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Max Keiser Flawed Doom Future Collapse

Let's consider the predictions of Max Kesier regarding what the near future could entail. In November 2013 I politely questioned Max Keiser regarding his and Gerald Celente's predictions of economic collapse that never come. I stated all governments worldwide by now, if we listened to their predictions, should have collapsed; we should in late 2013 be daily fighting Mad Max type battles in the streets, total anarchy, if we believed the predictions of Max, Gerald, or Alex Jones.

The response from Max, when I challenged his predictions, was to block me on Twitter. I think his blocking response is because he doesn't want to engage in rational debate regarding his hype, he doesn't want the truth exposed.

Here is perhaps the best refutation of Keiser's predictions. The following video, Total Collapse in 2013, was published 2nd August 2012 regarding, according to one blogger, a "99.9% probability of total and utter collapse before April 2013."

Let's consider another doom forecaster, similar to Max. Note how Gerald Celente claimed collapse was imminent in June 2013. Celente has subsequently stated there would be total economic collapse in the first quarter of 2014 but I am sure the total collapse forecast for the first quarter of 2014 will be identical to the total collapse of 2012, which never happened.

It's similar to when Russia invaded Georgia in 2008, which caused Alex Jones suggest it was a pretext for WW3; or when during mid to late 2013 Alex stated the pending invasion of Syria was again a pretext for WW3. Oh yeah? So where is WW3? Note also the frequent WW3 predictions about the Iran invasion which has not happened yet despite Alex repeatedly predicting it will. Perhaps Alex will claim he continually stops the World Wars he predicts approximately three times per year.

So is collapse imminent? Max seems very convinced thus we have another video from around the same time period as the previous video. The following video, featuring Max, published via the Alex Jones channel on 17th August 2012, states economic collapse is imminent:

Already at the end of 2013 we can see the above "imminent" prediction is wrong, but if we give the prediction more time, perhaps one year or two to see what happens, I guarantee a big nothing will have happened. Yes stocks and shares may drop but I assure you they will rebound. Don't believe the hype by Max and others. The description for the above 2012 video stated: "On the Friday, August 17 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex welcomes economist, journalist and American broadcaster Max Keiser to discuss the warning signs of an impending economic collapse, the effect this will have globally and solutions that would bring us back from certain financial doom."

Below is another video, published 5th June 2012, regarding the flawed predictive ability of Max Keiser. This time, amongst other things, he's predicting collapse of money and other societal breakdowns, which didn't really happen. The YouTube description, for the video titled "Keiser Report: Paper Money Collapse (E297)," stated: "In this episode, Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, discuss all hell breaking loose as an electronics chain store stockpiles security shutters, capital flees Greece (and Spain) and Max proposes a love market. In the second half of the show Max talks to Detlev Schlichter, author of Paper Money Collapse, about the euro, the drachma, the dollar and gold."

Instead of predicting the future I think Max is actually trying to create the future as he sees it. I think he is manipulating the economy according to his viewpoint, which can easily be done by instilling fear, but despite his attempts to collapse things, via instilling fear, any crashes have not been anyway near as dramatic as they predicted (they tried to create) thus we can see the economy is actually extremely resilient because it surrvives the relentless negativity via Max and others.

Max doesn't predict doom he tries to create it. I think he's using the media to manipulate markets but the funniest thing is, the markets are too resilient.

The following quote from The Guardian corroborates my assertion Max doesn't predict disaster he tries to create it:

"On my show, Keiser Report, I recently invited Michael Krieger, a regular contributor of Zero Hedge (the WikiLeaks of finance). We posited that if 5% of the world's population each bought a one-ounce coin of silver, JP Morgan would be forced to cover their shorts – an estimated $1.5tn liability – against their market capital of $150bn, and the company would therefore go bankrupt. A few days later, I suggested on the Alex Jones show that he launch a "Google bomb" with the key phrase "crash jp morgan buy silver"."

If the flawed predictions of Max and others are actually attempts to influence the market and society according to their viewpoint, then their incorrect predictions perhaps make more sense instead of being merely nonsense. Their incorrect predictions are thus merely failures regarding social engineering.

In sociology a positive feedback, a network effect, can be induced contrary to facts, reality. A bank run thus can occur dependent on imagined disaster instead of actual disaster. A self-fulfilling prophecy can alter reality contrary to reality, thus a loving marriage can be destroyed if one partner constantly expects destruction because the constant expectation of doom creates an unhappy marriage. Ironically when, or if, doom does arise the forecaster of doom will ignorantly state they were right to have their fears, they will be totally oblivious or unwilling to acknowledge how their expectations, their fears, actually created the destruction.

Here is another video of Max predicting doom from a similar time period to the other videos. The following video, published on 17th September 2012, is titled "Max Keiser: Global Collapse by April!" Yet at the end of December 2013 there is no global collapse, where is the global collapse? The video description states: "Max discuss collateral transformation desk feeding the multitude of banksters with five quadrillion in infinitely leveraged toxic derivatives and two Treasury bills of a bankrupt nation."

I realise the world of 2013, 2014, and for a few years more (at least) is far from being utopia. There are many bad aspects of our world regarding financial corruption, inequality. Total collapse can therefore be appealing for people who feel oppressed by our system, thus they want it to be true but engineering the collapse might not be the best option, although probably their desire to create a collapse would be thwarted because the system is very resilient.

Big changes will happen to our civilization sometime between 2014 and 2045, probably much close to 2045 than 2014. I am sure money will become obsolete due to everything being free regarding Post-Scarcity, thus at some point I think we should switch from an inflationary economic model to a deflationary economic model, which means prices would deflate to zero whereupon everything is free. The transition to everything being frees does not need to involve chaotic collapse, riots, anarchy, insurrection. The implementation of basic income is a good step towards everything being free. Switzerland has demonstrated basic income can be discussed in a civilized manner without chaos, doom, or collapse:

Initially when Max blocked me on Twitter I intended to ignore it but then I was invited to a hangout Max held on 6th December 2013, so I decided to create this blog-post based on a comment I made on the hangout page. These issues are trivial, petty, and depressing but perhaps they are worthwhile to document because countering irrational predictions of doom could accelerate the arrival of utopia. For completeness below is a video of the hangout in question, which I haven't watched so I have no idea if additional wrong predictions made in it but it's good to include it. If you have any comments, mention me on Twitter or G+.

After finishing this blog-post I discovered the following Tweet, which mentions the "GLOBAL ECONOMIC COLLAPSE." The tweet directs people to a recent (28 Dec 2013) video by Max Keiser (Keiser Report Episode 542), which I have embedded below the Tweet.

My major point regarding all the "collapse" nonsense is that people could spend their energy more profitably, they could focus on helping to accelerate technology, which is the only true solution to all the problems in the world.

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