Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Be Afraid - Be VERY AFRAID - Virus Called Fear

I was browsing my Twitter stream when I noticed the following tweet from @OpPinkPower regarding a video titled A VIRUS CALLED FEAR.

Here is my comment.

Speaking in the video at 6 minutes 41 seconds, Karly Way (Sociology Ph.D.) states (paraphrased not verbatim): If you grow up in an unstable (unsafe) home you are more likely to see the world as a more hostile (fearful) place.

But riddle me this...

Maybe a world where unstable-fearful homes are allowed to exist is actually an unstable-fearful world. Wars much? Violence on the streets often? For example regarding the supposed stability and safety of our world do you need to lock your home, car, bike, and password protect EVERYTHING? People who think our world isn't fearful should put their money where their mouths are and leave their homes and cars unlocked, or walk through the bad parts of a city late at night.

So do we live a trustful or distrustful world? These middle-class pseudo-intellectuals should publish their bank account details, passwords, and PINs on-line if we live a trustful world where there is no reason to fear. Yes middle class people in their gated affluent communities do have less fear, they feel financially secure thus they don't have money worries, unlike poor people. Affluent people typically don't feel the need to protest against corrupt Governments regarding financial inequality, thereby encountering harassment and brutality from the police. I doubt these rarefied academic intellectuals would ever be pepper-spayed at an Occupy protest. Seriously, this is Class-A bullshit about how the brain is the cause of things being overly fearful. Yes the media can over-hype issues due to sensationalism, but you can't blame wars and violence on the media. Humans were violent and the world was fearful before the printing press (media) had been invented.

The richest members of society can pay $2.7 million a year for the best private security on their private estates, thereby assuaging their fear about being kidnapped. If you are a billionaire is it irrational to fear being kidnapped, are you merely in thrall to your wayward amygdala? Or do we actually live in a fearful world of deep hostility?

I truly despise ignorant-pompous-academics, that they have the gall to talk about "awareness," it is shocking when they pontificate about helping people think "critically" when they are utterly unaware and incapable of critical thinking. It is very a sad joke. "Growing in their awareness," LMFAO! People who have encountered the hostility of the world are actually more aware than sheltered academics who talk trash about anti-virus programs to overcome fear. Fear is more truthful regarding our world. You should be afraid, you should be very afraid, or you could be a dumb sheep gobbling Soma instead.

Or another viewpoint regarding the documentary is irony. Ironically the documentary "Virus Called Fear" is fear about fear. A fear of being afraid is presented, it suggests fear is bad, so in addition to fear regarding our hostile world we now need to be afraid about being afraid. An interesting anecdote is how it was famously said we having nothing to fear but fear itself. To fear or not to fear, that is the question. Perhaps the documentary will make people more fearful or perhaps it will cause people to become docile sheep devoid of fear. Instead of prattling on about fear I think people should make our world a better place. Post-Scarcity is the only solution. Fear is merely a symptom of an imperfect world. Fear is merely the messenger thus we shouldn't shoot the messenger, we should address the cause of fear. The cause is not a faulty brain. Why do you lock your home at night or your car, and why don't you openly publish your bank account details online, are you irrationally afraid or is our world truly a hostile place? Is your brain faulty or is there justifiable reason to fear things?

From my viewpoint fear of religion and politics isn't irrational. Religious and political leaders are truly fearsome. Some humans are deeply terrifying! My marrow trembles especially when contemplating the intelligence of academics. I shall end with a 1984 remix:

But is was OK, everything was OK. O cruel needless world of misunderstanding! O stubborn self-willed exile from the loving breast! Finally we know the truth, we were back at university with everything forgiven. Walking along the immaculate corridors of insane academia we realised we do love the anti-fear virus. There was nothing to fear. There was never anything to fear. The long-hoped-for YouTube video was entering our brains. The struggle against idiocy was finally over.


Despite my pessimistic-fearful view of the world at times, definitely notable on this occasion, I do have immense hope for the future but the interim period can be a hellish nightmare if you are poor and not accepted by the Establishment, which I am very.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Interesting Techno on Sound Cloud

I like Sound Cloud. Here are some techno-ish tracks I found. If you can't see any music tracks embedded below please make sure you are on THE PRECISE PAGE-POST, instead of the main front page, then refresh if any tracks are missing and they should appear. You may also be interested in Phuture Assassins, "I Like Techno" via YouTube, but the recording quality is not excellent.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Post-Scarcity Views Of The Singularity

I started a debate on Singularity Hub, back in April 2011 (Posted: 04/6/11 6:06 AM). Some of my comments appear to be missing because I originally commented via a now defunct Facebook account. I have two different accounts on Singularity Hub. Here is a recent comment.

Should “Post-Scarcity” be a more prominent Singularity topic?

Time scarcity is something I have considered, and a PS of time could be possible via simulations where a century can be lived within a period of seconds. Black holes are interesting regarding altered time, thus perhaps they could be utilized for a PS of time. With a virtual reality running on a different time scale to our traditional time, you could place a virtual you in the simulation and then reintegrate the virtual you with the traditional-original you, thus essentially you will be able to do two things at once.

On the issue of “spacial rarity” regarding only one person having the best seat at the opera, you could again bypass this via full immersion tele-presence VR or AR (virtual and augmented reality); thus one million+ people could occupy the same seat but each person would think they are the only person in the seat due to sophisticated filters, furthermore the tele-presence would be so sophisticated it would in essence be utterly indistinguishable from the real thing.

On the issue of “artistic exclusivity” I think this will be easy to transcend via 3D printing thus “great art works, particularly signed ones” will not have a price because they will be reproducible with atomic precision. When you can replicate something so that all the atoms are utterly identical then the copy actually becomes the original. If you cannot tell the different between original and copy then there is no difference thus no scarcity. Furthermore the desire to possess items of artistic exclusivity is only a form of purchasing or status power wholly related to a culture based on scarcity, thus such social traits will be obsolete when anyone can easily create any product or food they want.

Privacy is easy. You could build you own cloaked world, or universe, or simply fly off into a very distant part of our universe.

Social intimacy will also be post-scarce, via simulations, robots, or simply greater intelligence which allows people to communicate their desires with greater skill.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Billy Plum Plum / Music / #Internet

I was watching a funny video cartoon on YouTube recently, which although it wasn't age restricted I won't link to it because it could be considered NSFW. Phonetically the video title sounds like Billy Plum Plum, which is somewhat cryptic but I tend to be a bit paranoid about censorship. Instead of blatantly using potentially offensive words, you will need to guess and then Google what Billy Plum Plum refers to (if you want to watch the video). A billy or a plum are not usually words liable to censorship but you never know, especially when you consider the Safeway CakeWrecks.

Anyway, that unmentionable video led me to some interesting music, which I will embed here. I will also embed some videos too. So this post is an amalgam of internet culture, it represents the mixture of issues regarding how people express themselves. You can also watch cars and trucks crashing via this YouTube channel, and here's a good Bad Lip-Reading video.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

My comment on Steal This Singularity

Here is an edited version of a comment I made today regarding an article titled Steal This Singularity: Entry #1 on the blog Aceeler8or:

Long term technology circa 45 does by it's very nature ensure absence of governments or any other control, but in the short to medium term due to scarcity there will be controls by individuals imposed on the masses. Considering our approach to Post-Scarcity, the close proximity, we should try to educate people that the controlling reins, or reigns, should be slackened, but there's a danger in a scarcity situation regarding rebellion against authority because one set of leaders are easily replaced for another.

The Singularity is the Singularity, intelligence is intelligence, thus it cannot be changed but some people during our unintelligent current era do have misguided views about what is intelligent.

Salvador Dali makes a lot of sense because his art in my opinion is all about the senseless irrationality of the modern world as perceived by an intelligent mind such as Dali's mind. Likewise Dada, from which surrealism grew, is very sensible despite superficially embracing the irrational. Dada was a very sensible reaction to the horrors of the war and the bourgeois class, it was the Country of the Blind notion that our world is back-to-front, the anti-art ideology that culture actually portrays ugliness, the anti-psychiatry viewpoint that the sane are actually insane thus the so-called "logic" and "values" responsible for producing our world are not really logical or valuable, they are not worthy of esteem thus via embracing the irrational the Dadaistic superficial statement of "absurdity" very provocatively rejected the the foundations of civilization.

One commenter named Alex fears centralized utopia; but centralized utopia is an oxymoron similar to stupid intelligence, or more precisely I will point out how utopia will be the utter antithesis of centralization.

Intelligence is all about diversity of thoughts, free-thinking, thus what is perceived to be tricksterism will be something very permissible within the Singularity era. Minds in the future will be very playful and fun, everyone will be a "freak" because we will all be very Singular; there will be no money and no work, it will be an endless journey of fun and adventure without any limits. This is inevitable but the interim period could be turbulent and the event horizon could be delayed thus during the interim period we need to educate people about what the Singularity actually is.

Ray Kuzweil has somewhat misunderstood the nature of intelligence. Ray's mind is only partially intelligent thus he fails to understand utopia, which is one of the reasons for my name. Soon I will explain how Post-Scarcity is a deeper more intelligent way to comprehend the Singularity, it is a more sociological viewpoint of explosive intelligence. Intelligent beings are social thus Post-Scarcity is a truer description of explosive intelligence.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Jaan Tallinn Talks About Simulated Uinverses

Here is a video of Jaan Tallinn speaking at Singularity Summit 2012. He talks about hard take-off, simulated universes, and metaphysics. His talk was mentioned by Next Big Future, and here is my tweet:

Sadly the video embedding options for are basically futile because the embed only plays the first 10 mins and you cannot specify a start time (#t=3m37s) similar to how you can via YouTube videos. So you may as well forget the embed and watch the video via the source here: Jaan Tallinn: Why Now? A Quest in Metaphysics. Here is the correct link for the chapter-section about simulated universes.

Jaan Tallinn: Why Now? A Quest in Metaphysics from Singularity Institute.

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