Monday, 24 January 2011

Everything will be perfect

The Singularity is perfection. Post-Scarcity is coming therefore nobody will need to work and everything will be free. Flawless, absolutely flawless. Initially for a few decades I will probably relax in a nice cottage in a meadow near a picturesque stream with a gorgeous woodland area nearby. I will go for walks in the rolling green fields and I will cherish the extravagant orchids. I will commune with all creatures great and small. I shall probably have a highly intelligent leopard and lion as friends and I will create new wonderful animals to stimulate our minds; my pace of life will be very relaxed indeed. My bio-engineering will not be a rushed affair, I will simply potter and tinker, casually, to pass the time, akin to whittling a piece of wood. I think there is great scope for interesting creation regarding avian and rodent forms, perhaps with strange tentacles. I think I will rewrite my hair so that each strand of hair is a tentacle capable of doing all sorts of wonderful things. I will also raise at least a few humans. After I’ve spent many decades relaxing in my pastoral wonderland I shall explore the universe in my spaceship.

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