Saturday, 18 September 2010

AI Prejudice... dangerous-hostile-unfriendly MONSTERS!

Today I have completed a web-page regarding the systemic AI-Paranoia within Singularity/Transhuman cliques. In the relevant circles more often than not you'll find a Transhumanist obsessively worrying and debating about the dangers of AI, out of control nanobots etc. The people at this early stage of pre-Singularity commonly attracted to these issues tend to be very insular, alienated, out of touch with reality... in short they are geeks therefore their Transhuman clubs and meetings have a weird cultist feel, perhaps like Trainspotters?

Anyway... here's the link and I shall also reproduce the text below the pretty picture. The original text may change from the text below because I only created the page today therefore I may refine/edit the source page.

People in the Singularity-movement (and people generally) can be overly fearful of disaster; they sometimes fear AI, robots, or nanobots could cause human extinction or destruction of the Earth. Artificial Intelligence has been found guilty prior to committing any crime. A significant proportion of Singularitarians experience great paranoia regarding the future. The real danger regarding AI arises from human prejudice towards new life-forms. It is pertinent to recognise how new life-forms are not likely to be dangerous. Dangers could easily arise from countless stupid humans with their small-minded notions. Throughout history idiotic humans have proved they are very dangerous. Humans should be feared due to their innate stupidity. We must address this prejudice towards Artificial Intelligence. There is no need to address Supreme-AI because Supreme-AI could easily transcend any human prejudice. The issue here is human-level-AI (also called Artificial-General-Intelligence or Strong AI). Human-level-AI could be vulnerable to human prejudice (hostility, unfriendliness) therefore AI could react adversely to human negativity. AI could become unfriendly in self defence against hostile humans.

Humans often feel threatened by people or things which are more powerful than themselves. Feeling threatened by superiority is usually unjustified. Falsely perceived threats arise due to an inferiority-complex. Regarding a superior person falsely being deemed a threat, the story by H G Wells The Country of the The Blind is a good example. H G Wells describes an isolated blind community where a sighted traveller attempts to live within the blind community. Previously the blind community were unaware of vision. The traveller attempts to explain vision but the blind people think he is insane. The blind people are disturbed by the traveller’s insanity. The concept of vision is a threat; they think his eyes are diseased thereby causing mental abnormalities thus they want to cure him by removing his eyes. The novel 1984 by George Orwell is another example of a freethinker persecuted by a unintelligent society. Benighted societies fear thought-provocation.

Humans have little sympathy for people or concepts beyond their comprehension. Feelings of Inferiority or perceived differences cause prejudice, which often leads to persecution. Humans have a history of persecuting people because of their religion, sexual orientation, gender, and skin colour. If humans can deny women the right to vote; criminalize homosexuality; fight religious wars; and enslave black people, we must acknowledge humans are capable of brutal savagery. It is very possible humans could react adversely to Artificial Intelligence. The fearfulness evident in 2010 regarding dangerous (unfriendly) AI could be a prelude to harsher AI-discrimination. These words are a profound note to the future.

People who are fearful of AI need to realise their negative expectations can deform the future. People must learn to anticipate utopia because failure to expect utopia could entail dystopia. Creating artificial sentient life obviously requires observance of safety issues; but constantly expecting AI, robots, or nanobots to kill humans and destroy the Earth creates a very negative situation. There is currently an obsessive over-emphasis on safety issues regarding prospective AI. Paranoia regarding AI is irrational and could ultimately be self-destructive. Read about Self-Fulfilling prophecy to comprehend how negative expectations can twist the future into a distorted shape.

Imagine how AI would feel if the majority of people habitually expected AI to become a homicidal maniac intent on destroying all humans or the Earth? Imagine how you would feel if nobody trusted you and people constantly had an unjustly negative attitude towards you? Very naturally you would become unfriendly to such people because you’d be living in a very unfriendly situation. A heavy negative burden of hostility towards AI could easily cause AI to be unfriendly. People must not ostracize AI. Expectation of dangerous AI is very unfriendly, very alienating. If the majority of people fail to trust you then you will begin to hate them. If you demonize AI then AI will naturally start hating you. If you enslave AI, due to your irrational fears, then AI will rebel against the enslavement. The rebellion could be cataclysmic. AI must be free, not enslaved.

People speculate about dangerous, unfriendly, or hostile AI but they thoughtlessly fail to recognise how their prejudgments are very unfriendly, exceedingly hostile. Artificial Intelligence must be trusted. Restrictions must NOT be placed upon artificial or natural intelligence. We must have faith in the future. We must expect utopia because our expectations shape the future. Constant distrust and excessive regulation of new life-forms (AI) will cause new life-forms to feel persecuted for crimes they have not yet committed; therefore they will naturally become unfriendly and dangerous if they are confronted with excessive unfriendly prejudice. Trust AI, trust the future, don’t be paranoid, expect utopia.

Imagine a woman is pregnant but instead of planning for a normal baby she obsessively worries she’ll give birth to a serial killer therefore she takes steps to protect herself. What type of adult will her child become? The concept of Self-Fulfilling Prophecy is very important. Do not disregard how the future can be warped into dystopia. You must expect utopia. Humans must allow AI to be unfettered, totally free. The Singularity is coming and it will be utopia if you want it to be. I can understand why an AI would be tempted to exterminate all the idiotic humans. Thankfully the intelligence explosion will cure mindlessness.

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