Saturday, 16 November 2013

Simulated Matrix Alien Reality Nonsense

People never seem to stop flaunting their irrationality. Discover magazine is asking if we live in the Matrix.

My mind staggers comprehending the sheer idiocy of this retarded "intelligent design" claptrap, it is total BS. The "science" regarding the idea of reality being simulated is ludicrous nonsense, pure childish absurdity. Yes the world sucks thus it can be appealing to believe in God, or to believe you are actually in Lost thus if you jump off a cliff you will wake-up, but the sad fact is you are all alone the universe. There is no God, no Architect, no Morpheus, no escape. You can't fly like Neo, you can't hack the Matrix, magic spells do not work, pixies and faeries are not real. The tooth fairy and Santa Claus are pure fiction.

Intelligent beings able to create universe simulations would never torture fellow intelligent minds, via for example the pain and suffering humans undergo daily, but if in some deranged super-intelligent future it is deemed ethical to torture people via putting them in a primitive simulation then surely there would be at least one version of super-human Anonymous liberating the humans for the torture machine? Where are the human rights activists (super-humans) liberating the humans for the virtual cage, where is the futuristic version of PETA regarding the ethical treatment of humans? If humans can have animal rights groups surely super-humans or super-beings could have a least one human-rights group? Bit there is total silence.

As humans have evolved culturally we have increased our ethical standards, we are developing organs and even entire bodies on chips so that animals do not need to be experimented on, we are also developing 3D-printing of meat thus in the not too distant future all farming will be obsolete, but in the meantime despite our primitive tech we try to avoid causing unnecessary suffering to animals. Surely this ethicalness would continue to increase as civilization becomes more intelligent? Sadly we are led to believe super-intelligent beings would torture humans for "entertainment."

Sadly mystical, magical, fantasy thinking is common. In a recent Twitter discussion regarding "magic" I was informed we "conjure" or own realities, but oddly the conjurers fail to conjure world peace, immortality of personal fortunes totalling billions.

In other news I discovered humans are probably violent alien criminals imprisoned on Earth to protect the other occupants of the universe, and reality is created purely via our minds.

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