Thursday, 2 December 2010

Ray Kurzweil Predictions and Utopia

People are often critical of Ray Kurzweil, the man responsible for helping boost the concept of the Singularity into greater public awareness. Read this negative IEEE SPECTRUM article about Ray's predictions and read my response below:

I think it is important to reach beyond yourself. Aim for the highest goal possible. Your high expectations can push you far but if you don't achieve your highest hopes this should not be a reason the admit defeat. There is great cynicism within the futurist movement; recently I compared this cynicism to the Boy Who Cried Wolf scenario, whereby people refuse to believe utopia is possible due to past overoptimistic forecasts regarding technology. Some critics say Ray Kurzweil has missed the target on quite a few of his predictions but this should not blunt our enthusiasm for the utopia that is coming. We must avoid falling prey to the Boy Who Cried Wolf cynicism. The Singularity will happen by 2045 (at the latest) and it will be purest utopia; and this prophecy is not merely a reaching beyond ourselves. Utopia by 2045 is a very realistic and sensible view, definitely not overoptimism. The power of our expectations will shape the future via the mechanism of a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy. We should expect utopia, and via our expectations our actions will change the world.

I would really like to reach mainstream audiences regarding instilling absolutely everyone with deep awareness that Post-Scarcity is coming, that utopia will arise in the not too distant future. I would like to hear all politicians and business-leaders frequently mentioning the Singularity, Post-Scarcity, and utopia.

People in the futurist movement should all unite to change the world. Utopia is easy to achieve if enough people want it. We should truly consider the power of human intelligence and utilize the power of our collective minds to change the world. Our expectations are crucial.

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