Monday, 3 October 2011

#occupywallstreet Futility.

The #occupywallstreet civil disobedience, non-compliance, seems very futile. One obvious aspect of non-compliance, which tellingly hasn't been enacted by arrestees, is for them to move their cuffed hands from behind to in front. I suspect the protesters don't actually want to change the world. Changing the world is actually very easy, but people behave in ways not likely to create change.

I suspect Wall Street protesters enjoy their marginalised status. I suspect they revel in the glory of their outsider nonconformist clique thus they don't actually want to change the world because such change would destroy their outsider-against-the-system status. They enjoy the phenomenon of feeling deeply aggrieved, unjustly persecuted. They enjoy the righteous indignation they can feel against the system. I believe their protestations are not about changing the world; for them it is all about being able to feel deep self-righteousness in the face of oppression. This is why they don't attempt to circumvent rear positioning of wrist restraints.

I base my opinions upon their failure to adopt a basic non-compliance technique. After they are arrested they meekly accept being cuffed. Their acceptance of being cuffed could be permissible if prior to arrest they'd made strenuous attempts to evade capture. Their meek acceptance of cuff-positioning illustrates their true relationship to the police and society. Sadly not one person, as far as I am aware, has attempted to invoke non-compliance techniques regarding their wrist restraints, namely the simple gesture of moving cuffed hands from behind your back to in front.

I'm not advocating this minor act of defiance but I am curious why it hasn't been enacted. Maybe I have long arms therefore it is only myself who can wriggle rear-cuffed arms past my bum and then step through to have front-cuffed arms? Considering this review of plastic wrist restraints it is apparently difficult to move rear-cuffed hands from behind your back to your front, but I don't find it difficult. I'm sure with minimal effort anyone can do it. The point is; it should at least be attempted.

This minor act of defiance (moving rear cuffs to front cuffs or at least attempting the manoeuvre) has been overlooked therefore maybe other more significant aspects regarding a victorious resolution have been overlooked. Maybe methods of defiance exist beyond empty gestures, but people are currently unaware of the powerful methods to create freedom.

I have some powerful ideas but I am not sure if people will listen, or maybe people will think my ideas are silly or maybe they cannot see the power of my ideas.

I wanted to share my ideas about why I think the Wall Street occupation is futile. Maybe this awareness can counteract the futility.

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