Friday, 2 March 2012

Facebook #Censorship #NymWars #Weibo

People who supposedly love freedom have zero credibility if they attempt to justify the enforcement of so-called "real names" on the internet.

Sadly some influential figures from democratic countries did try to justify the former oppressive Google+ name policy, and they continue to support the current oppressive name-policy for Facebook users. At the height of the #NymWars various people attempted to justify, as being righteous, the authoritarian insistence upon wallet-names (so-called "real" names) by G+ and Facebook.

All people from democratic countries who support the idea of democratic ethics (equality, fairness, and freedom) should be utterly horrified by the current name policy of Facebook and the former name policy of G+. The people who demand "real names" on the internet should be thoroughly ashamed of their demands because such demands are a serious insult to freedom.

Insistence upon wallet-names (Government issue names) is blatant authoritarianism, it is censorship. Google and Facebook should be utterly ashamed that they implemented or tried to implement this name policy before China did. Facebook policy makers are toady Apparatchiki, utterly disgusting. Here is some FKN news about Weibo:

"Chinese micro-blogging phenomenon Sina Weibo has warned that new government rules mandating the use of real names on social networks could silence at least 40 per cent of the site’s punters."

"Last month, the Beijing municipal government said users would have three months to register their real identities or face the consequences."

The most shocking thing about Western wallet-name policies for internet communication is that Facebook had not been instructed to implement the policy; whereas Weibo is only implementing the policy because the fascist Chinese Government demands it.

If I communicate in a public place, in real life, I am not required to prove my identity, I am not required to use my wallet-name. If I talk to a random stranger on the street I can say my name is Pixie Fairy Dust and it will be acceptable even if it does raise an eyebrow. Why should we have less freedom in cyberspace?

Mark Zuckerberg will try to tell you it is unethical if we exert our individualism and creativity to define our identities in non-traditional ways contrary to Government name-regulation. It seems Mark and Julie Zhuo (the product design manager at Facebook) are basing their ethics upon Chinese authoritarianism, a fascist curtailment of free speech, #censorship, curtailment of creativity.

Censorship on the internet is becoming problematic: "Corporate Censorship Reborn: PayPal Bans Erotic Fiction"

For a while on Google+ during the NymWars my G+ account was suspended but my appeal was thankfully successful and then Google changed its name policy. Thankfully I don't live in China although sometimes due to the attacks on our freedom it feels like I am in China, or Iran, or on Facebook.

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