Friday, 21 August 2015

Beyond Scarcity Financial Times Links

I have not checked out all these FT article, which I found on the FT site listed under "beyond scarcity," but it seems a good list, at a glance, so I'm sharing it.

My initial focus was "Productivity polarisation in our ‘Modern Times’ (number 26)." The article stated: "Note with particular attention that last policy recommendation: a basic income for one and all to help society adjust to the new hyper technological environment, in a way that encourages competition and productivity in laggard firms, and dilutes the power of the winner-takes-all corporates."

Number 20 looks potentially good too. I have previously posted, on G+ (and elsewhere perhaps), about humans being Doozers when they mindlessly say they need jobs regardless of jobs actually needing to be done.

If you can't access the links try

  1. The parable of water
  2. The end of artificial scarcity
  3. Redefining labour
  4. Beyond GDP and the rise of the non-monetised economy
  5. Robots, China and demographics
  6. The evolution of luxury markets
  7. Counterintuitive insights that are only now making the mainstream now
  8. Time to take basic income seriously?
  9. On what really is different this time around
  10. Inflationistas and the global supply shock
  11. The SME demand-side problem
  12. What is the value of unique?
  13. World War Zirp
  14. Sugar as the new tobacco?
  15. Where art thou inflation?
  16. Google, defender of the universe
  17. The gamification of the economy: creating rivalry where there is none
  18. Behold the new, new economy?
  19. Information asymmetry, bad incentives and Taibbi
  20. Larry Summers on forwarding the Doozer economy
  21. Let there be bubbles!
  22. Secular stagnation and the paradox of worth
  23. The new Hanseatica, now with robot dogs
  24. L'embarras de richesses, crude oil edition
  25. Disrupting FREEDOM!
  26. Productivity polarisation in our 'Modern Times'

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