Monday, 13 January 2014

Irrational Singularity Gods Torturing Humans

Gods at best are imaginary beings, delusions of primitive human intellect. Gods are thus unable to communicate rationally. Godly communication is merely a human delusion therefore the communication is irrational similar to all delusions. At worst Gods are irrational sadists, twisted psychopaths, who cruelly abuse humans.

In addition to the utterly heinous abuse of humans, Gods elusively refuse to communicate in a sensible manner. Whatever way you look at it, Gods certainly aren't a shining example of intelligence. Any rational person will conclude Gods don't exist but if you do conclude Gods exist then their maltreatment of humans isn't something to celebrate or emulate. Gods in all forms are nonsense.

I think it is very odd when some futurists say we are becoming Gods. Does this mean the Singularity will entail humans being tortured, killed in various horrific ways? The Godly view of the Singularity certainly doesn't appear intelligent from my viewpoint. Ultra-sophisticated-futuristic-science isn't God. Gods definitely are not an intelligence explosion. Jason Silva seems to be the worst God culprit.

Ray Kurzweil is another God fanatic. In the film Transcendent Man (2009), and other videos, Ray stated we will become God:

"Does God exist? Well, I would say: Not yet."

I think the Singularity God delusion arises because Vernor Vinge stated the Singularity will be unknowable, unfathomable. Robin Hanson criticised the flawed assumption of ignorance or hidden knowledge regarding the Singularity, in the book The Transhumanist Reader: Classical and Contemporary Essays on the Science, Technology, and Philosophy of the Human Future:

Ideas regarding in God will diminish as we approach the Singularity, but in the meantime we must suffer the idiocy.

Below is a video of Ray Kurzweil peaching his Singularity sermon. Ray's God-orientated understanding of the Singularity is depressingly flawed. If God is "loving" I certainly wouldn't like to see God expressing hate. Jeebus! Holy FSM! If there's an intelligent being behind the universe their "intelligence" is pitiful and their actions are exceedingly cruel. According to 33rd Square Ray said:

"What happens in evolution, entities like mammals and humans become more intelligent, more creative, more loving, and moving exponentially to become more God-like; never quite reaching God, but moving in that direction. So evolution is a spiritual process to bring us closer to God, and technological evolution is now running a million times faster than biological evolution and ultimately we will vastly ultimately trillions-fold expand our creativity and our sense of humor and our ability to love and will become more God-like."

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