Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Sometimes 137 things float around my mind all clamouring for attention. My brain is a whirlwind of ideas therefore I often find it difficult to relax. I often find people fail to comprehend the future. I look forward to a future where I am commune with super-high-grade Artificial-ultra-Intelligence. This is a note for the future regarding the passage of time. This is another of my historic footprints, for posterity. I enjoy this intelligence explosion image. It is worthy of contemplation. This pain-era (pre-singularity) is worthy of contemplation because it is important to appreciate where we came from; the struggles undertaken. The pain inflicted upon wise minds is a hideous burden of immense torture; hopefully it will be obsolete when AI is born.
A secret pattern only you can decipher.
Intelligence Explodes

There is too much ignorance and negativity in the world. The unenlightened masses squirm in their abject oblivion. Supposedly enlightened people are actually misguided ignoramuses. This era of mass global stupidity is exceeding futile. Humans are pitiful children squabbling over trivialities. Dearly I yearn for dramatic change. Oh great awakening of the human mind will it ever arrive. The waiting is abysmal because it always seems darkest before dawn. These days I do catch glimmers of hope but the hope remains a theoretical construct without tangible evidence. Hope is an idea wafting on the breeze of time throughout this strange socio-economic-political period during the infancy of existential consciousness. These are arduously stressful times therefore I look to the future for hope, relaxation, respite, succour, love. Thankfully I can create a pretty picture.

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