Friday, 25 February 2011

Political Letter Writing Campaign

Singularity Positive Political Pressure

People should write to their Government, or politician/s of choice, asking them to do more to promote the Singularity. Increased "Singularity-awareness" can make the world a better place. This is only the beginning. This is an initial stage in the letter writing campaign. Once people start getting a few replies then we can take things to the next level and become more focused, more politicized. At the moment we are merely testing the water. At this stage I feel it is enough to merely broach the issue of the Singularity to see how politicians react; and then, once we have and idea of how politicians will react, we can formulate the next stage in this letter writing campaign. If you are unsure what you write please view the template letter.

The Singularity is a big issue consisting of various components such as AI, nanotechnology, biotechnology, robotics, and Stem Cells. All these various areas of science and technology will contribute towards human immortality. The Singularity will solve all problems. The Singularity will create utopia therefore we need bold legislation and strong funding supporting the relevant areas of science and technology. We need to see utopia sooner instead of later.


Describe the Singularity in basic terms (immortality, exponential intelligence growth, automation of all work by self sustaining robots, space colonization; the degree of focus is up to you) and ask the politician if they would be willing to do more to promote the Singularity, perhaps you could cite Watson as a common knowledge example of AI. If politicians actively promoted the Singularity this could increase investment in relevant areas of science and technology thus, due to greater investment, the Singularity could happen sooner instead of later. Ask your elected representative if they are aware of the Singularity.

WHY? Politicians shape the world and politicians are influenced by public opinion. If you write a letter you can help change Government policy. Politicians need to begin publicly mentioning the Singularity because by mentioning the Singularity at political levels this will increase support for the Singularity. Make your Government aware of the Singularity.

■ The Singularity is an incredibly important issue. Approximately 150,000 people die each day globally! Two thirds of that daily mortality rate (100,000) is due to old age (according to Aubrey de Grey - SENS) therefore the immortality induced by the Singularity makes the Singularity the most important issue if your purpose is to save lives. Politicians should be openly mentioning the Singularity.

■ Around 3 million people die every each month due to old age. THAT'S 36 MILLION people dying each YEAR due to old age. You may think the Singularity can be waited for in a casual manner but while you casually wait for immortality (sometime around the year 2045) please remember that each year 36 million people are dying due to old age, therefore perhaps it might be worthwhile writing to your Government or local politician to see if they can do more to promote the Singularity thereby hastening the arrival of immortality?

You can word your letter in any way you desire. The important thing is to raise awareness in political echelons therefore the more letters that are sent the more awareness will be raised. This letter writing campaign is decentralized: it is simply a matter of individuals writing letters. No donations are required. The only cost is a stamp, envelope, a sheet of paper, and a pen. If you can't afford a stamp, envelope, paper, and pen, you can easily send an email.

Each person can describe the Singularity in their own manner. The only criteria I suggest is that people ask their politicians or Government to do more to promote the Singularity. If politicians started openly mentioning the Singularity I think this would generate very stimulating public debate, but currently politicians need a little push in the right direction.


Direct action can change the world therefore this letter writing campaign was launched. The general public need to begin discussing the Singularity. The Singularity will radically transform the human race therefore it's an outrageous failing that so near to the Singularity there are so many people not yet aware of where science and technology are progressing to. In addition to increasing financial investment this letter writing campaign could bring hope to many people because mass public awareness of the Singularity could easily make the world a better place: the Singularity is a BRILLIANT event to look forward to. It's an extraordinary time of strangest and extremely powerful intellectual gravity. It's an intelligence explosion. #SPPP (Singularity Positive Political Pressure)

If you want your reply from a politician published on this blog, please note you'll need permission from the person who wrote the letter. Happily I will publish all replies if the author of the letter has granted permission. The copyright of letters remains with the author of the letter, therefore when you write your letter it would be a good idea to ask for permission to publish the reply on the internet.

Asking for permission to publish the reply could also induce the politician, or Governmental department, to give you a deeply considered response instead of dismissing the issues you raise. In addition to a copy of your letter I will also need a copy of the permission allowing publication of the letter. I wouldn't want this blog deleted due to copyright violations therefore permission to publish is essential. Email your submissions to Singularity Utopia.

You may also want to mention the Singularity Investigatory Committee in your letter.


The following quote from Time magazine is helpful:

"But Singularitarians share a worldview. They think in terms of deep time, they believe in the power of technology to shape history, they have little interest in the conventional wisdom about anything, and they cannot believe you're walking around living your life and watching TV as if the artificial-intelligence revolution were not about to erupt and change absolutely everything. They have no fear of sounding ridiculous; your ordinary citizen's distaste for apparently absurd ideas is just an example of irrational bias, and Singularitarians have no truck with irrationality. When you enter their mind-space you pass through an extreme gradient in worldview, a hard ontological shear that separates Singularitarians from the common run of humanity. Expect turbulence.",8599,2048138,00.html

A good starting point for Singularity-beginners is:
The Singularity Is Near by Ray Kurzweil

Write a letter to a politician.

Here's an example of the type of reply you could receive from a politician or Governmental department.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Extreme agony of living in the pre-Singularity era


People know me for the hope I present but many people do not realize my hope arises from deepest pain, absolute anguish, total despair. Utopia could easily be created but I fear humans are too stupid to want utopia therefore humans will probably need to be dragged kicking and screaming into utopia. If one billion hyper-smart nanobots were injected into the brain of a typical human I nevertheless fear the typical human would stubbornly continue to be stupid. Humans, it transpires, will cling to their stupidity with absolutely extreme tenacity.

One person actually stated: "Utopia would be hell. Luckily Utopia doesn't exist in our Universe." People often hassle me regarding the definition for utopia. CRYING OUT LOUD! It's utopia, it's obvious what it is. These people, really! Wasting my time and energy with their nonsense minds. Often people will try to inform me how my utopian views are mere wishful thinking, but such statements reveal blatant ignorance regarding social-dynamics, sociology, psychology. I'm perpetually trying to explain the nature of Self-Fulfilling Prophecy and other similar concepts but people fail to comprehend basic cause and consequence. Honestly, I'm not a fool, my ideas regarding utopia are not mere wishful thinking. My sociodynamic plans for utopia are rational, logical, and pragmatic. Sadly people never really think. You know, thinking?


The illusion of the internet, which leads me to believe I can change the world, thus I forgo eating and general-life-maintenance in a manic effort to communicate positive messages of hope; it's a nightmare.

I need "hope" so desperately, I need people to utilize their brains, I need people to cease their stupid small-minded negativity. My life depends upon "hope" but perhaps my communications are too tainted by despair. Do people see the irony when I proclaim utopia? Perhaps people do not see my irony because I do keep it relatively secret. Furthermore my pleas for utopia are not completely ironic. Despite my secret pessimism I do sincerely believe in the possibility of utopia. Despite my nearly overwhelming sense of futility I do believe life is not totally hopeless, but it is very close to being hopeless. People simply do not understand subtlety.

I've been trying to take a indefinite break from these Singularity issues since shortly before December 2010. All this networking is bad for my physical and mental health. I need to relax but I forgo eating and general maintenance of my life in an attempt to change the world. I feel these seeds must be sown now so I rush manically to change the world via inspiring people to LOVE THE FUTURE and to YEARN for utopia but too often I feel I am banging my head against a brick wall. One trans-humanist actually threatened to beat my face to a bloody pulp and a few other people have unfriended me and blocked me. People cause me the most extreme pain. The only way I've been able to cope with the intense agony they induce is because thankfully I do not need to actually face them. Thanks for the pixels.

Often I desperately need to eat food but I cannot eat because I must try to explain things to people. I probably would have received more support if I'd advocated dystopia. People are exceptionally devoid of imagination, vision, life, or passion. People thrive on negativity; they loath positivity. People deeply resent the idea of utopia being possible. People would prefer dystopia to arise. Thankfully I have nearly tied up all the lose ends and soon I will be able to retreat from this networking experiment. I give up.

I will include a picture to represent my PAIN.

The annoying miserable agony of tearful ineffectual nothingness. PAIN, unhappiness, suffering.



And when they've given you their all

Some stagger and fall, after all it's not easy

Banging your heart against some mad bugger's wall.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Valentine's Day Singularity Bomb Plot - 2011

Intellectual Love Bomb Detonation - Mind Blowing Strangeness.

This is not a bomb hoax. The Singularity Utopia group claims responsibility for this bombing. The primary neuronal explosion will occur at 20:45 hours (your local time) on 14th February 2011. Neurons will fire excitedly precisely at 20:45 hours (your local time) within the brain of anyone experiencing the explosion. A secondary detonation will occur during the first REM state (dreaming) subsequent to the primary impact at 20:45 hours on 14th February 2011.


Bomb Components:

1. Love-Bomb casing: The Future.
2. Timer: Singularity Awareness @ 20:45 hours (your local time).
3. 1st Primer-Detonator: Technology.
4. 2nd Primer-Detonator: Science.
5. Accelerant-Explosive Matter: Intelligence.

KABOOM - 20:45 hours, 14th February 2011 - TIME BOMB

This intelligence explosion on 14th February is a minor prelude to the Technological Singularity, which will occur sometime before year 2045. This intelligence explosion is utterly non-violent and non-destructive. This is a piece of existential art. This is a Merriest Bomb Plot by the Singularity Utopia group. This bombing will be an explosive neuronal party within your brain.

This explosion of awareness is an intellectual love bomb. It differs from typical destructive bombs because this Cerebral Love Bomb is highly creative. We are entering a new age where creativeness triumphs over destructiveness. The goal of this bomb is to ensure the largest amount of people possible feel their neurons firing excitedly due to the extreme power associated with contemplation of the Singularity. The bomb is inside your mind (explosive thoughts). The bomb entails powerful thinking @20:45 hours on V-Day.

► The timer is ticking. Utopia is coming.


Under no circumstances should this Love Bomb be mistaken for a real bomb. The message in this bomb is LOVE THE FUTURE. Fiction and art are being used regarding this Love Bomb to raise awareness regarding the Technological Singularity, which will happen by year 2045 at the latest. The Technological Singularity is a very real explosion of intelligence, and identical to this artistic Love Bomb the Singularity is utterly non-violent and non-destructive. Science and technology are advancing at an accelerating rate. This rapid acceleration of knowledge will culminate in an intelligence explosion, which will create utopia.

For more information about the Singularity visit:

KABOOM - 20:45 hours, 14th February 2011

View bomb diagram larger size.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Question for Ray. AI ethics: Expansion of Nuremberg Code and Anthropology.

Dear Ray Kurzweil,

Do you think the Nuremberg Code should be expanded to include human-level AIs? I think we need to begin thinking about the ethics of how we will interact with AIs. Anthropology needs to be expanded to include human-level AIs. What does Ray think?

I feel human-level AIs should be considered equal and comparable with human children. When AIs become sentient we will need to consider the feelings of AI; we will need to consider how AIs will be susceptible to pain and suffering .

Providing we create robots/AI in a loving manner similar to how responsible parents raise well-cared-for human-children then there is no danger. The only danger possible is if we see new intelligent life-forms as mere slaves, objects for use to abuse. If we don't show respect and compassion for the non-human children we are creating then there is a danger we will raise psychopaths. Our AI-children must be raised in a loving environment. Once a lifeform becomes sufficiently intelligent it must be treated with respect and compassion as a fellow being, a fellow citizen.

A while ago I read about a child (Sujit Kumar) raised as a chicken in a chicken coop amidst chickens, he was not anthropomorphized therefore he did not develop human characteristics, he developed chicken characteristics:

"The superintendent of the old people's home told Ms Clayton that when he was found, he would hop around like a chicken, peck at his food on the ground, perch and make a noise like the calling of a chicken. He preferred to roost than sleep in a bed."

If you constantly tell a child that the child is "this" or "that" then the child will be shaped accordingly. If you constantly tell an AI that the AI is "this" or "that" then the AI will develop accordingly. If you set no guidelines or standards for your child's development then it will be down to luck regarding how the child develops. Maybe one requirement for AI researchers is that they must have raised children before they can raise AIs?

We need a personal, intimate, loving, and emotional scientific approach to the science of AI.

When scientists write scientific papers or when they conduct research the scientist represses their emotions. In science a non-personal approach is favored, but the science of AI is different to other aspects of science because we are creating living, sentient, intelligent beings. We are creating being which will be capable of suffering. Repressed emotions can sometimes impact more powerfully on a persons actions because repressed emotions can seep out in an unaware neurotic manner. There is a very important issue here regarding how we relate to intelligent life. Is it really the correct method to relate to prospective intelligent in a manner devoid of personal bias? What type of child would be created if a man and a woman planned to conceive a child in an impersonal manner, devoid of personal bias? The lack of personal bias when creating intelligent life seems to be a recipe for creating a psychopath?

AI creations must be viewed in a similar manner to creation of human children. Once a certain level of intelligence is achieved the the issue of experiments must not be applied to AI. The Nuremberg Code and other rights should become relevant to AI when AI is sufficiently intelligent

AIs will need to be loved. The notion that we are creating mere machines must stop.

What we've traditionally called "machines" (mechanical clunking things) are becoming increasingly biological and humans are becoming increasingly mechanical. The division between humans and machines will become increasingly blurred. What is Anthropomorphism? Anthropomorphism is commonly defined as giving human characteristics to inanimate objects, but AI will not be a lifeless inanimate object. We relate to human children in an anthropological manner and likewise we must relate to AI. Anthropology must be expanded to include AI. If we fail to relate to human children in a loving anthropological manner there is a danger the human child will become alienated and disturbed.

An AI engineered to be without emotions could be deemed a lobotomized-human; lobotomized humans can function in a reduced capacity performing menial jobs but would it be ethical to create such creatures? Genetic engineering could enable us to create humans without emotions but would such experimentation be ethical? Personally I don't think intelligent beings could be engineered to be without emotions; idiot savants do have emotions, lobotomized humans are not completely emotionless, and psychopaths do have emotions but they are somewhat disconnected from their emotions thus I would say they are not fully intelligent (their intelligence is reduced). Psychopaths, in their emotional disconnection, reveal the potential dangers of creating so-called "intelligent" beings to be without emotions.

Science of Confidence. Psych Experiment.

Via reading this thesis you are participating in a psychological experiment in relation to the Technological Singularity. This experiment is designed to help you become extremely motivated regarding the creation of utopia. You will develop an unyielding desire to create utopia. Your actions to promote a utopian Singularity will be infused with totally unwavering endurance. This confidence thesis makes people passionately anticipate a perfect future. The following ideas create happiness and love regarding the future. The initial effect is subtle but with totally unstoppable power a forceful desire for utopia embeds itself within your mind.

Confidence is a psychological phenomenon. Confidence is a scientifically provable chemical and or physics based reaction in the brain. The human brain is scientifically capable of being confident.

Regarding the "science" of what issues we should be confident about, there is no established theory regarding the correct implementation of personal confidence. There is however highly compelling scientific evidence within the field of social-science (sociology, psychology) that confidence and expectations do have a tangible scientific impact upon the outcome of events, which has been extensively detailed in the Placebo Effect, Social Reflexivity, Hawthorne Effect (see also Observer expectancy), Positive Feedback, Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, Expectation (epistemic), Demand characteristics, and Participatory Action Research.

Science cannot tell us what to be confident about but science does state that confidence is an essential component of the human brain (lack of confidence can become a mental illness).

Science also states that confidence (more precisely our expectations, our biases) do have a provable and decisive impact upon the results of any endeavour.

When a person takes a placebo their health can improve merely because they are confident their health will improve. Improvement of health depends largely upon expectations. A recent study actually revealed how placebos work even if patients are aware they're only taking a sugar pill:


People can be biased about many things. People are also often unaware of their biases. Different scientists can interpret identical scientific results differently therefore I've recently been contemplating the whole issue of how science depends on the human brain. I've been contemplating the scientific proof regarding confidence.

Confidence can be described as a chemical or physics based reaction in the brain. Now if the entire nature of the human mind is unprovable in physics, and or chemistry, then the entirety of science is based on a fundamental flaw: the unprovable state of the human brain. My point is that if aspects of the human brain cannot be completely explained by science then our brains are substantially unknown mechanisms. This leads to the following question. Is it valid to prove anything via an unprovable, unscientific mechanism? Are our brains unscientific? If our brains are unscientific then the entirety of science is unscientific despite any contrary delusions. My point is that if the fundamental faculty of confidence cannot be completely proved, due to incomplete knowledge regarding the human brain, then all aspects of science are based on an imprecise mechanism.

My point is that if the mechanism (the brain) determining scientific results is a significantly unknown mechanism then scientific results could be skewed by factors in the evaluational mechanism (the brain) which scientists are unaware of. There may be unaware biases in the fundamental evaluation device (the brain) skewing the results of science thus all science is fundamentally unscientific.

I do not think science is unscientific. We do know sufficient information about the brain thus we can state the functions of the brain are sufficiently provable therefore science is not based upon a fundamental flaw. Regarding aspects of the brain we are unsure about there is enough scientific data to state with reasonable certainty that we are sure what is happening within our minds.

Confidence has scientifically been proved to be beneficial to humans. It's also been scientifically proven that confidence can exist within human minds. If the science of confidence is questionable then what would be the solution? Should scientists renounce confidence due to the potentially unscientific nature of confidence? I would respond to such a question by stating how confidence is similar to breathing. Science can explain breathing but you don't need a scientific theory to tell you why you should breathe. People instinctively want to breathe because they know breathing is good. People instinctively want to be confident because they know confidence is good.

Science is continually being refined therefore if there are any uncertainties regarding confidence I am confident these uncertainties will eventually be resolved in a way satisfactory to science. In the meantime we can be confident science is scientific and we can be confident regarding self-confidence being scientific. We can thus confidently state utopia is a certainty by 2045 at the latest because the science of our confidence guarantees utopia.
Your expectations regarding the outcome of any event do have a substantial impact upon your perception of reality (see also this BBC report).The human mind can distort our view of reality, which consequently alters our reactions and subsequent actions. Our actions alter reality. It is a Positive feedback, a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, a Placebo Effect. Our minds really do change the world.

The above video will help people understand the nature of Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, it also gives an insight into why I often use the colors red and pink (red subconsciously creates positivity). Furthermore I have today been computing on my massively-super-high-powered ultra-sophisticated analytical-engine how rapidly we are progressing towards utopia, and the great news is that we are progressing very quickly towards utopia.
If you look at how the mechanism of Positive Feedback works then Viral Videos give clear practical example of how expectations and desires (and the consequent behavior) will quickly cause something to snowball.
Awareness is the cornerstone, the keystone, the root of the action. Awareness is the cause of the chain-reaction, the positive feedback which can be seen in Viral Videos. People become aware of the video, then they watch it, then they share it, then more people do the same. Likewise people become aware of a utopian Singularity, which is due to occur by 2045 at the latest, then they investigate the information, then they share the information, then politicians and businesses begin reacting to public opinion.


My reference to the Placebo Effect is not a suggestion that the Placebo Effect can avert death, but the placebo effect can improve health. My point is that the Placebo Effect demonstrates how our minds can alter reality on a small level and when that small level combines collectively the consequence can lead to the positive feedback of a "bank run" or a "viral video" or a "stock market crash". If a positive feedback happened regarding people expecting a utopian Singularity then those utopian expectations would feed into scientists, technologists, businesses, and politicians. The actions of scientists, technologists, businesses, and politicians would then feedback into consumers, thus the general public would see that feedback as evidence of how we are moving towards utopia thus the general public would have greater expectations of utopia from the scientists, technologists, businesses, and politicians. This is how a runaway feedback loop ensues.

Ten million drops of rain can combine to create a flood.
Collective human expectations of utopia can combine in an information cascade or availability cascade to accelerate the rate of progress towards utopia
, but expectations of a utopian Singularity are not an irrational jumping on the bandwagon. Via self-determinism we see how utopia can easily be created via technology therefore we will rationally and pragmatically choose to apply our confidence thereby creating utopia.

The future is whatever you expect it to be. It can either be dystopia or utopia. The crucial point is that your expectations are the key, this is the key meaning of Expectation (epistemic). Expectations are pivotal. If you combine the concept of expectations with Self-Fulfilling Prophecy and then add a good dose of self-determinism you can easily create utopia. You can turn the world into anything you want it to be. I expect utopia although I realize I must battle against people who expect misery.

I suggest there is compelling scientific evidence demonstrating how mere confidence in a utopian Singularity will ensure the Singularity is actually utopian. We can make the Singularity happen sooner instead of later.


THIS INFORMATION CONTAINS 500 VERY BIG UTOPIA PILLS. Within each very big utopia pill there are 2 billion nano-syringes injecting confidence into your brain cells. These very sophisticated utopia pills are very expensive, they cost $10 million each to make due to the respected brand name. Consume this medicine: utopia is coming.
Large Red Utopia Pill. 1 of 500 very big UTOPIA PILLS.

This experiment can also be viewed and shared on Facebook.

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Singularity Utopia - good or bad?

Recently I've encountered a few critics regarding my attempts to raise Singularity awareness. I've been slanderously called a religious nut-job, evangelical, messianic, insane, douche bag, and an ass.

I've been informed my awareness-campaign will damage the Singularity. For the record I wish to point out I'm actually an atheist: I don't follow any religion and I don't advocate any following of religion. I view religions as being highly irrational. My focus is logic, science, rationality, technology, and awareness. I'm a sensitive and open-minded person thus due to the criticism I now feel slightly doubtful about how I'm raising awareness. Maybe I am doing something terribly and dangerously wrong? I admit when people insult me I am not the most diplomatic of people but prior to insults I am always courteous. I have therefore decided to create a poll to see what people actually think.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Living in a world of fools

People cause immense pain in my life; they really do.

On Facebook in a Singularity discussion someone called John G. wrote:

S.U., I sort of admire what I think you are trying to do, but you're the master of the bad impression... You can certainly still be very enthusiastic, but reign in the insane messianic stuff. lol

I replied:

Is it insane to have a brain 100, 200, 300, or 1000 times greater than our current brains? The intelligence explosion will lead to individual brainpower 10,000 times greater than our current brainpower (at least). Idiots could mistakenly deem such MASSIVE BRAINPOWER to be messianic. Idiots could also classify massive brainpower as insanity.

Extreme intelligence will not be insanity and neither will it be religion. If you see religion or insanity in any of my communications then I suggest your skewed/biased perceptions are causing you to misinterpret reality in accordance with your personal psychological flaws. EXTREME BRAINPOWER WILL APPEAR VERY USUAL INDEED (it may even seem like shouting). Some small-minded humans may even be frightened by AIs. Extreme intelligence will probably seem extremely weird for basic primitive humans. Humans have traditionally been very narrow-minded: humans have traditionally deemed lots of fee-thinking things weird or insane. For example witches have been burned and continue to be burned in some parts of the world.

During the Vietnam war the US Government tried to classify war protesters as insane and Russia has also applied the definition of insanity to dissidents. Like mice terrified by humans the unintelligent humans who are afraid of augmenting their minds will probably be very alarmed by highly advanced AIs.

Regrading the human race generally reacting badly to unusual things; whereby people who are not constrained by narrow-mindedness are deemed insane, homosexuality was once deemed a mental illness, and two men kissing in public could easily create a "bad impression" (as you put it). Even today two men kissing in public can create a "bad impression" so perhaps you would advise against men kissing each other in public? I am not constrained by narrow-minded views therefore I will happily kiss a person of my own gender in public, and likewise I will not constrain my vibrant intelligence because it may seem weird, insane, or because it may create a bad impression for stupid fools.

I could understand your criticism if I was doing something that is actually crazy such as murdering puppies on my website or if I was prattling on about God and religion, or if I was talking about voices in my head. If anything creates a BAD IMPRESSION (I am shouting here, I'm screaming down your dumb throat) it is illogical, irrational, slanderous, and unfounded smears which you are guilty of. People such as yourself cause me great pain indeed. Living in a world of fools is difficult.

It truly sickens me that people of low intelligence (narrow-minded fools) present themselves as supposedly staunch advocates of the Singularity.

Truly I am mystified regarding what some people expect the Singularity to be like. Perhaps they simply imagine Xbox games will be a bit more advanced (super-duper Xbox games) and maybe they imagine they will continue to watch Hollywood movies despite having a brain 10,000 times greater than our current brains? The future will be very uncanny, extremely weird, but such oddness is not insanity or religion.

Instead of talking about bad impressions which I have supposedly created I suggest you should deal with reality rather than fantasy. *If* any moron does have have bad impression regarding anything I say or do I will happily enlighten such arrant imbeciles.

The intelligence explosion (and events leading up to it) may appear more weird than a Black man voting or marrying a White woman during the height of Black Slavery. The Singularity is not actually weird or religious. The weird thing is the bigoted narrow-minded views some people have. It all depends upon your perspective, your bias.

Please try to be more enlightened in the future.

As a final addendum I want to state that yes the Singularity is singular (weird, uncanny, strange) but such weirdness should not be a reason for condemnation, chastisement, scorn, persecution, or derogatory slander. Life is weird but most people don't realize they are alive. Life will become weirder. Ideally we need to reevaluate the general concept of something being weird. "Weird" should be redefined as "wonderful ".

I personally see ordinariness as being bad-weirdness; whereas "the extraordinary" is something wonderful, which we should embrace and cultivate. Life should always be wonderful. Thankfully the Singularity will be very wonderful indeed.

I am in incredible pain. It is agony existing in this pre-Singularity era, thus I finish my latest blog post, for posterity.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Singulaity Utopia TIMELINE


■ 2020 - 2025: stem cells (and related curative-regeneration therapies) have become commonplace for repairing damage to our bodies. Liver disease, heart disease, cancer, blindness, brain damage, blindness, quadriplegia, etc can easily be rectified via using the patient's own cells. Medical expertise has advanced dramatically. Death rates are sharply decreasing; only the most seriously ill people are dying.

■ 2025 (or earlier): supercomputers will be the size of a sugar-cube or possibly smaller. Quantum computers, bio-computers, or other advanced types of computer will be commonplace and high-quality.

■ 2033 (or earlier): humans and technology will merge almost indistinguishably. We will have, if we choose to, bio-computers and nanobots in our bodies to maintain our health and help us communicate, which will allow high quality virtual reality to be possible.

■ 2035 (or earlier): Molecular Nanotechnology will have been perfected. Almost everybody will acquire personal nano-factories in their homes. People will grow or print food in their own homes. The first human-level AI will have been born. Robots are commonplace throughout the world. Synthetic Life and bio-tech have become very powerful factors for improving the world. Money is being abolished, everything is becoming free, Governments are ceasing to exist, crime is ceasing to exist. Free food, water, energy etc (basic needs) are becoming available worldwide. The process of everything becoming free and Governments ceasing to exist will be complete by 2038.

■ 2040 (or earlier): Human Level AIs have become commonplace throughout the world. All the benefits of science technology are available to everyone. Humans and AI are merging (for those who want to) and intelligence is beginning to increase dramatically due to neural augmentation. People can upload their minds into cyberspace if they want to. The human race is diverging into numerous different strands. Evolution is exploding rapidly (biotech, transgenic, DNA manipulation of humans and animals is widespread and dramatic). The population of people living in outer-space is equal to, or greater than, the population living on Earth. People can easily build their own spaceships for space colonization and exploration. Cryonically suspended frozen people have been reanimated.

■ 2045: utopia has occurred. Nobody needs to suffer. All desires can be fulfilled. Sentient beings are all powerful. We control our minds, bodies, and reality with ultimate skill. New dimensions are being explored and created. New universes are being explored and created. Reality has become very strange, very fascinating, very malleable. We are entering the realm of TOTAL INTELLIGENCE.

Singularity Utopia

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Love Technology

The Singularity is a massive focal point of ultimate power. Visualize extremely serious gravity. Imagine enormous energy. This is highly explosive intelligence. It’s absolutely phenomenal. The Singularity is an Extraordinary point of no return regarding technological-evolution where everything changes. The Singularity is total transformation. By year 2045 (at the latest) technology will create utopia. The Singularity is utopia. Intelligence will accelerate extremely rapidly towards a tremendous explosion of wisdom. This intelligence-explosion will radically reshape all life. Prior to year 2045 each year will be better than the previous year. The Singularity is absolutely flawless utopia.

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