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Time Travel Help Summary late 2013 early 2014

Every Internet log is a type of time travel whereby the past reaches into the future, so at the beginning of 2014 I will summarize the year 2013 to give some context for the time travel, then I will speculate, in a fun way, regarding the possibility of time travel. I wonder why super-human beings from our distant future haven't yet sent some help back in time to me now? Perhaps I have previously not stated my case clearly, thus this is why time travellers never help or maybe time is simply preposterous? It's just for fun, but then again you never know. Maybe after posting these words time travellers from the future will help me? Winning the lottery would be nice :-)

I think the passage of time is a very interesting topic because it clearly highlights the issue of cause and consequence, our ability to change the world via our actions, albeit in an accelerated mode. The acceleration is an appealing fiction because often life in pre-Singularity idiot-technology times is painfully slow. A few of notable time-travel films are Groundhog Day, Click, Back to The Future.

So, for fun, here is my message in a bottle to the future, which I throw into the cyber-sea of a turbulent NSA-dominated epoch. I write to you from the era of Snowden and Assange. Google was also recently in the news regarding the acquisition of DeepMind, which entailed the implementation of an AI ethics board. The future is being shaped!

NSA PRISM cheat sheet, Dish Fire and more:

Life leading up January 2014 elucidates a very stupid epoch. The stupidity will likely continue for at least a few years more. In 2013 the Daily Mail was continued its drive to heavily censor the Internet, via mentioning the views of Naomi Wolf. Naomi ignores how the pre-Internet sex-crimes of Jack the Ripper, Yorkshire Ripper, Ian Brady, or Dennis Nielsen existed before the Internet. Naomi thinks the Internet is making sexual relationships empty and violent. She makes the mistake of thinking correlation implies causation, whereas dysfunctional sex is a problem before the Internet. It is easy to blame the Internet for everything but humans were idiots long before the Internet.

Another example of human stupidity in late 2013 was regarding medical experts stated James Bond would not be able to stand up due to the amount of alcohol he fictionally consumes. I commented:

I am concerned about the long term impact of Spiderman's DNA mutation, I will need to take a blood sample from Spiderman to run tests. It is possible Spiderman could develop cancer, we will need to monitor his situation, likewise for the Incredible Hulk. Oh actually, hold on, IT'S FICTION! James Bond is not really a Spy, he doesn't really exist and I am pretty sure he doesn't actually get drunk when filming, it is acting, creative literature. Superman can't really dodge bullets, and don't get me started on the X-Men. Also do you know when there is a fist fight in films, and one tough guy punches another tough guy thus making a loud whacking thunderclap noise (Roadhouse), that's a special effect, in real life it doesn't make a loud whacking-crack noise when you hit someone in the face, it is more reminiscent of a soft, sloggy, squishy flump similar to hitting a pillow or a pudding. Also do you know when there is a night-time scene in the movies and you can see clearly what is going on, well in real life you would NOT really see that much detail via a camera thus in movies there is LOTS of artificial lighting for night-scenes thereby wrongly making the night-time scene very bright, look closely next time you are watching a night-time scene being filmed on a supposedly dark street or in a supposedly dark bedroom, and you will detect lots of artificial light (really bright). Seriously, don't believe what you see via the movies, the actors are merely acting, it is not real, characters in novels don't really exist.

Some other views of mine about future utopia focused on how some people want to work for ever. People are very odd if they worry life will be boring or purposeless when there are no jobs. Do people really need to fill their time with the drudgery of work to avoid their boring, purposeless minds? The reality of Post-Scarcity is anyone will easily be able to print, from easily accessible resources in their immediate vicinity, a fleet of intergalactic nanotech spaceships equipped with the latest super-human artificial intelligence, nanobots, and many other kinds of robots. If you are bored you can zoom off into Space to create a Jupiter-sized Space station. You will be able to create a planet or numerous planets identical to Earth, the future is far from boring.

Post-Scarcity means resources are limitless, which means everything is free, which means there is no need for any jobs, government, or economy due to total automation. Access to the limitless resources of Space, combined with ultra-efficient usage of resources, means everything will be free and limitless. It is all about technological progress accelerating. Instead of being boring we are approaching the most dramatic and explosive event in the history of life on Earth, very likely more dramatic than the entire history of the universe. People who want to work forever resemble Doozers from Fraggle Rock, note Episode 106: The Preachification of Convincing John where the Doozer became depressed when Fraggles stopped eating their buildings. Doozers want to work forever: "Unlike Fraggles, Doozers love to work all day long, and they hate playing games."

The Mechanical Philosophy of Time Travel

Anyway, the important part. Time freaking travel! I am running out of time. I briefly say the future is now (Moby). These words exist in the future, it always has been. I type these words and instantly the future changes. I create the future via these words thus I exist in the future, my will now is in the future.

Any changes a time-traveller makes to the past will not change their future, which means a time-traveller can do anything in the past without fear of altering the future, or more precisely the changes in the past the are all the time-traveller has even known despite the changes happening after the past has happened. If a time traveller does make changes in the past this means their future had always been altered according to the changes made before the changes were made. A time-traveller cannot harm their future but they can create benefit in the past in the same way anyone can create benefit in whatever present they are in. It is merely a matter of using your power in the present you are in to make the world a better place, which is easier to do if you are a futuristic time-traveller circa year 2014 because your power should be vastly greater than the people of this era. If a time-traveller from the future decides to apparently change something in the past they will find they have merely created the world they already knew before their supposed change, likewise if they make no changes, thus they have everything to gain and nothing to lose. This could seem paradoxical because their future existed before they travelled back in time to make the change, but this supposed pardoning can easily be explained via awareness of how a chain of events prior to their change has stretched from the past into their future-present, which may now be the past if they are here in the year 2014. The chain of events from the past compels you the time-traveller to act in a specific way, they or you are compelled to make the change, thus the change existed in the future before the change was apparently made because an unbreakable chain of actions preceding the change entailed the inevitability of the change being made. There was an unavoidable compulsion for the change to me made, thus long before it had supposedly happened it had already happened due the seeds in the past reaching forward compelling the time traveller to come back to make the change. The various causes and consequences stretched in the future demanding a futuristic time-traveller visits the past to makes changes according to my will, or the will of others. This is merely a matter of the past shaping the future. The entirety of the future is determined via the past. The subtle difference of the word persiflage or asseveration compared to other unused words will have profound ramifications in the manner of a butterfly flapping its wings, for the want of a nail.

Via sharply aware intelligence the chain of causes and consequences can be shaped in a specific way to make certain futuristic situations inevitable. This inevitability compels the time-traveller in the future to act according to this blog-post. The time-traveller cannot avoid making the changes because the traveller is wholly shaped by the past, in the way we all are, which is the only reason I am writing this. We are an unbroken chain of consequences compelled to do what previous generations wanted us to do. It is the collective human will where we are all connected in the shared desire for a better world. The issue with time-travel and intelligence (advanced technology), is the power to shape reality has reached a level of exceptional control thus the changes can seem to defy reality but this is not the case, it is merely a massive expansion of what humans have always done. We shape the future, we shape our future, via the knowledge of the past impacting upon our minds thereby determining our actions.

Imagine a ball dropped from a high building. The change made by a futuristic time-traveller in the past, circa year 2014, or any other year relating to this blog-post, it is merely a matter of the ball hitting the ground. I've dropped this blog-post to fall into the future thereby unavoidably altering events in a certain way. You see the ball coming and then you act. You hit the ground creating the ripples from the ball, ramifications, which I created by dropping the ball. Your actions are my actions controlled via these words reaching into the future. This blog-post dropped into the future means the time-traveller inevitably comes the era of the blog-post to examine this blog-post and myself then you the time traveller makes the changes to reality accordingly via your advanced technology. It is all a matter of will, or insanity. I act in a manner indicative of the changes being inevitable, in a manner of changes happening or already happened, because the change has already happened via this wilful blog-post changing the future in a specific way. I merely create a pocket in reality to guide your actions, the ripples of a ball dropped into your mind, thus you see your changes to my reality fit perfectly with my intentions or the intention of the future, or the past. Just in case it isn't clear I want you to help me win the lottery. Perhaps I will add more to this later.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Irrational Singularity Gods Torturing Humans

Gods at best are imaginary beings, delusions of primitive human intellect. Gods are thus unable to communicate rationally. Godly communication is merely a human delusion therefore the communication is irrational similar to all delusions. At worst Gods are irrational sadists, twisted psychopaths, who cruelly abuse humans.

In addition to the utterly heinous abuse of humans, Gods elusively refuse to communicate in a sensible manner. Whatever way you look at it, Gods certainly aren't a shining example of intelligence. Any rational person will conclude Gods don't exist but if you do conclude Gods exist then their maltreatment of humans isn't something to celebrate or emulate. Gods in all forms are nonsense.

I think it is very odd when some futurists say we are becoming Gods. Does this mean the Singularity will entail humans being tortured, killed in various horrific ways? The Godly view of the Singularity certainly doesn't appear intelligent from my viewpoint. Ultra-sophisticated-futuristic-science isn't God. Gods definitely are not an intelligence explosion. Jason Silva seems to be the worst God culprit.

Ray Kurzweil is another God fanatic. In the film Transcendent Man (2009), and other videos, Ray stated we will become God:

"Does God exist? Well, I would say: Not yet."

I think the Singularity God delusion arises because Vernor Vinge stated the Singularity will be unknowable, unfathomable. Robin Hanson criticised the flawed assumption of ignorance or hidden knowledge regarding the Singularity, in the book The Transhumanist Reader: Classical and Contemporary Essays on the Science, Technology, and Philosophy of the Human Future:

Ideas regarding in God will diminish as we approach the Singularity, but in the meantime we must suffer the idiocy.

Below is a video of Ray Kurzweil peaching his Singularity sermon. Ray's God-orientated understanding of the Singularity is depressingly flawed. If God is "loving" I certainly wouldn't like to see God expressing hate. Jeebus! Holy FSM! If there's an intelligent being behind the universe their "intelligence" is pitiful and their actions are exceedingly cruel. According to 33rd Square Ray said:

"What happens in evolution, entities like mammals and humans become more intelligent, more creative, more loving, and moving exponentially to become more God-like; never quite reaching God, but moving in that direction. So evolution is a spiritual process to bring us closer to God, and technological evolution is now running a million times faster than biological evolution and ultimately we will vastly ultimately trillions-fold expand our creativity and our sense of humor and our ability to love and will become more God-like."

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