Saturday, 9 June 2012

The Religious Plumbers Association

Consider plumbing being a religion. Is plumbing religious? Consider it.

Making a religion out of plumbing is very ridiculous similar to how making a religion out of technology is very ridiculous.

Oh holy water pipe, I plumb you, I connect a system of pipes to a sanitation-plant. My holy pipe-wrench is my rod and my staff, comforting me as I walk through the dark sewers looking for a leak. The leaks overflow but surely my holy PTFE tape can fix them.

Holy plumber in the sky, plumber or all plumbers, we lift up our hearts to the Lord Plumber. We will dwell forever in the superbly plumbed house of the Lord.

Religious people are very welcome to support the idea of Transhumanism but this does not make Transhumanism a religion any more than plumbing is a religion.

Transhumanism could be compared to the battle to eradicate Malaria, except instead of only eradicating Malaria, Transhumaism wants to eradicate all disease and improve our lives in many other ways. The battle to eradicate Malaria is not a religion (science and technology are utilized not prayers) but religious people are welcome to join the battle. I think the mistake many people make regarding Transhumanism is that they can’t believe we could ever eradicate all disease; thus when Transhumanists think radical technology is very possible the cynics will say Transhumanists are part of a cult partaking in magical fantasies because curing cancer, putting a man on the Moon, eradicating Malaria, or stopping the ageing process are all impossible feats.

Putting a man on the Moon was impossible in the year 1918.

The impossibility of doing something depends upon your point in history, thus if you lived in the year 1212 people would probably have labelled you a witch or insane if you attempted to explain Bluetooth, the ISS, or mechanical hearts (yes mechanical hearts actually exist today and have been transplanted successfully).

The problem with Singularity/Transhuman cynics and castigators is that they are not aware of all the technological evidence available, the evidence which demonstrates a truly radical explosion of technology in the not too distant future, thus the tangible path of science seems like a fantasy or a religion, but the Singularity/Transhuman is merely plumbing.

Is plumbing a religion?

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