Wednesday, 2 October 2013

#RBE Errors - Scarcity Post-Scarcity Viewpoints

As you may know, or not, I disagree with the term RBE because I think the way the system is currently set-up is a reasonably correct representation based on scarcity. The point is, despite greater abundance, scarcity does persist, although there is the fallacy, committed by some people, which states we are now living in a Post-Scarcity age.

The world is incredibly horrific if you are poor, which I am. This horror of poverty means people in positions of power are unwilling to sacrifice their position where they control the largest amount of sacrce resources. It's a realization that 99% percent of people, if they were in the position of the 1%, would behave in the exact same manner as the current 1%.

The solution is therefore to end scarcity instead of idealistically appealing to the better nature of leaders. Appeals to leaders are delusional, or at best misguided, it is contrary to the reality of scarcity. The leaders are merely victims of scarcity, fighting to survive they are controlled by the fear, the fear of suffering greater scarcity, although they don't suffer in the way poor people do. To end scarcity technology needs to significantly improve thus massive investment in sci-tech is needed, which is doable because leaders can usually see how science and technology are profitable.

There is a possibility #BasicIncome could be implemented now, but there is a lot of fear regarding scarcity within the minds of leaders thus they are unlikely to implement basic income for a few years at least; they are afraid of scarcity thus they cling to wealth. Awareness of how technology is progressing, of how it will progress, this could help people accept Basic Income is doable now as a valid Post-Scarcity precursor, but the confusion of stating Post-Scarcity already exists, when it clearly doesn't, this means people fear any sociological progress towards a Post-Scarcity society is a scam by anarchistic usurpers of power.

There is an event on G+ to discuss RBE on 31st October 2013. Outreach: Strategies to share R.B.E. concepts.

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