Sunday, 29 March 2015

Good Intentions

Any system dependent in good intentions is lacking in abundance... the abundance is insufficient. Good intentions cannot be depended on. If we needed to depend on good indentions regarding being able to breathe air then I am sure every gulp or air would cost one cent perhaps, which means hundreds of thousands would suffocate each day. Thankfully being able to breathe does not depend on good intentions.

Food, healthcare, education, shelter, and all other needs must be of at least equal abundance to air... we need extreme resilience, which means we need much better technology.

This doesn't mean good intentions have no validity, but it does mean the core power, our core focus, should be on creating better technology, or on making people aware the better technology is coming to render the need for good intentions obsolete; thus perhaps people can change their intentions now, they can have good intentions now. It might be easier for them to have good intentions, based on the coming total resilience.

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