Sunday, 4 November 2012

My comment on Steal This Singularity

Here is an edited version of a comment I made today regarding an article titled Steal This Singularity: Entry #1 on the blog Aceeler8or:

Long term technology circa 45 does by it's very nature ensure absence of governments or any other control, but in the short to medium term due to scarcity there will be controls by individuals imposed on the masses. Considering our approach to Post-Scarcity, the close proximity, we should try to educate people that the controlling reins, or reigns, should be slackened, but there's a danger in a scarcity situation regarding rebellion against authority because one set of leaders are easily replaced for another.

The Singularity is the Singularity, intelligence is intelligence, thus it cannot be changed but some people during our unintelligent current era do have misguided views about what is intelligent.

Salvador Dali makes a lot of sense because his art in my opinion is all about the senseless irrationality of the modern world as perceived by an intelligent mind such as Dali's mind. Likewise Dada, from which surrealism grew, is very sensible despite superficially embracing the irrational. Dada was a very sensible reaction to the horrors of the war and the bourgeois class, it was the Country of the Blind notion that our world is back-to-front, the anti-art ideology that culture actually portrays ugliness, the anti-psychiatry viewpoint that the sane are actually insane thus the so-called "logic" and "values" responsible for producing our world are not really logical or valuable, they are not worthy of esteem thus via embracing the irrational the Dadaistic superficial statement of "absurdity" very provocatively rejected the the foundations of civilization.

One commenter named Alex fears centralized utopia; but centralized utopia is an oxymoron similar to stupid intelligence, or more precisely I will point out how utopia will be the utter antithesis of centralization.

Intelligence is all about diversity of thoughts, free-thinking, thus what is perceived to be tricksterism will be something very permissible within the Singularity era. Minds in the future will be very playful and fun, everyone will be a "freak" because we will all be very Singular; there will be no money and no work, it will be an endless journey of fun and adventure without any limits. This is inevitable but the interim period could be turbulent and the event horizon could be delayed thus during the interim period we need to educate people about what the Singularity actually is.

Ray Kuzweil has somewhat misunderstood the nature of intelligence. Ray's mind is only partially intelligent thus he fails to understand utopia, which is one of the reasons for my name. Soon I will explain how Post-Scarcity is a deeper more intelligent way to comprehend the Singularity, it is a more sociological viewpoint of explosive intelligence. Intelligent beings are social thus Post-Scarcity is a truer description of explosive intelligence.

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