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► Notes regarding forthcoming critique of Less Wrong / Overcoming bias

Here are some more notes:

Thanks Richard Loosemore, regarding the SL4 route to contact Eliezer, that's exactly the info I needed.

John Grigg, you say I may not be allowed to stay long on the SL4 list? Why is this, are Singularitarians an intolerant group leaning towards fascism?

Spike, you say Eliezer's theme was: "The singularity is coming regardless. Let us work to make it a positive thing."... and you say: "My constructive criticism of your earlier posts was that your theme is: the singularity will be a positive thing regardless."

Yes it is my intention to make the Singularity a positive thing regardless. I say the Singularity will be a positive thing regardless of what anyone else says because, and this is the important bit, the power of my expectations positively manifested WILL create utopia. It is all about my determination, self-belief, the power of expectations, self-confidence, confidence in my abilities. You may think my confidence is blind, misguided, or foolishly overconfident but I assure you I will create utopia even if I have to do it all on my own, battling against a legion of pessimists. In a sane world I cannot see why Eliezer would think my attitude would be annoying or dangerous, but the world is insane therefore irrational responses to my views are likely.

I actually think people who are overly-obsessed with friendly AI are very dangerous due to their misguided attempts to attain rationality and "overcome bias". My following webpage regarding the dangerous nature of people obsessed with friendly-AI could possibly enlighten you:

Spike you say: "The singularity is not necessarily a good thing, but we know that a no-singularity future is a bad thing."

I assure you the Singularity WILL absolutely without doubt be a good thing but this will not be through my inaction, it will because the power of my intellect positively manifested has made the Singularity a good thing. I will utilize a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, which I have previously mentioned. Furthermore a negative intelligence explosion would be oxymoronic-intelligence. Intelligence will be "intelligent" therefore the explosion will be utopian if truly intelligent people define "intelligence". The problem with some people who think they are intelligent is that they are misguided about the definition of intelligence, they are actually rather stupid.

I will utilize the concept of self-fulfilling prophecy to create utopia. There is no need to doubt the future. Utopia is coming. Rest assured you can expect utopia. I encourage you all to put in the extra effort to make it happen sooner instead of later. I am the Singularity! I am utopia.

Regarding the fallacy of "Overcoming Bias" I will soon publish a rebuttal on my blogs. The desire to overcome bias is in itself a bias but such pseudo-rational people (bias-fascsits) are unaware of their bias due to the fact they are "bias-deniers" (bias-fascists): they are overcoming bias thus they are creating a blind-spot regarding their bias. Bias cannot be overcome, but if you try to overcome it you will decrease your self-awareness.

Here is my forthcoming blog (in progress) regarding "the Bias of overcoming Bias":

The major bias plaguing so-called rationalists is their glaring blind-spot regarding the power of Self-fulfilling Prophecy.

Contrary to their biased assertions (that bias should be overcome), I state bias is a fundamental part of human consciousness. Bias should be utilized constructively, it should be not transcended. Self-fulfilling Prophecy is a preeminent usage of bias. The solution is to be highly aware. To transcend bias is tantamount to lobotomizing the mind. Bias is the heart of evaluation, judgment, existence. We are biased regarding pain and pleasure for example. If we were not biased regarding pain and pleasure we would be mindless robots. Do Transhumanists seek the evolution of the human organism to a point where we are stoical machines indifferent to emotions?

Wishful-thinking, positive-thinking, and overconfidence can be very effective when applied via keen intellect. Sadly the so-called "rationalist-less-wrong" movement (overcoming bias) and similar Transhuman-futurist-cliques are deficient in intellect. Furthermore they are unaware of their intellectual deficiencies due to their bias; they are biased about bias thus they want to overcome it, but they are unaware of their bias. is good example of flawed thinking.

Sadly I suspect the proponents of overcoming bias and other similar endeavours will be negatively-biased regarding my contributions?


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Here is an article I wrote about subjectivity/objectivity a while ago:


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