Monday, 5 May 2014

#BasicIncome Badge Nearly Done

This basic income badge is close to being complete. I am impressed by it. I hope you too share my enthusiasm for it.

The link to share regarding the badge code is not correct yet.

The large "basic" word opens five mainstream news articles, what do you think about that? Is it too much of an imposition to open five links simultaneously? I have included a title tag warning of the five links, but not everyone sees title tags.

The top "support" will link to a basic income poster.

The social buttons are self-explanatory. The only question with the social buttons is should the Facebook buttons be on the prime badge or the "addthis" button? I will include the code for both so people can switch this around to theri desires but I wonder what to start on, currently I think the Facebook buttons should be uses instead of addthis.

The only other question is background color, is orange OK? I think the problems regarding mobile-cell viewing have been fixed. Tweet your feedback or mention me on G+.



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