Saturday, 10 March 2012

Truly Free #Freedom

Here is the second part of a Post-Scarcity statement I'm preparing for Anonymous.

Many people have said "no" to progress throughout history. They were often wrong.

In the tradition of Galileo, Copernicus, equal rights for Blacks (ending slavery etc), the Suffragettes (votes for women), and Gay rights (sexual freedom)... the struggle continues. We approach the final battle for true freedom, everything will be free. The above examples of liberty show how minds have historically been opened to new ideas regarding freedom. Monetary freedom is the biggest liberty, it is the final liberty in a chain of libertarian progress. You need to open your mind to everything being free. Our forbears opened their minds to racial, sexual-orientation, and gender freedom. Now you need to open your mind to everything being free. You need to contemplate a world where prices are obsolete; a world where everything is free. Economics (scarcity) is the underpinning of all oppression. Scarcity of resources causes subjugation. True freedom is coming.

Are you skeptical regarding the future? If you are then please consider how the Abolitionists attempted to abolish US Black slavery, their task was definitely not certain but I'm sure they approached their task with 100% confidence of eventual success despite their task sometimes seeming to be impossible. I also believe that if they had been skeptical regarding their chances of success then Black today people would possibly be enslaved. Sometimes the skeptical viewpoint is bad. You need to see what is possible and then you need to see how your expectations shape the future.

Considering intelligence is potentially limitless with plenty of room to expand throughout a potentially limitless universe, or if we are in a finite universe then intelligence will expand beyond the boundaries of the universe, I am sure you can see how solving the problem of a civilization based on scarcity is a VERY SIMPLE TASK for intelligence billions of times greater than human intelligence. Due to the accelerating nature of progress, everything points towards strong-superintelligence being created by 2045, thus Post-Scarcity will arrive.

Air is free; energy is needed to create air. The reason air is free is because there is a lot of it, there is not a short supply of air for people to breathe. This superabundance of air will soon be replicated regarding computers, food, shelter or anything else which humans pay for. Everything will be superabundant like air. Everything will be free.

We approach the final battle for true freedom, everything will be free. Monetary freedom is the biggest liberty.

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