Sunday, 26 February 2012

#Wikileaks #Anonymous Post-Scarcity Proposal.

Collaboration proposal.

I want to add my message to #Anonymous communications. I want the message of Post-Scarcity, the conceptual feasibility of it in the not too distant future, to enter mainstream consciousness.

Anonymous and #Wikileaks recognise the power of information but they are neglecting to embrace the most powerful type of information, information which allows people to genuinely hope for a free future; very real hope regarding very tangible and non-disruptive freedom, true freedom where people are truly free. I want to add, to Anonymous messages, my ideas regarding the total abolition of all businesses and Governments in a peaceful and lawful way. I want to inform the world how everything will be #free in the not too distant future and I think Anonymous will be a good platform for this message. How shall I begin communicating this with Anonymous? I have heard anyone can write an Anonymous Press Release, is this true? ~^~

I want all people who are interested in #freedom to become part of the PS Warriors Movement. Here is a page I am midway through creating:

The Warriors are coming. Expect us.

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