Thursday, 26 January 2012

Post-Scarcity 3D-Printing

Would you download a car?

The anti-piracy message by the entertainment industry was: "You wouldn't download a car."

That anti-piracy message is looking very silly now because we are on the edge of the 3D-printing revolution, thus the following type of meme based on the car question is becoming popular:

MEME: F**k you, I would if I could.

So... would you download a car, cow, bear, robot, or a spaceship?

For the past couple of years I've been trying to inform people about how everything will be free in the future, it's called Post-Scarcity but recent 3D-printing developments at The Pirate Bay were needed to help people see how everything will be free in the future.

We are not there yet; many people don't understand why everything will be free in the future, furthermore the entertainment industry, business leaders, and politicians are utterly clueless; but you can make a difference. Let people know about Post-Scarcity, tell people about 3D-printing, AI, nanotech, or the other futuristic things soon to happen. The future is now, this is the internet.

FREEDOM is coming. This brilliant video from Time explains how big 3D-Printing will become:

Would you download a spaceship?

The following very funny video gives an interesting view of Piracy culture, enjoy ~^~  :-)

News Reports About 3D-Printing:

Disclaimer ~^~

All content in this blog-post should not be assumed to condone, glorify, or encourage illegal downloading. All the content in this blog-post is law-abiding. All illegality is condemned. The purpose of this blog post is merely news commentary on the culture of piracy regarding how we are slowly moving towards a PS civilization. Singularity Utopia is lawful.

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