Sunday, 11 November 2012

Billy Plum Plum / Music / #Internet

I was watching a funny video cartoon on YouTube recently, which although it wasn't age restricted I won't link to it because it could be considered NSFW. Phonetically the video title sounds like Billy Plum Plum, which is somewhat cryptic but I tend to be a bit paranoid about censorship. Instead of blatantly using potentially offensive words, you will need to guess and then Google what Billy Plum Plum refers to (if you want to watch the video). A billy or a plum are not usually words liable to censorship but you never know, especially when you consider the Safeway CakeWrecks.

Anyway, that unmentionable video led me to some interesting music, which I will embed here. I will also embed some videos too. So this post is an amalgam of internet culture, it represents the mixture of issues regarding how people express themselves. You can also watch cars and trucks crashing via this YouTube channel, and here's a good Bad Lip-Reading video.

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