Saturday, 1 October 2011

Solving All Problems.

The #occupywallstreet protests against financial industry corruption recently stimulated my thoughts. I therefore decided to express my thinking about changing the world.

You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink. We all see the world very differently. Some people want deeply to fit in; they don't want the hassle associated with rocking the boat; they are desperate for an easy life without any complications. We all desire an easy life but some people are willing to sacrifice more of their freedom for a easy life. The problem with protesting against The Elite Power Controllers of civilization is that most people don't share the need for rebellion, but the lack of support from The Masses is not the major problem, the major problem is the confrontational opposition to The Elite Power Controllers. Confrontation is problematic because the people you are confronting are very powerful, they control the media, politics, businesses, and The Masses, furthermore they are unwittingly supported by legions of submissive people who don't want the boat to be rocked.

The Solution.

We must unite all people in a common goal instead of divisively focusing on the corruption of The Elite or divisively focusing on the stupidity of Sheeple, because let's face it, many common people would also be equally corrupt if they had the chance. The only distinguishing feature of The Rich Power Elite is that via the luck of their circumstances they've entered their privileged position in life. Most people would take the vast riches available to The Elite if such riches were offered, thus we see The Elite are not inherently bad, they are simply a facet of our civilization therefore we are all equally responsible for their existence. The solution must therefore address the root of greed, the root of the desire to be rich, and the solution must be unifying, non-divisive, and equally beneficial for everyone, because anything else will result in oppression by the Power Elite (they will only let you push them so far before they show their deep authoritarian natures, personality traits which are generally common to all humans in situations of scarcity).

Root of problems.

Scarcity is the the cause of all money woes and all other problems. Scarcity causes greed, oppression, and mortality. Resource scarcity entails population control. Scarcity causes Mass stupidity. The unifying solution is to stimulate global awareness of our pending Post-Scarcity (PS) situation. Via technology the old scarcity-based model of civilization will soon end therefore everyone will be rich beyond their wildest dreams. There will be limitless riches for everyone. The unifying solution to the root of the problem, the scarcity problem, is therefore to accelerate the coming PS era. We need to accelerate the growth of technology, we need to hasten the technological explosion of intelligence. We need all people to focus on this acceleration. Only extremely advanced technology can solve our problems. Only via a technological end to scarcity will we eliminate the corruption associated with a civilisation based on limited resources. We need all people to realise our future will be a place of limitless possibilities, it will be a place of limitless wealth for everyone. Resource scarcity is a precarious financial situation thus people savagely cling to wealth. Rich people need to realise they don't need to cling savagely to their wealth because in the not too distant future they and everyone else will possess limitless riches due to Post Scarcity. The solution to the problem of scarcity is to generate mass global awareness of the pending PS technological explosion of intelligence.

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