Monday, 9 July 2012

Extreme Abundance Abolishes Crime

People often misunderstand Post-Scarcity. The concept of abundance has recently been gathering momentum but abundance is a rather weak form of the poverty-eliminating future, which we're heading towards. Abundance is timid whereas Post-Scarcity clearly describes everything being free. Midway between abundance and Post-Scarcity is the term superabundance. I suppose people need time to get the heads around the concept of Post-Scarcity, thus the commentators are starting people off with the baby steps of abundance. Anyway this blog-post is my response to an article published via Singularity Hub on 9th July 2012 titled, "Abundance: A Double-Edged Sword"  

My comment

Abundance isn't a double-edged sword, to say such is a misunderstanding of abundance. All crime stems from scarcity thus as we approach Post-Scarcity (extreme abundance) the motives for crime decrease despite there being greater tools for committing crime. For example imagine if everything was free because we have reached a Post-Scarcity situation: when everything is free because you can print anything you want there is no need to steal things. Why would someone steal and car when you can print as many cars as you want for free? Why would someone steal money when money is not needed to buy things?

The only problem is clueless politicians and economists who don't have the vaguest idea about the economy, thus they may try to resist deflation, and that resistance could cause turbulence. I don't fear the so-called "criminals", I fear the  bankers and policy-makers because they are utterly ignorant regarding the future we are approaching, they are oblivious regarding the new economy, they think deflation is bad but we are now entering an epoch where deflation must be seen to be good. Prices need to deflate to zero. The future is one where everything is free, a future where there is no crime because ALL CRIME is based upon poverty (scarcity).

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