Thursday, 31 May 2012

How Deep Is Your Love? Are You Deep?

I often find people are surprised when they witness my despair. I think I am being transparent but often what is obvious to me is not obvious to others. The whole motive behind my striving for utopia is because civilization is a waking nightmare; my life is an utterly atrocious hellhole of deepest pain because humans are generally very stupid. People are very depressing.

If my life was happy and secure I would have no pressing need to focus on making the world a better place, I wouldn't need to try and accelerate technological progress towards utopia. For example if I was a billionaire then chances are I would relax peacefully in my secluded country manor, without trying to raise awareness about the Singularity, I would ignore all the morons while I casually awaited the Singularity.

My life is far from happy. In the short-term I have a very despairing outlook but long-term utopia is inevitable. As time goes by my despair will decrease. These intricacies regarding my outlook should be obvious because why would someone so ardently be interested in intelligence exploding. Note the explosion is utterly colossal, the most powerful event in the history of the human race. Would a stupid person be interested in intelligence exploding? Possibly stupid people could be drawn to intelligence exploding but generally stupid people are too stupid to even think about intelligence in any shape or form. Do mindless thugs think about intelligence exploding? Surely it should be obvious I am at least somewhat intelligent thus by inference it should be obvious I am very aware of all the stupid people in the world, so now ask yourself whether it is a happy state of affairs to be in an intelligent minority?

It is obvious I am interested in intelligence from a intelligent perspective. Now ask yourself how it feels to be intelligent living in a world of fools, is it painful? Are they always trying to break us down, when they should all just let us be?

I am a precious gem amidst pitiful dross. If I had enough money to shelter myself from the horror, the HORROR of civilization, then I wouldn't need to rush to change the world thus you can safely assume I am in the lion's den suffering amidst the rabble, thus DESPAIR is a big part of my life but diplomatically I try to focus on the positives. I will not however completely hide my true feelings because honesty is crucial for intelligence, thus sometimes I may exclaim MEH!!!!!

Despite the misery of our mindless pre-Singularity civilization there's hope for a utopian future. It is constructive to focus on the positives so I don't always explain how I am deeply unhappy. I want to break the vicious circle of hate and stupidity, but changing people's minds... IT REALLY IS A HARD BATTLE

Pre-Singularity Life Is Truly Hideous

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