Sunday, 22 December 2013

Assume Makes Ass Out of U Me

In November 2013 I became involved in an Twitter discussion regarding how the Elites supposedly deemed magic to be a threat. If magic is supposedly so powerful why are all the wizards or witches not billionaires?

I stated magic isn't a threat, there is nothing specifically threatening about magic, the Elites merely seek to enforce conformity for all aspects of living to ensure the lower classes don't think or act regarding unequal wealth.

The goal of Elite authoritarianism is merely to create masses of unquestioning minds, a social structure of mental regimentation where people are unlikely to think outside the box thus they are unlikely to question wealth inequality. There is no particular power or ideology the Elites fear.

Magic will not give anyone super-powers but it could be a stepping-stone to people thinking oppositionally regarding massively unequal wealth. Magic could be the beginning of a person refusing to do what they are told, magic could be the start of people developing rigorous intellectual ability, but most certainly your "spells" will be utterly ineffective.

Magic is similar to homosexuality or Catharism regarding how these traits have historically be suppressed, the only threat-value against the Elites is the non-conformity threat. We are not living in the Matrix, reality is not a simulation by post-Singularity beings, you will never be able to fly or bend reality in the modality of Neo, but people often do engage in magical thinking.

Sadly many supposed nonconformists grasp nonconformity but then they channel their nonconformity into another mode of conformity, they merely leap from one box into another box. Their nonconformity, instead of becoming a stepping-stone to genuine intellectualism, merely becomes escapism, a way to delude themselves regarding reality, which is actually perfectly acceptable to the Elites, it fits perfectly into the social structure of maintaining wealth inequality, it's a great safety value whereby nonconformists can be channelled into ineffectual escapism.

I therefore attempted to explain the nonsense of magic during the aforementioned Twitter discussion, but I was rebuked when I used the word "assume" thus I've written this blog-post primarily to explain the nonsense of dismissing a viewpoint merely because someone used the word assume.

When people smugly state "assume makes and ass out of you and me" they perhaps think they have ingeniously revealed a powerful truth regarding logic, a secret hidden meaning of a word, but in reality we are merely considering a silly phrase. The dictionary definition of assume isn't "assume makes and ass out of you and me." Assumptions can be right or wrong. Yes it would asinine to base an entire theory on assumptions but it is equally asinine to trumpet the assume makes and ass our of you and me slogan whenever someone uses the word assume.   

Here are my responses:

I am not sure if "assertivenesses" is actually a valid word but it fits well with people who assertively assume "assume" makes an ass out of anyone, their assertivenesses are asinine, they are making an ass out of veriest sense, which means the whole situation is very nonsensical thus we can ignore sense. Or we could say people who assertively assume silly magical definitions for "assume" are making their ass-status viler yet (assertively). Perhaps it is simply best explain how you are a rude ass if you are assured about the word "assume" making an ass out of you and me. Maybe the new definition or assured should be rude ass?

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