Monday, 27 February 2012

Disclaimer ~^~

I have created this #disclaimer symbol ~^~ to signify the law-abiding nature of anything I express on the internet. I occasionally Tweet-Blog-Post about Anonymous. Sometimes I communicate with Anons so it is important make clear that all my communications are law-abiding. People sometimes misconstrue, misinterpret, or misunderstand things. For example I often mention the world EXPLOSION (regarding explosive intelligence, the Singularity) therefore people could mistakenly think I want to blow things up ~^~.

For example, I communicate with #Anonymous occasionally therefore people might think I condone criminal hacking. My point is that all my communications are law-abiding (lawful, legal) and people should not infer otherwise.

I won't include the disclaimer in every post but it applies to all my posts (images etc). You are welcome to use it too, and I encourage you to do so. If the symbol enters common language then wider knowledge of it will decrease potential misunderstandings. I shall also place it on my profile.

For example news regarding Paul Chambers shows how intentions can be misconstrued.

My disclaimer could be useful for lots of people:


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