Saturday, 22 March 2014

Singularity 2045 on G+ March 2014

I recently selected the vanity URL for Singularity 2045 on Google. The short link is now instead of the previous long ID number (112564607617850290297), but URLs with the long ID will continue to function.

The amount of people following the G+ page is growing steadily, in general, but a lot more people seem to have +1ed the page instead of having the page in their circles. The figures for 22nd March 2014 are 31,193 +1s and 19,785 people have the page in their circles.

I really like the way some posts on G+ now display a bigger image from linked articles instead of the small thumbnail. The cover image for S45 has also been updated. Here are a few recent S45 posts:

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