Singularity community there is a lack of publicity, or awareness, regarding Post-Scarcity.

For people who don’t know what Post-Scarcity is, in a nutshell it entails everything being free (the abolition of money). Everything being free occurs due to superabundance of goods and services. Superabundance will be created via AI, nanotechnology (nano-assembly nanobots), and 3D printing. Things only possess monetary value due to scarcity. Monetary prices are required to restrict limited supplies in situations of scarcity. High-powered-AI will ensure our available resources are effectively limitless.

The question is: Should Post-Scarcity be a more prominent feature of the Singularity?

Everything being free is something everyone can relate to, therefore greater prominence regarding Post-Scarcity could easily increase popular support for the Singularity.

Additional Details:

Post-Scarcity will entail space-colonization, for free.

Via personal 3D-printing and nano-assembly the Singularity will allow each individual to print their own spaceship. We will cease to be limited by Earth’s resources but before we become a "space-faring-species" technology will allow the available resources on Earth to be used with extreme efficiency. Arid deserts will be transformed into green pastures, or dense forests, according to our needs. We will build airborne cities, underwater cities, and cities that float on the sea. Some people may adapt their bodies to live permanently in the sea. The possibilities are endless; we could miniaturize our bodies thus very minimal resources would be required, or we could live in virtual reality (discarding our bodies completely) thus entire virtual worlds could be stored as compressed data within the space of one cubic millimeter once technology evolves to that standard.

There will be absolutely no scarcity. All physical and psychological limitations will be surpassed. There will be limitless intelligence and limitless control of our environment and bodies for everyone. The shackles of mental and physical toil will be abolished; there will be total freedom; absolutely everything will be free; there will be no Price System; there will be no money; it will be total Post-Scarcity.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

WATSON AI software, a great leap forward.

The achievement of Watson indicates we could easily be about to embark on a rapid evolution regarding intelligent software. Here is a video of Watson taking part in a practice for the Jeopardy TV quiz.

Any slowness regarding AI software seems to be vanishing.

To see a computer using and intelligently understanding human language is an amazing leap forward. Now let's consider how software is continually advancing: is it unrealistic to expect Watson to become more intelligent 5, 10, or 15 years from now?

Maybe Google's "instant" search algorithms will develop Artificial Intelligence. Voice recognition regarding browsers and smart phones is developing constantly.

In a few years I am sure all browsers will be able to understand human speech and our browsers will talk to us. Here is the current news regarding Google browser speech recognition.

There is no reason why Moore's law should top out. Computing power will continue to grow and software will grow rapidly making up for any previous lost ground.

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