Friday, 19 November 2010

Post Scarcity summary

Here are two recent comments, which I made in a biometrics debate. I feel people find the concept of Post-Scarcity difficult to grasp therefore this latest summary will hopefully help; I feel I am beginning to concisely express the essence of the issue.


It's been said before and I'll say it again. The main problem is lack of trust. Lack of trust is particularly a problem regarding Governments. If we could trust Governments and if we could trust people in our communities then we would have little need for privacy. Our world of scarcity-economics is the root of distrust because we fight over resources therefore we need to protect ourselves in many ways from a hostile world. Scarcity creates hostility and this is the root need for privacy. Privacy is protection, it is a defence... we need to put up barriers, lock our homes, lock our cars, password protect everything, and guard our identities. Highly advanced technology will create Post-Scarcity within 35 years. We should focus on the positive aspects of technology. We should focus on creating Post-Scarcity because this is the only way to truly solve the privacy issue.


In situations of scarcity people with more power will exploit those with lesser power. The exploitation is undignified, it is cruel. The upper class, the aristocracy, the rich class, the bankers, CEOs and politicians all perpetuate capitalist exploitation because they are unaware of how a Post-Scarcity civilization will soon be created. The exploitation continues because resources are scarce therefore the people in power cling to their wealth.

People who are exploited suffer a blow to their dignity but the most brutally oppressed people can retain dignity despite existing in undignified circumstances Personal dignity (self respect, worthiness) ultimately depends upon abolition of scarcity because it is only via abolishing scarcity that the need to exploit fellow humans will disappear. Yes the war on Scarcity is the final war. Government monitoring, questions about privacy and dignity, will become irrelevant, archaic, obsolete, reminiscent of stone-tipped spears, cave paintings, woolly mammoths, sabre toothed tigers, or ritual sacrifices. Our culture is deeply based on scarcity therefore we rarely consider the deeply entrenched hostility of a world where everything must always be locked to prevent theft. We consider these things normal; it is normal for people to suffer while the upper echelons live the high-life.

We must oppose Government and business control of our lives but we must do this constructively via highlighting how the need to control is based upon scarcity. We must highlight how, due to highly advanced technology, there will soon be no need to control people, therefore we must constructively urge Governments and businesses to focus upon creating Post-Scarcity. Everything must be done to escalate the arrival of a Post-Scarcity civilisation. The whole issue of privacy relates to scarcity because privacy is all about self-protection within a hostile world. Hostilities arise because scarcity causes imbalances of power, imbalances of resources, and people fight over the power, the resources. Solve the problem of scarcity and you solve the privacy problems.

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