Monday, 29 August 2011

How Google Destroyed Cyberspace.

Google has ruined the internet, or more precisely the birth of Google+ provides seeds of destruction for the internet. Very possibly people from the future will look back to this point in time and they will see how the fascist user-name policy of Google+ provided the model of all social networking. Thankfully we can change the future before disaster happens. We can make a difference. In the name of freedom we must change the evil user-name policy which Google+ is forcing on us. Don't let Google create an oppressive (authoritarian) dystopia.

Cyber Führer Eric Schmidt recently stated Google+ is not principally a social network. Eric states Google+ is principally an identity service. Eric suggests if people want to retain their privacy and freedom then they shouldn't participate in Google+. An "identity service" sounds more reminiscent of the CIA than a typical internet business.

If other companies follow Google's example then privacy and freedom on the internet will be abolished. When Führer Schmidt says we should refrain from participating in Google+, if we don't like it, he's effectively saying is the internet is dead and people should cease using the internet if they want freedom and privacy.

Admittedly Facebook already had a wallet-name (Government authorised name) policy for users, but Google's reach is much bigger and more powerful than Facebook therefore this problem is too big to ignore. Facebook could be ignored when they were in the minority, but now a trend is appearing with Google requesting wallet-names for users therefore this problem must be resolved. Think about how powerful Google is, what search engine do you use? Think about how our freedom is threatened. The behaviour of Google reminds me of how drug dealers give away free drugs to users but when users are hooked the dealer then begins exploiting users via increasing prices. In the case of Google the exploitation is the abolition of freedom. Google is now clearly entering the stage where users are harshly exploited.

Google has attempted to justify it's user-name policy via spouting nonsensical bull manure about bogus intentions to mimic the “real world”. Within the virtual world of cyberspace real life is impossible. The virtual world is virtual reality therefore our existence is a virtual existence. Google is wrong from whatever angle we look at this issue because everyone also knows in "real-life" people aren't compelled to divulge their names when they talk publicly with friends or strangers. Everyone knows in the real world people are not compelled to publicly display their full name, for the entire world, in a searchable database, merely because we want to communicate socially. It's therefore clear Google+ does not mimic real-life social-communication, unless perhaps Google is based upon the authoritarian regimes of China, Iran, or North Korea where identity papers must be presented to tyrannical police officers. Google also states wallet-name communication is safer, more secure, which is a common justification utilized by dictators when they abolish freedom. What's the point of being safe if we are slaves. Safety and security without freedom is very dangerous, very insecure.

Google is virtually whipping users who refuse to use their wallet-names.

The following video is regarding the TV Mini Series "Roots", it is based on the novel "Roots: The Saga of an American Family". The video clip has been used extensively in the NymWars, by various NymWarriors regarding the importance of having the freedom to choose your own name, but YouTube unjustly censored the first video clip. YouTube (Google) falsely justified the censorship by stating the clip contained sexual content or nudity, but there is no nudity or sexual content in the video clip. The slave (Kunta Kinte/Kentei) is wearing trousers and the context of the whipping is absolutely not sexual. A man with a bare torso does not constitute nudity, which many prime time adverts and music videos prove when they are broadcast without any restriction. The video contains fictional violence of a type commonly aired on television without restriction. Is Google attempting to silence the NymWarriors via censorship of the tools we use to communicate? New video clip:

The so-called real-life authenticity Google is heading towards is very real fascism. I believe Google wants to abolish freedom and creativity. If you think “abolish” is too strong a word then Google definitely wants to severely restrict freedom to ineffectual enclaves where communication with the majority of Netizens is prohibited. Our freedom and creativity are being attacked.

Thankfully many people have seen the seriousness of Google's attack on our freedom, but sadly many people remain unaware of the dangers we are facing. Hopefully we can change the future via changing the present thus we can ensure Google doesn't destroy the internet.

This issue needs to become massive. We need to start boycotting Google. Delete your cookies, don't click on adverts, try to avoid using Google. Reminiscent of a Vampire, Google is voraciously feeding on our information. Google feeds on our usage of its services therefore we must limit the amount of information we give Google. Set your privacy levels high. Use non-Google services more often.

Firefox users can quickly delete cookies via pressing SHIFT CTRL DELETE. There are also many Firefox addons for quickly deleting cookies. Don't let Google track you via their evil cookies. Firefox has an great selection of Addons such as Better Privacy and Adblock Plus.

If you are using the Chrome browser STOP NOW. Use Firefox instead.

Google TV could easily destroy internet freedom.

Firefox is good. Sadly, without doubt, Google is evil. Consider  Google TV. I wonder what browser people will be able to use with Google TV? There will probably be no alternate browser choices with Google TV. Sadly I suspect Google TV will be a move away from internet customisation tools, which are possible when people use a PC with a browser of their own choosing. Google doesn't want people customising their computers to block adverts or tracking cookies. Google TV will very probably not make it easy for users to protect their privacy. With Google TV it will probably be very difficult or perhaps impossible for users to delete tracking cookies. Google is clearly anti-freedom. Google is anti-choice. The dangers of a Google operating system or browser are very clear according to Rainyday Superstar.

I will soon post a follow up to this blog-post with very detailed examples-evidence of Google's evil practices regarding user-name tyranny. Stay tuned. The #NymWars have begun. We will not be defeated by #PlusGate.

Disclaimer: the views in this blog-post are my personal views. In the absence of substantiation for my allegations, those allegations must be deemed sincerely held feelings of Singularity Utopia and nothing more. There is no intention to defame Google. I am merely practicing my right to free expression (free speech) which is protected via the First Amendment to the US Constitution, and is protected via Human Rights Laws in the EU.

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