Saturday, 24 August 2013

Singularity 2045 on Google Plus

The Singularity 2045 Google Plus page is growing well, although I think there should be at least two million followers by now, or perhaps I am merely being too optimistic. Currently 20,100 people have the page in the circles but that figure is slowly dropping because for a while it appears Google was plugging the page to people who are not avid Singularity followers thus they are removing the page from their circles.

Anyway I am looking forward to when G+ makes embeddable posts possible, which will allow me to post a round-up of the best Singularity 2045 posts. In the meantime here is an embedded Facebook post of a G+ post, convoluted yes? I will also include the video mentioned in this post regarding whether or not Google is knowledge, and here is some more info, a slightly different angle, regarding the Facebook IBM post below.

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