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Defining Intelligence

I define intelligence generally as purpose, but purpose is open to interpretation dependent on your purpose. Awareness, sentience, and perspicaciousness are factors determining higher or lower purpose, but these traits vary between individuals thus people can be unsure what they mean.

Being happy is a good purpose but again happiness is relative dependent upon individual perception, which means an unintelligent person, a person with bad or misguided purposes, could think happiness entails killing people.

Reasoning, the ability to understand causes-consequences-ramifications, is a good way to define intelligence, within the context of how the reasoning is applied, the purpose of it. Instead of reasoning you could call it awareness.

Awareness from my viewpoint means having a clear understanding of limitations, for the purpose of creating happiness, thereby ensuring you create devices to overcome your limitations, which ensures your happiness.

It is intelligent to become more intelligent. Intelligence is self-improvement. Intelligence is power within the context of being able to understand the word "power" regarding all the ramifications power entails.

Now within the context of what I have written you can condense the meaning of intelligence down to the words: purpose, control, power, awareness, perception, sentience, reasoning, happiness.

Possession of a complex brain where introspection and reasoning are possible, regarding a self-aware life-form, is a good way to define intelligence. Ending suffering, living forever, powerfully, freely, beyond the limitations of scarcity, within the context of deep self-awareness, entailing immense rationality, is the best way to define highest intelligence.

Intelligence is technological utopia or the creation of it. Technology is a good way to define intelligence. Greater technology means greater intelligence. Intelligence increases relative to the actualisation, or reality, of utopia. If we are very far aware from utopia, while doing absolutely nothing to actualise it, we are very unintelligent. Progressing towards utopia is intelligent, it is the definition of intelligence.

Greater proximity to the actualisation of utopia state entails greater proximity to greater intelligence. The more our purpose correlates with achieving the utopian purpose the more intelligent we are.

For me the link between intelligence and technology is indistinguishable. No intelligence means no technology. If there is no technology there is no intelligence.

Does this mean animals without technology are unintelligent? Yes animals without technology, for example dolphins, are unintelligent. All animals have a measure of intelligence, but the issue here is significant intelligence. Every brain has a level of intelligence, but deficient technology regarding animals means their absent technological civilization renders them essentially unintelligent.

The intelligence of weak-AI is not intelligent, which means we are considering significant intelligence where a threshold is passed entailing high reasoning, self-awareness, high purpose.

Weak-AI, dogs, ants, or dolphins all posses the foundations of intelligence but they are not intelligent. They lack worthwhile purpose, they lack significant technology. Their intelligence is insignificant, they are essentially unintelligent, their minds have no value, no merit. The issue is significant intelligence worthy of definition. Technology is very significant.

Highly refined sensibilities are vital. Deepest consciousness, potent awareness, incisive perception, dazzling perspicaciousness, and indomitable rationality are all essential.

It is all about utilizing our brains to reduce scarcity. I suppose it is more accurate to say technology reduces scarcity, but for me it seems clearer to state intelligence reduces scarcity because intelligence, brainpower, it is the seed of technology. It is all about value, meaning, worth, purpose, definition.

We increase our efficiency. Limitations are overcome. Technology increases thus scarcity is reduced.

A rock without human intervention is not technology, it is dumb matter. Human ingenuity can chisel the rock into arrowheads, axe heads, or home building material. The rock then becomes technology, it is an aspect of our intelligence, it has value. From the Stone-Age our intelligence (technology) has improved.

Words resemble rocks, we can reshape them. Some sentences are smarter than others. Some paragraphs are very intelligent; they are great technological tools. What are we really looking at regarding words. Light? Glass? Silicon dioxide? Matter? Electricity? Defining, reshaping, or clarifying are vital aspects of technology, language, intelligence.

It is all about perfection. Perfect and utopia are two very valuable words. The whole purpose of words and consciousness is assigning value; thus the highest value, the greatest perfection, should be valued highly. Intelligence is value, importance.

Utopia and perfect are two words I value highly despite not everyone agreeing what perfection is. The battle of values is the battle of intelligence, which should entail the best values winning through. We will continue to evolve, our intelligence and standards will grow towards utopia.

Utopia (super-intelligence, the Singularity) is a state of existence, a point of achievement, a perfect civilization, a situation where everyone is happy, it is a system of total competence, total power, total automation, total freedom.

Consider the details regarding the ultimate reduction of scarcity. Post-Scarcity (Singularity, utopia) entails medical immortality, all jobs automated thereby making everything free regarding access to limitless resources (nobody will need to work). Imagine all crime and wars ended, all governments obsolete. This purpose is extremely intelligent.

Utopia is a situation where all the pressures are off, a point where we can rest on our laurels while the love of life deepens. It is about everyone being perfectly happy, similar to a perfect romance, which requires a large amount of intelligence to implement it for everybody. 

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