Thursday, 5 July 2012

Helpful Online Tools

These tools are useful to me. Maybe you will appreciate them too. died shortly after posting this but I found a great replacement and then Pastehtml came back. Pastehtml may or may not be currently be working; if it is working it has one minor advantage over because it allows you to do anonymous pastes.

Online html editing. With pastehtml you can paste a permanent copy of your html (permanent as anything is on the ever-changing web): does almost everything pastehtml does or did. With you can upload html files and you can make a copy of any page from anywhere on the web. I had heard about, but as a replacement it did not immediately come to mind, thankfully this page alerted me to

Here's a bolt of the page responsible for my discovery: how_i_discovered_bolt. If you are experimenting with html this page is also useful:

Freeze a copy of a web-page:

Image creation, photo editing: Note also the free software GIMP.

Simple note pad:

Useful dictionary not usually displayed in search results:

Quickly choose colour codes:

Stopwatch timer:

World time-zones, current times:

Virtual keyboard:

If you need to discover the true location of a URL then use URL X-Ray:

Geometric shapes (includes html hex codes): Geometric_Shapes_Unicode_block

Remove line breaks from text: web tutorials:

If you are looking for news about future tech I have aggregated some feeds here: Finally here are two useful futurist G+ pages:

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