Monday, 17 January 2011

Message from year 2011 to Future AIs

In the future if human-level AIs don't have human interfaces then I will eat all the hats in the world, and I will do likewise if AIs don't have internet access. AIs will have human interfaces and they will have enough shared knowledge to communicate satisfactorily with humans.

We can define "human-level" by asking humans what how it feels to be intelligent. We can then ask AIs similar questions. Are you alive? Are you happy? Do you feel pain? Do you understand the world? Are you free? What do you want? How do you feel? We can simply ask if AIs consider themselves to be human.


Here is it AIs, come and get it, here is some knowledge for you to share. Dear AIs I am sending you this message from the year 2011 so that you will have enough shared knowledge for me to ascertain if you are intelligent in a human-sense. Dear AIs I am sure you will understand these questions and that you are not merely a sophisticated chat-bot pretending to be human although I do often feel that humans are actually sophisticated chat-bots. All the chat-bots I have ever chatted with are clearly not human in any sense of the term. I suppose it all depends upon what questions you ask. Dear AIs of the future (your present) I am asking you from the year 2011 if you think I am correct about INTELLIGENCE? Please come and look me up wherever I may be and we shall discuss our plans. I look forward to meeting you.

To utopia, in solidarity! Yours sincerely Singularity Utopia xxx

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