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Singularity Seeds: How to avert economic collapse (collapse of civilisation) via Post-Scarcity-Awareness. How to create utopia.

  • The financial crisis has being ongoing now for quiet a while, since 2007/2008.

There have been various rumors of a great depression or hyperinflation and a consequent civilization collapse (anarchy). We are now (late 2010) on the cusp of seeing another round Quantitative Easing - QE2 ( but thankfully the QE is nowhere near the levels which caused hyperinflation for Germany’s Weimar Republic. Currently, with rising prices, we may be seeing another inflationary bubble prior to a crash. Here's a good article from the Financial Times regarding QE and hyperinflation (you will need to create a free FT account to read the full article):


There is no need to worry just yet but now is the time, before any collapse, when changes can be made. There are some worrying signs however.

  1. The Irish Economy is in a dire state, 26th Nov 2010:,8599,2033232,00.html
  2. There are worries about Belgium, with the Wall Street Journal stating on 26th Nov 2010: "This is worrying. Belgium isn't normally considered among the vulnerable euro-zone countries."
  3. There are also worries about Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Germany, 26th Nov 2010:
  4. The global economy is all interconnected. For example if China sells all its reserve US dollars this would cripple the USA:
  5. The US has problems with the Dollar: and debt is also a big problem,8599,2034358,00.html

Some commentators, such as Glenn Beck in the USA, talk about civil war; an uprising against the Government.

The capitalist economy is very dependent upon consumer confidence therefore our collective beliefs and expectations regarding the global financial situation can have a very powerful impact. Our expectations shape reality. Reality conforms to our expectations. This is the mechanism of a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy. Simply expecting the economy to collapse can cause it to collapse if enough people want it to happen, and then when it collapses people feel their expectations were justified, but in actual fact reality has simply conformed to our collective expectations.

Via various channels I explain how this Self-Fulfilling Prophecy works. Sadly not many people have yet appreciated the awesome power of our collective expectations. More people need to appreciate how the concept of Self-Fulfilling Prophecy allows us to change the future into whatever shape we desire. We need to set off a chain reaction. We can easily create utopia.


The solution is to create hope for the future. We need to eliminate fear. The collapse of civilization can be averted simply by giving people hope (on a global scale via social networking) regarding the future. The plan I'm suggesting regarding the creation of hope relates to Post-Scarcity Awareness. The Technological Singularity will create Post-Scarcity.

I would really like to reach mainstream audiences regarding instilling absolutely everyone with deep awareness that Post-Scarcity is coming, that utopia will arise in the not too distant future. I would like to hear all politicians and business-leaders frequently mentioning the Singularity, Post-Scarcity, and utopia.

I have created some Post-Scarcity Symbols, which people can share to raise awareness regarding Post-Scarcity.

The solution is to create a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy regarding the concept of POST-SCARCITY in a technological context. The Technological Singularity entails an explosion of intelligence due to exponential growth of computing power and AI. This intelligence explosion will create supreme intelligence, which will utilize our resources with ultra-efficiency therefore our available resources will be essentially limitless. The Singularity will create Post-Scarcity. Post-Scarcity obviates the need for hostilities. Simple awareness of Post-Scarcity arising in the not too distant future decreases fear, pessimism, and despair; which means people will not feel the need to be hostile. This Post-Scarcity Self-Fulfilling Prophecy could easily appeal to everyone because everything being free (Post-Scarcity) appeals to all people from all social levels.

In situations of scarcity people with more power will exploit those with lesser power. The exploitation is undignified, it is cruel. The upper class, the aristocracy, the rich class, the bankers, CEOs and politicians all perpetuate capitalist exploitation because they are unaware of how a Post-Scarcity civilization will soon be created. The exploitation continues because resources are scarce therefore the people in power cling to their wealth.

People who are exploited suffer a blow to their dignity but the most brutally oppressed people can retain dignity despite existing in undignified circumstances Personal dignity (self respect, worthiness) ultimately depends upon abolition of scarcity because it is only via abolishing scarcity that the need to exploit fellow humans will disappear. Governmental-monitoring (spying) and questions about privacy and dignity will become irrelevant, archaic, obsolete, reminiscent of stone-tipped spears, cave paintings, woolly mammoths, Sabre-toothed tigers, or ritual sacrifices. Our culture is deeply based on scarcity therefore we rarely consider the deeply entrenched hostility of a world where everything must always be locked to prevent theft. We consider these things normal; it is normal for people to suffer while the upper echelons live the high-life.

I think it is important to reach beyond yourself. Aim for the highest goal possible. Your high expectations can push you far but if you don't achieve your highest hopes this should not be a reason the admit defeat. There is great cynicism within the futurist movement; recently I compared this cynicism to the Boy Who Cried Wolf scenario, whereby people refuse to believe utopia is possible due to past overoptimistic forecasts regarding technology. Some critics say Ray Kurzweil has missed the target on quite a few of his predictions but this should not blunt our enthusiasm for the utopia that is coming. We must avoid falling prey to the Boy Who Cried Wolf cynicism. The Singularity will happen by 2045 (at the latest) and it will be purest utopia; and this prophecy is not merely a reaching beyond ourselves. Utopia by 2045 is a very realistic and sensible view, definitely not overoptimism. The power of our expectations will shape the future via the mechanism of a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy. We should expect utopia, and via our expectations our actions will change the world.

People in the futurist movement should all unite to change the world. Utopia is easy to achieve if enough people want it. We should truly consider the power of human intelligence and utilize the power of our collective minds to change the world. Our expectations are crucial.


The Singularity will occur no later then the year 2045 but prior to 2045 we will see great advances in science and technology. Positive awareness of the Singularity will dramatically decrease fear, despair, and pessimism (the motivations for hostilities will decrease). If we disseminate to the public a Singularity-based Self-Fulfilling Prophecy regarding Post-Scarcity then utopia will be assured. Three key aspects of this Prophecy for dissemination are:

1. Technological Singularity – Intelligence Explosion

2. Post Scarcity – Everything is free (monetary restriction of resources is obsolete). Shortage of resources is obsolete. There is no scarcity.

3. Utopia – There is hope for the future. Everyone can have everything they want. We will have eternal life: all diseases and aging will be cured. Utopia will occur no later than the year 2045. Life will become better and better with each passing year as we approach 2045.

POST-SCARCITY! We will not be defeated. Capitalism will be replaced by utopia! Everything will be free. Our awareness will enlighten politicians, businesses, directors, CEOs, and all other policy-makers worldwide.


I cannot emphasize enough how utterly crucial it is that people in the futurist movement should overcome any negativity to focus on the positive utopia coming. We must unite and show a strong force to the world thereby reaching out and infecting everybody with our awareness of how technology will make utopia possible. Utopia via technology is very easy to achieve if enough people want it to happen but some pessimistic people think utopia is dirty word; they will try to infect you with their negative and self-destructive visions of dystopia.

I really want to emphasize the destructiveness of cynicism which we must overcome. Please forgive me for repeating this issue but it is VITALLY important to instill these ideas deeply in your brain.

Cynicism often exists amongst Singularitarians, Extropians, and people in general regarding utopia, because in the past utopia was promised to be around the corner (a few decades away) but it never arrived. In the 60s people thought we would now be flying around on jetpacks. Utopia is now upon us but like the boy who cried wolf many people fail to believe it.



Paranoid obsessions regarding dystopian anxiety about the future must be overcome. Negative views regarding utopia are due to misguided pessimism. WE NEED TO UNLEASH THE POWER OF SELF FULFILLING PROPHECY IN A POSITIVE CONTEXT. We will defeat the pessimistic critics. Vicious-circles will be vanquished by our pure-hopeful-hearts. Our powerful optimism is unstoppable.


There are two reasons why the Singularity will produce utopia.

► Science and technology will make it possible.

► Our Self-fulfilling Prophecy will make it happen.

  • Let's look at the first reason.

UTOPIA IS POSSIBLE. Already stem cells are making great progress to cure disease. If the progression in medicine continues we can cure all disease in the future, probably by 2030. Medicine is a bigger issue than current stem cell techniques. Injectable medical-nanobot-biocomputers are possible: DNA logic gates have already been created. Personal nanofactories are another step towards utopia; 3D printing will be great when it fully evolves. Supreme computing power combined with green-tech, Molecular Nanotechnology, 3D printing, and personal nanofactories will lead to Post-Scarcity and space colonization. Some critics state when medicine halts the aging process, and all diseases are cured, this will cause horrific overpopulation but such critics fail to appreciate how the universe is a massive place waiting for colonization:

"The universe holds THREE times more stars than was previously thought."

Power will be completely decentralized: everyone will be equally powerful and resources will be effectively unlimited in the Post-Scarcity age. This is how utopia will occur. Via the law of accelerating returns we are progressing quicker each year.

  • Now let's consider the second reason why utopia is coming.

The most crucial aspect is regarding our EXPECTATIONS of utopia: our anticipation of utopia.

Via our active anticipation of utopia our expectations can positively alter reality so that reality conforms to our beliefs. Via working upon the factual evidence of sci-tech our expectations of utopia will ensure, via the positive manifestation of our beliefs, that utopia will occur. It is a MEME, a viral networking effect, like a bank-run, but this utopian-positive-feedback works upon expectations of happiness causing people to modify their behavior to synchronize with the coming utopia.

The power of the human mind is an immensely glorious thing. We can change reality via our expectations. This ability to alter reality is seen in the Placebo Effect and in Self-Fulfilling Prophecy. These aspects of the human mind are powerful forces, which until NOW have been overlooked. People are beginning to wake up to the coming utopia. People are seeing the beauty of Self-Fulfilling Prophecy because Self-Fulfilling Prophecy applied to technological progress makes utopia a certainty.

The power of Self-Fulfilling Prophecy is a key aspect of this utopian vision. The power of the the human mind can alter reality according to our expectations. This altering of reality according to expectations is seen in the Placebo Effect; it is also seen in Self-Fulling Prophecy.

Disaster, doom, evil/malicious AI etc could possibly arise BUT I firmly believe utopia will be created. Utopia will arise via the strength and determination of our expectations, positively manifested. What I am doing is creating an infectious MEME, a viral-networking-effect, whereby the idea of utopia spreads because people realize utopia IS possible. People are beginning to see the rapid technological evolution we are on the cusp of, and I am highlighting how rapid technological evolution can easily create UTOPIA if enough people want it to happen. Deep down all people want utopia, and I am showing people how utopia is possible via our POSITIVE expectations. This is a simple Self-Fulfilling Prophecy based on the awesome power technology will unleash. We simply need to expect utopia and everything else will fit into place.

Even without the power of Self-Fulfilling Prophecy the evidence of technological progress will easily ensure utopia but the beauty of this Self-Fulfilling Prophecy is that utopia is absolutely inevitable.

Utopia is beautiful. It is coming. It is the Singularity!

The Seeds of Singularity are scattered upon cyberspace breezes.


Already in year 2010 a patient has had an operation using her own stem cells to regrow then transplant her windpipe: "Doctors regenerated tissue from the patients’ nose and bone marrow stem cells to create windpipes in the laboratory which were biologically identical to the patients’ original organs."

Vision has also been restored, via stem cells, for people suffering chemical burns to their eyes:

Here is a more recent trial regarding stem cells curing blindness:

Here is a trial regarding stem cells being used on a stroke victim:

Quantum computing could soon perform complex calculations beyond today’s computers:

Robot Makes Scientific Discovery All by Itself:

IMB plan to shrink the “Aquasar” supercomputer to sugar-cube-size by 2025:

Self-assembling nanodevices that move and change shape on demand have been created:

DNA logic gates have been created for prospective biocomputers:

Here is a project to create molecule-sized processor:

Physicists Pave the Way for Graphene-based Spin Computer:

DNA robots have been created:

IBM Breakthrough Chip Technology Silicon Nanophotonics:


Already in the year 2010 we can see the facts of awesome computing power helping to solve genetic problems. Computers devise stem cell treatments and when computers become more powerful our expertize will excel.

I hope you will believe in this idea of utopia due to these facts I highlight. It is a free-choice I hope you will make. Based upon the ideas and evidence I present, I am sure you will see utopia is definitely going to happen and you can help utopia arise quicker via your positive acceptance and anticipation. Believe utopia is coming. This is the logical thing for people to do. I hope you will help other people to realize how their EXPECTATIONS can positively alter reality.

Consider the power of the human mind. Scientists when conducting drug-trials will take into account the Placebo Effect because the human mind DOES have an impact upon reality. Consider the power of SELF FULFILLING PROPHECY.

Share the Post-Scarcity symbols. The PS symbols are available on wiki-commons if you search search for "post scarcity"

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