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► Biometrics and Distrust of Government

THE PROBLEM IS GOVERNMENTS. They should have less power over people, not more. We must restrict the information Governments collate about people.


Governments are corrupt therefore we must retain as much privacy from Governments as possible. Time and time again Governments demonstrate how they are willing to commit atrocities in the name of peace, freedom, democracy, and security. Governments cannot be trusted. In the future it will be possible to design bio-weapons to only target racial groups; it will even be possible to only target cultural groups with bio-weapons. Electronic noses will be able to sniff out racial groups and cultural groups. We must make it as difficult as possible for governments to commit atrocities. Slavery, oppression, state-sanctioned murder etc are all easier if a Government has more information about its targets.


We are so near and yet so far. Yes this is a pivotal point in history (first quarter of 21st century) but the question is which way will it swing/pivot. I'm VERY aware of Post-Scarcity but governments seem blissfully unaware, and due to the insanity of Governance politicians could resist Post-Scarcity. The horrors of capitalism could be perpetuated by insane people simply because they are insane despite the fact that utopia is possible. Governments are insane and dangerous.


Privacy is the restriction of information from enemies/hostiles. Between family and friends there is little need for privacy because they are trusted. In the future we will become information. Our information is our identity. When other people control aspects of your identity they control aspects of you. Do you trust your Government?

Governments are only necessary in situations of scarcity.

Governments manage scarcity; they manage the problems arising from scarcity. Governments are only people therefore the problem is people: people are the problem. The problem with people is that they lack sufficient intelligence to organise a sane, rational, fair, positive, healthy, beneficial, intelligent civilisation.

Capitalism exacerbates this human lack of intelligence because wealth-inequality depends upon excessively stupid people (more stupid than typical) to accept low wages.

  • Capitalism seeks to create masses of stupid people (blissfully unaware people) who will happily accept lower wages.

CEOs, directors, Leaders etc receive gargantuan wages while the Masses receive very small wages therefore a lack of intelligence is essential so that the Masses do not question this disparity of wealth. Culture (entertainment) is designed to be mind-numbing for the Masses: the masses are indoctrinated into a state of thoughtless passivity where they apathetically fail to question authority: logical thought is obviated because logical thought is dangerous.

Culture is one aspect of how stupidity is manufactured. Every aspect of capitalist civilisation is designed to promote stupidity for the Masses. A classic example of a scarcity-based civilisation wanting to consolidate power, via prohibiting logical thought, is the Catholic Church Galileo Affair. The church via prohibiting logical thought keeps the Masses in a state of sheep-like ignorance (unused brainpower), thus the Church maintains power. Money is power therefore a capitalist civilisation naturally prohibits power for the Masses because power is scare. Scarcity is the essence of greed.

All people are essentially of low-intellect; the human race has limited intelligence, therefore anarchy will most likely be equally problematic comparable to current problematic governance. On reflection I think anarchy would preferable to governance because if laws were abolished we could carry guns and shoot criminals, whereas when Governments exist we are prohibited from defending ourselves and criminals often escape punishment (the police merely pick up the pieces after the crime). Governments dis-empower people whereas anarchy would empower people. However, after stating the possible benefits of anarchy, I think for the sake of stability we should continue with the current system but the current system needs to change. The major factor of change will revolve around greater awareness of Post-Scarcity.

In our world of scarcity there are three interrelated factors regarding scarcity:

  1. Power

  2. Money

  3. Intelligence

These three factors are currently scarce. Money, power, intelligence are only available in large amounts for a minority of people. The majority of people have an insufficient amount of money, power, and intelligence. In a world of Post-Scarcity everything will be free, everyone will be supremely powerful, and everyone will be supremely intelligent. Politics, politicians, and corruption will be obsolete in a Post-Scarcity world. In the future everyone will have sufficient brainpower to be their own supremely powerful State, and there will be no wars because there will be no scarcity of resources to fight over. Intelligence solves everything.

The solution is to work upon creating Advanced Artificial Intelligence and human-intelligence-augmentation. The solution is also to focus on creating a Post-Scarcity civilisation. Prior to Post-Scarcity simply awareness of Post-Scarcity will be awesomely beneficial regarding Government and business policies.

Businesses, politicians, institutions, Governments, and people need to become aware of Post-Scarcity and thereby modify their current scarcity-based behaviour.

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