Monday, 6 February 2012

Our Abundant Utopian Future

On the website What Would The Internet Do a blog of mine has been reproduced regarding the book Abundance by Peter Diamandis (Steven Kotler co-authored the book).

Ray Kurzweil sent me an email urging me to raise awareness for Peter's book.

My commentary regarding Ray's email and Peter's Book:

Recently I had the pleasure of receiving an email from Ray Kurzweil asking me to help publicise the book "Abundance—the Future is Better Than You Think" by Dr. Peter Diamandis.

I won’t read too much into Ray’s email, but I personally like to think my recent Post-Scarcity and FAI views were appreciated by a key voice in the futurist movement. Instead of psychopathic Artificial Intelligence, or enslaved sentient-machines populating the future, I am confident our future will be better than we think. Personally I expect utopia, which you probably guessed.

I've been trying to publicise the concept of Post-Scarcity for the past couple of years therefore I'm happy to help raise awareness regarding Peter's book. If you are unaware about how the coming Post-Scarcity era (abundance, or super-abundance) will radically transform our world then I suggest you should read Peter's book. Even if you are aware of Post-Scarcity I'm sure Peter's book will be an enjoyable read. I've not actually read it myself, but it should be entertaining and informative.

A world beyond scarcity is the most interesting and important topic in the history of human civilization. I'm sure the book will explain how everything will be free in the not too distant future.

For people who don’t know what Post-Scarcity is, it entails everything being free (the abolition of money). Everything being free occurs due to superabundance of goods and services. Superabundance will be created via AI, nanotechnology (nano-assembly nanobots), and 3D printing. Things only possess monetary value due to scarcity. Monetary prices are required to restrict limited supplies in situations of scarcity. High-powered-AI will ensure our available resources are effectively limitless. AI will ensure ultra-efficiency.
I think Post-Scarcity should be a more prominent issue, but what do you think? Everything being free is something everyone can relate to, therefore greater prominence regarding Post-Scarcity could easily increase popular support for the Transhuman epoch we are approaching. I therefore think we should all be doing more to stimulate Post-Scarcity awareness.

Peter H. Diamandis should be highly commended.

#PostScarcity is something I am very interested in therefore I've created various Post-Scarcity symbols to raise awareness. I am including a recent PS symbol in this blog, which you are welcome to share or perhaps you will be inspired to create your own PS symbol.

Make sure you explore the free gifts (if you order the book) on the Abundance site, and there is also a chance to win prizes if you help publicize the book.

Here is a copy of the email Ray sent to me:

Dear Singularity,

I'd like to reach out to you personally about a new book that I am very excited about: Abundance — The Future Is Better Than You Think. This book is written by my dear friend and colleague Dr. Peter H. Diamandis, Singularity University Cofounder and X PRIZE Foundation Chairman, and Steven Kotler, science journalist.

Peter and Steven intend to start a new conversation in the world — one focused on solving problems rather than just being gloomy about them. In the book, they give an extensive tour of the latest in four emerging forces: exponential technologies, the DIY innovators, the Technophilanthropists, and the Rising Billion. They present a very convincing case that the world's getting better at an accelerating rate and lay out a road map for achieving the vision of abundance. I think you'll enjoy the abundant stories, hard facts, and science/engineering in the book.

Today, we are all empowered more than ever before to solve humanity's grand challenges. You can help change the world's conversation from the pessimism of scarcity to Abundance!

Please explore this book at their website,, where you can pre-order Abundance, download the first chapter, watch videos, share your reactions, and participate in a campaign to change the world's conversation (and win a $5,000 prize in the process).

To launch the book and make a real impact in turning the world's current negative focus around, Peter and Steven are offering four gifts to thank any early supporters for pre-ordering at by February 13. (You'll get access to Singularity University's video library packed with graduate training on exponential technologies, the Transcendent Man documentary, and more.)

Please help spread the word!


Ray Kurzweil

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