Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Help @aaronwinborn Live Forever #Cryonics

Hello everyone! Aaron Winborn needs your help to live forever via cryopreservation, cryonics suspension. Sadly he is dying due to Lou Gehrig's disease, it's terminal, incurable. Read his story via venturist.info.

If you can't donate money at least share this post, or share the post I made via Singularity 2045 (on G+). Sharing is caring. If cryonics is a new issue to you then read about Kim Suozzi's situation, she is now frozen. Note also the Wikipedia page about cryonics and alcor.org has a lot of info.

Not everyone wants to live forever but for those who do we should try our best to help save a life. We are approaching the age where nobody will die. Stem cell regeneration, gene therapy, sophisticated medical nanobots, and other marvellous aspects of medicine will ensure our immortality, if we can only live long enough.

If you're aware pending immortality it must be exceptionally difficult to die now. We are so near and yet so far. Freezing your head or entire body at death offers the best chance for immortality. Technology is accelerating therefore soon will create mind-blowing solutions to problems. Reanimation of a frozen corpse may currently be difficult to comprehend but via AI it could easily be possible a few decades from now. The impossible is possible, so astronauts tell us.

I do appreciate the scepticism about cryonics, the fracturing issue is somewhat worrying. Most futurists who are willing to freeze themselves realise revival is not certain, however despite the worries and uncertainties I and others do recognise the power of AI will be mind-blowing thus with sufficient intelligence I think anything is possible. Cryonics is certainly a better chance at immortality than cremation.

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While Aaron is alive you can connect with him via Google+, Twitter, or YouTube, and here is his charity page for donations.

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