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Post Scarcity 2045 Stop Despair-Poverty

The following is the text from my Post-Scarcity web-page, which I'm publishing here because Google refuses to list the updated version of the following text. The original version can be found here: POST-SCARCITY

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Despair has many causes. Personal disability and mortality cause despair. People feel despair regarding disability or death of loved ones. The Singularity will create perfect eternal health therefore health-related despair will be vanish, but in the meantime poverty prohibits access to sophisticated healthcare. Money is the biggest source of despair for many reasons. Monetary despair desperately needs to be cured therefore we shall focus on remedying monetary despair. Post-Scarcity takes us beyond poverty and into utopia. Mass global awareness of Post-Scarcity will end all financial misery.

A Post-Scarcity civilisation occurs when science and technology create unlimited abundance for everyone. Money will become obsolete. Money will be abolished because management of scarcity via monetary limitations will be unnecessary. People in a Singularity-world will create food, clothes, electronic products, transport, or houses with greater ease than printing a document. RepRap and Fab Labs are primitive precursors for futuristic personal nanofactories. Creation of everything in the year 2045 will be easier than sending text messages. Artificial Intelligence will facilitate ultra-efficient usage of resources. There will be no scarcity of resources. Our updated bodies will be effortlessly and painlessly repaired by nanomachines living inside us. Solar power and other green energies will be ultra-efficient and decentralized. Everything will be free. Supreme technology will make us omnipotent without financial limits. Utopia is coming.

People do cruel things for money but there is hope for the future. Awareness changes everything. People at the beginning of the 21st century were largely unaware of how science and technology would create Post-Scarcity. Monetary constraints will end by year 2045: all financial-suffering will end. To prepare for Post-Scarcity we can stop monetary-suffering before the Singularity happens. We can change the world now. Regarding toxic financial inequality the following news reports were collated from a UK perspective but the toxicity of scarcity is a global issue applicable to all nations. Everything in the future is free.

Husband strangles wife then commits suicide. He was depressed about redundancy and losing his home.

“Former neighbours said that Mr Harrison grew depressed after being made redundant and having to give up the family home.” Telegraph, 2010

Vodka drinking bank robber was unsteady on his feet.

Armed with what subsequently transpired to be a toy gun, the apparently drunken robber said: “I’ve lost a house, you're going to lose your money.” Daily Mail, 2010

Brutal murder for money.

A businessman was repeatedly tortured to get his bank card details and then partly decapitated during a brutal murder at his home, police said today. Daily Mail, 2010

12 shot dead in Cumbria.

“Tax bill that drove Derrick Bird to mass murder: He feared undeclared £60k would put him in jail.” Daily Mail, 2010

Chinese school children attacked in knife rampages.

“Premier Wen Jiabao said last month that long-standing social concerns including joblessness and a gaping rich-poor divide were partially to blame for the string of attacks.” AFP, 2010

New York homeless man is ignored after saving woman from mugging.

“Why did passersby leave a Good Samaritan bleeding to death on a New York sidewalk last week, with one even pausing to snap a photo of the dying man who had been stabbed after thwarting a mugging?” ABC News, 2010

USA suicide plane crash. Tax office damaged.

“A pilot furious with the Internal Revenue Service crashed his small plane into an Austin, Texas, office building where nearly 200 federal tax employees work on Thursday, igniting a raging fire that sent massive plumes of thick, black smoke rising from the seven-story structure.” FoxNews, 2010

Tortured and killed in London for their ATM numbers.

“French students tortured for their bank numbers ‘just wouldn’t die’.” Times, 2009


Sometimes money isn’t the obvious cause, but if you look closer you’ll see how money causes 99% of suffering. Capitalism is a social-system based on greed. The cruel purpose capitalism is to earn more money than other people therefore capitalism is inevitably selfish. Capitalism promotes human suffering because people are commodities to be exploited. Multinational corporations cause enormous social damage via their immoral striving to increase profits. Extreme capitalist corruption is obvious. Capitalist corruption also entails millions of small destructive acts perpetrated daily by countless businesses focused on profits instead of Humanity. The hopelessness of poverty often causes underprivileged people to behave inhumanely. Monetary inequality causes criminality. Financial inequality causes immense social-deprivation. Violent crime and other forms of social-dysfunction are predominantly perpetrated via an underprivileged underclass, but capitalist-social-toxicity isn’t limited to poor people. Many average people are apathetic, alienated, cruel, and selfish. Monetary inequality is inherently inhuman.

Pharmaceutical company illegally sold drug for purposes not approved safe.

“AstraZeneca LP and AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP will pay $520 million to resolve allegations that AstraZeneca illegally marketed the anti-psychotic drug Seroquel for uses not approved as safe and effective by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Departments of Justice and Health and Human Services’ Health Care Fraud Enforcement Action Team (HEAT) announced today.” US Dept Justice, 2010; NewYorkTimes, 2010

Big business toxicity regarding chemical profit.

“A multinational firm today admitted paying bribes to foreign officials to boost sales of a chemical that is too poisonous to be sold to the general public in Britain.” Guardian, 2010

Chinese farmers boost apparent baby milk protein by adding melamine.

“Chinese hospitals are fighting to save the lives of some of the 1,253 babies who have fallen sick after they were fed milk powder contaminated with an industrial chemical used to make plastic cups and saucers.” Times, 2008; Telegraph, 2009

Human survival historically depended on annihilating or subjugating your opponents due to scarcity of resources. For many centuries greed was an essential survival trait. People cling to greed-based (capitalist) economics because old habits are difficult to break. A modicum of cooperation and mutual-aid has always existed but selfishness in resource-scarce-environments is a crucial survival trait. The entire history of warfare revolves around scarcity of resources because everyone competes for the same resources. People to do inhuman things for money. Despite greater abundance of resources in the year 2010 many people are stuck in old greed-ideologies. Contrary to international wealth many people in poor countries are undernourished without access to clean water. Selfishness in our modern world is becoming unnecessary but greed is a difficult habit to break because greed has been deeply linked to survival. The concept of profiting from fellow humans will cease when Governments and big businesses realise resource-scarcity will end by 2045. We can make changes now via raising awareness regarding the coming intelligence explosion. The Singularity is coming. Via our growing awareness we can prepare for Post-Scarcity now.


Awareness of rapid scientific and technological advancement will end our greed-ideology. Awareness of accelerating intelligence allows people to appreciate our imminent emergence into a Post-Scarcity era. We can begin behaving philanthropically now in preparation for the coming technological utopia. People at the beginning of the 21st century were largely unaware of our forthcoming colossal progress. Due to a lack of awareness in the year 2010 people thought the world would be the same but slightly more sophisticated in the year 2045. People failed to realise how radically our civilisation would change. People can start modifying their behaviour in the present when they comprehend how dramatically civilisation will transform in the future. Capitalism is selfish and cruel. Greedy-capitalism causes an enormous amount of suffering. Capitalist alienation and inhumanity entail huge social harm. This pre-Singularity-era could also be called the pain-era because scarcity causes vast pain. Hope for despairing people averts destructiveness. Regulation of scarcity via monetary limitations will end. Post-Scarcity beckons. Awareness changes everything.

Explosive Intelligence will easily cure all Despair




Don’t despair. The end of pain is here. We are moving into total perfection. Inhumanity is ending.

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We will radically transform the world Into Utopia

Despair is the reason why people act in harmful ways. Despair causes vast damage and suffering to others. Our world can be very stressful. Sometimes our future seems hopeless. People worry about money and crime. Our world often seems to be a cruel place of cold alienation and indifference. Awareness gives people hope. When more people become aware of the Singularity our world will become very harmonious: free from hate, violence, cruelty, and despair. Greed is becoming redundant. Utopia is coming.



We must be sympathetic towards anti-Government paranoid-Luddites because there is partial justification for fearing Governmental control. A few paranoid Luddite theories can initially seem plausible because Governments can behave callously towards poor, powerless, oppressed people. Governments often make life easy for the richest most powerful citizens, whereas poor people are frequently crushed by the corrupt mechanisms of capitalism. Fear and distrust of Governments is understandable because corrupt Governments often assist corrupt multinationals. Capitalist corruption thankfully doesn’t represent total evil therefore fears about tyranny are ultimately unjustifiable. Governments also do good deeds in addition to the bad.

Political activist Alex Jones is a strident critic of Governmental corruption (see New World Order Conspiracy Theory and Prison Planet). Alex talks about the meaning of life regarding “God’s Creation” and then Alex warns us about a genetic-disaster planned by The Elite to kill the majority of people. Many conspiracy theorists believe global leaders consider the majority of people to be a disease requiring eradication. It is ridiculous to believe The Global Elite are planning to exterminate or enslave common people via scientific-tyranny. If conspiracy theorists could view the whole picture they would see how fear of the Bilderberg Group is unjustified. If all conspiracies were true (including Reptilians) we could nevertheless expect utopia because super-brainy-AI will eventually flood our world with wisdom regardless of Elite Master Plans. We can depend on utopia because in addition to the bad things governments do (cost of war); governments also facilitate good things. Blind people have had their sight restored by stem cells; doctors can easily regrow knee cartilage, and many Governments (UK, US, AUS, CHINA, GERMANY) support regerative medicine because they want to cure life-threatening disease for all citizens.

Post-Scarcity is the main reason why utopia is inevitable. Motivations for war, tyranny, and population-control become obsolete when scarcity is abolished. Power will be freely available for everyone in our futuristic omnipotent world. Authoritarianism is similar to war because both stem from resource-scarcity. In a Post-Scarcity world there is no need for war or authoritarianism because infinite power and resources exist for everybody. Conspiracy theorists highlight how stupid people (sheeple) allow corrupt Governments to exist. Technology is therefore another reason why utopia is inevitable because futuristic nanobots living in our brains will transform the dumbest person into the greatest genius. In the future nobody will be blind regarding Elitist corruption. The Elite will have no desire to exterminate stupid people because injectable-biocomputers will eradicate stupidity. A tiny minority of people may cling to their stupidity but this will not create tyranny because many intergalactic worlds can easily be created for everyone: the universe has space for diversity.


Fear of unfriendly AI or robots is paranoia based on capitalist selfishness. Capitalism causes paranoia because the unfriendly purpose of capitalism is to be wealthier than other people. AI or robots are sometimes deemed possible rivals for resources, thus potentially unfriendly (selfish). Hostile capitalism distorts our viewpoint regarding competitors. Despite capitalist selfishness many humans possess sufficient intellect to know extreme evil is self-defeating therefore mutual aid operates within selfish capitalist frameworks. Robots or AIs will also appreciate the value of mutual aid if they are sufficiently intelligent.

People sometimes postulate stupid or negligent motivations for artificially intelligent machines. Scientists could possibly create very stupid machines, and then those stupid machines could foolishly attempt to exterminate or enslave the human race. If Artificially-Stupid-Machines were created then their stupidity would prevent them for achieving world domination. Artificially Stupid Machines would thankfully be incompetent due to their stupidity thus they would not be excessively dangerous. Evil is self-defeating-idiocy therefore acts of evil are not applicable to super-intelligent-artificial-entities. Intelligent entities would not behave maliciously because malice is the primitive act of a moron. Intelligence prevails despite unfriendliness. There is no need for Luddism.


Competition for resources will cease in the future because we are moving towards Post-Scarcity therefore the impetus for cruelty, corruption, malice, and unfriendliness will dwindle. Super-intelligence can easily make a home in outer-space or between the gaps in atoms without harming humans. The universe is very big. Supreme-intelligence will happily explore the entire universe. New ultra-intelligent life-forms will not need the resources of Earth therefore new intelligent life-forms will not compete with primitive humans. Dangerous supreme-AI is illogical; an oxymoron. Super-intelligent-beings could very easily resolve any hostile situation favourably without exterminating or enslaving humans. The universe will soon be opened-up for colonization. Competition for resources will cease because the universe is abundant with ample matter for everyone. Minds far wiser than the wisest human will apply their intellects to science and technology thereby creating extremely sophisticated tools entailing ultra-efficient usage of resources. Scarcity of resources will end.


Despair and religion are inextricably connected. Religion is a refuge for despairing people. People turn to God when rational solutions to problems are exhausted. Religion is a refuge for powerless people. Religion is wish-fulfilment allowing hopeless people to escape into a fantasy where God loves you. The continuing evolution of the human race is something many Christians oppose because evolution contradicts biblical Creationism. In the days of Galileo the Catholic Church censored knowledge severely. At the dawn of synthetic life (2010) Christians criticised scientists warning them not to play God. Futuristic humans will force life evolve into amazing configurations vastly surpassing the dawn of life. We will become greater than God. The human body is a very complex machine. Distinctions between biology and mechanics will blur. Machines will become biological (DNA nanodevices and DNA robots). Comprehension of the human-machine lets us eliminate design flaws (diseases, aging, or stupidity). Futuristic humans will integrate increasingly with bio-machines. Humans will evolve into a new species: the transhuman race leading to the posthuman race. Futuristic humans won’t be created in God’s image. Futuristic design of humans will be truly intelligent. Posthumans could become ultra-powerful space-beings. We will replace God because we will become the ultimate creators. Religion understandably opposes our evolution. Religions need powerless people. Religions are death-orientated-cults.

Religions don’t want people living forever because eternal life defeats afterlife-ideology. Religions value death because afterlife-ideology is a fundamental aspect of religions. Suffering is crucial for all religions. Irrationality and suffering are common aspects of religious faith, which is apparent when Jehovah's Witnesses refuse blood transfusions. The Christian God blocks the way to the Tree of Life because God doesn’t want his children achieving immortality. Gods are jealous creatures. Gods cling to power because religion was created by power-hungry humans seeking to exploit despairing people. While unawareness persists, the Vatican or Church of England could try to protect their despair-dependent wealth and power via promoting anti-science views. Miracles in the future will depend on science and technology not religion. Molecular manufacturing will allow magic to happen in the year 2045. Food will miraculously appear in our cupboards and cookers will grow meat. With brains one billion times greater than human brains the possibilities are infinite. Sufficient intelligence makes everything utterly malleable therefore it would be easy to disappear into unknown dimensions, or create new universes containing new life not in God’s image. In 2010 a nano-transistor was embedded within a cell-like membrane and powered by the cell's own fuel. Our accelerating knowledge will soon reach an explosive utopia-point. Despair is redundant. We will soon possess powers greater than God... Life evolves.


These symbols were created for you to share. Share them in many ways. You can use them for your profile picture on social networking sites, or email them to friends. Use them in whatever way you desire, except for making money from them. Post-Scarcity symbols are obviously non-profit symbols. Sharing these symbols helps intensify Post-Scarcity Awareness. You can stop the suffering caused by monetary inequality. You can boost Singularitarian Post-Scarcity Awareness!

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